Chapter 1325 - You Lose If You Can“t Kill Me

Chapter 1325 You Lose If You Can“t Kill Me

Unbeknownst to Quan, the Qin fan he intended to trash was Spade Z. While doing the livestream, he commented, “With their level, I don’t need to put in much effort.”Although Quan’s words disgusted many Qin fans, they couldn’t say anything because the Asian Cup was coming and going at him would just boost his popularity. As fans, they were more worried about the challenger that was going against Quan. They simply hoped the challenger could teach that bast*rd a lesson and bring justice to Almighty Qin.

But the difference of their levels was a little too drastic. Would it be alright? Just as the fans were thinking about it, the game began and they noticed that both players picked the same character: the hero Almighty Qin was best at!

Quan laughed mockingly. “What arrogance, I’ll send them to the revival lake after killing the beasts.”

Quan moved quickly, his tactics mirroring the ones he learnt from Almighty Qin’s videos. He used the kills to move into the jungle and started to fight beasts.

The fans watched in worry. They had chosen to watch from Quan’s side but their hearts turned cold when they saw that he was doing well.

Right at this moment, a white figure suddenly flew over! She stole all the blue beasts and repositioned, smashing straight onto Quan’s body. The figure slowed down and the long sword swept away, carrying on with the momentum.

“That person! He wasn’t just going to steal beasts!”

Stealing beasts? Bo Jiu’s tongue reached her lower chin. She might be smiling but Coco couldn’t feel any warmth from her. She moved the mouse with her right hand. Her left hand was so fast no one could see where it landed.

On the screen, the white figure didn’t retreat in the face of the defense tower. Instead, he continued to chase after the severely injured Quan with the longsword lifted up high.

“They, they intend to?!”

“A tower kill?!”

“Isn’t it too early? Are they going to risk her life for it?”

Quan hadn’t expected such an aggressive chase. He could only counter and slow Bo Jiu. But she seemed to have predicted his moves as she dodged the attack with an agile move and flew straight at him!

K.O.! First kill!

The heart palpating music blasted through the speakers and the audience watched with wide eyes!

Quan let out a cry. “You can’t escape!” The defense tower had an impactful attack power after all!

However, who would have expected that this person avoided the tower and returned back to the blue beasts.

Moving with just one skill!

“F*ck, that was amazing!”

“That flashy move, ahhh!”

“Oh heavens! My young heart is going to explode!”

“A certain live streamer is getting trashed. With that set of maneuvering, I can’t help but give my respect.”

Quan watched the entire scene. He had assumed they would perish together and hadn’t expected such a result. He wouldn’t be able to face himself if he couldn’t even defeat one of Qin Mo’s fans. He had to think of something!

“I was smoking just now. I never expected Almighty Qin’s fan to be so good at ambushing, they better watch out from now on.” Quan acted as though nothing happened as he maneuvered his character. He glanced down at the small map. This fan was way too arrogant.

They didn’t leave after killing him and were still in his jungle killing his beasts. He had been caught off guard previously, which was how his opponent had managed to be at an advantage.

This time, they were left with half the HP. They must have sucked HP from the beasts they had killed, damn! But it didn’t matter because soon, he would make them regret their actions!

Quan lifted his longsword and went straight for Bo Jiu!

The audience exclaimed, “Danger!”

The figure killing beasts hadn’t noticed what was happening.

Once, twice, three times…

Everyone watched with bated breath!

Some of the fans couldn’t bear to watch. In the next second, however, the entire livestream room went silent because after killing the third beasts, the figure turned! With three sharp movements, silver flowers burst onto the screen.

Quan widened his eyes in shock, trying to retreat. He hadn’t expected them to move so quickly.

Bo Jiu’s finances were double of his.

She went with a big move.

“No, they couldn’t!” Quan shouted internally.

But did he have a say in the game?

He leaped back to the original position. That figure seemed to have predicted where he was going to land because it turned back. With a swing of the longsword, an electric spell was cast.

Quan was trapped. He smashed his mouse because He couldn’t avoid or escape.

She was chasing after him like an aggrieved ghost!

What the f*ck?

The music blasted through the speakers once more! Anyone playing Hero knew it would be hard to give an excuse for the consecutive kill.

His eyes dimmed, prepared to say something.

But his opponent was one step ahead. “This is my Almighty Qin’s maneuvering. Of course, I’m still lacking compared to my Almighty Qin. But Mr Quan, an imposter like you only learnt a tenth of his ability. Even Daddy is capable enough to send you to the lake.” Her domineering words exploded in the chat room!

Lin Feng was the most agitated member, waving both his hands passionately. “Little Spade! Go for it! Go with all you’ve got! Trash him!”

“Senior Lin, Team Flower Lin.” Bo Jiu tilted her head.

Lin Feng wasn’t bothered with the way she addressed him. “What is it? Go on!”

“Move a little to the side, you’re blocking my boyfriend’s view. He’s going to miss as I vent his frustrations,” Bo Jiu remarked calmly, her fingers long and beautiful.

Lin Feng: “…”

“She’s right, move aside! Don’t block Captain!” Coco leaned over in order to earn brownie points in front of his captain. “This person is so slow.”

Qin Mo stilled before he smiled and nodded.

Coco was immensely touched. Had Captain just acknowledged his words?! Geez, that was tough!

Lin Feng: … F*ck! I can’t remain in this team!

No one cared about him other than Yun Hu, who pulled him back. The others were all focused on the screen.

As a live streamer, Quan would definitely reply to his words. “Who are you calling an imposter? Isn’t it just two kills? Who gave you the rights to sprout such rubbish? We’re all using the same hero with the same techniques, is there a need for me to imitate someone else?”

Bo Jiu didn’t forget to reply while she collected troops, “Anyone can tell from your equipment and technique. Also, you said it’s just two kills?”


“From now on, I’ll kill you every time you come out and if I don’t succeed, you can take it as my loss.”