Chapter 1324 - Untitled

Chapter 1324 Untitled

Bo Jiu had stayed silent the entire time. She held onto the keyboard with one hand, her silver hair floating as she entered the game. She typed very quickly and she had logged in before any of them had left the game.Xue Yaoyao watched her fair and clean face. Her Highness Jiu hadn’t said a single word since the beginning.

Indeed, her eyes were black and calm. But because of that, everyone stilled. Never had they seen Little Spade like this before.

Bo Jiu didn’t say anything while sending Quan a battle invitation. She used a separate account, who was considered middle rank.

Quan wasn’t interested and was about to reject the invitation when a message appeared on the screen. “What is it? Didn’t you say you are good? I’m Almighty Qin’s fan. My rank isn’t high but yet you don’t dare to fight?”

In order to gain more fans, Quan had turned on the livestream. Thus, everyone was watching and could see the message,

Quan glanced at her level, which was two levels below his and would definitely be a quick match. He had a whole range of explosives on hand. Besides, he had always been confident about his skills. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have become a live streamer.

Since there was someone willing to be trashed, he would continue to show his skills. Quan laughed. “You guys take a look, I just finished off Almighty Qin and now his fans are upset. Aren’t Qin fans known to have high standards? Forget it, as a small-time live streamer, I can only oblige to such matches.” With that, he accepted the request. That was when he realized it was a 1v1. It didn’t matter though as it made trashing Qin Mo’s fan much easier.

The match began and everyone could hear the music playing.

All of them knew what she was up to. Yin Wuyao laughed, a cigarette dangling in his mouth as he cheered her on. “Go for it, Little Captain, trash him!”

“F*ck, Little Spade, I support you wholeheartedly. I’ll give you a hundred bucks each time you kill him!” Lin Feng was going all out!

Yun Hu added indifferently, “Hundred isn’t enough, a thousand.”

Bo Jiu cocked her head. “Send ten thousand to my wallet.” This meant she was going to kill him ten times.

Coco stood up and dragged the knitted bunny into his hand while Bo Jiu turned. “Brother Mo, come over.”

“Mmh?” Qin Mo’s pitch went up at the end. But he still stood up and walked towards her. “What is it?”

“Watch me play.” Bo Jiu released a hand and pulled him over as though she was afraid he wouldn’t agree. She smiled, her gaze slightly turbulent.

Qin Mo looked at her, then down to the hand that was tugging on his sleeve. She was like a stubborn little girl. Usually, he didn’t like such kids but unbeknownst to him, his heart would always give in towards the youngster in front of him.

“Aren’t you going to trash him? How are you going to do that if you keep looking at me?” Qin Mo moved over, following the strength of her palms. His breath splashed onto her face and his gaze was half dimmed as though he was calling her an idiot.

With the Almighty beside her, Bo Jiu could concentrate better. He had to watch it because she wouldn’t be able to live it down otherwise. That guy had used Qin Mo’s tactic and yet he was mocking him. Who had given him the right?