Chapter 1326 - Untitled

Chapter 1326 Untitled

The entire audience of the livestream could see Bo Jiu’s message and were in awe. At the same time, they were more focused on Quan’s actions.He deliberately talked to her to divert his opponent’s attention. But now, he wasn’t speaking, using the time she typed to glide through the lake and hide in the bushes.

Quan broke into a sinister smile. You’re going to kill me every time I come out? I’m going to let everyone see how I shame you!

Quan didn’t act recklessly. He waited until she was stationary, without anything to hit. After she was done with a small soldier, he glided across. He wasn’t slow in smashing her with a big move but it was only temporary. Bo Jiu’s HP fell by two-thirds.

“F*ck, that bast*rd is so despicable!” With just one look, the experienced Lin Feng knew exactly what he was up to.

He had come right after Little Spade had finished typing, it was all a ploy!

Everyone was convinced it was over for Bo Jiu since they couldn’t see the youngster in front of the computer. Her right hand was moving rapidly as though making out an alphabet – Z!

With her orb walk, she avoided his attack flawlessly. She was moving back and forth, sending Quan into a daze as he tried to predict her actions. That figure seemed to be escaping!

You want to escape? That made things easy! Quan laughed as he went in for an attack, being only inches away from her.However, she turned left and entered a defense tower!

She was severely injured. There was no way Quan would allow her to escape, he had to take the kill!

F*ck! F*ck!

That was Quan’s first reaction! He gripped onto the mouse and retreated backwards!

He had originally thought he would reach her in time but…

The defense tower! He had to endure the hit by the defense tower! If he could, he definitely had to run! Thus, he was entirely focused on running and had forgotten about repositioning.

As the attacks from the defense tower and little troops smashed down, Quan fell onto the ground.

The music blasted once more. K.O.!

The third time! It was already the third time! The audience of the livestream was beyond excited!

Everyone who thought this was the end was wrong though because the silver-haired youngster in front of the computer leisurely typed another string of words, “Don’t you find that scene familiar?”

“Familiar? How is it familiar?” The fans were confused.

But there were smart ones who immediately grasped what she was saying. “The previous round! It was the fight against Almighty Qin!”

“Ah! I remember! The previous match, the previous match!”

“What do you mean?”

Before anyone helped to fill in the confused audience, another line appeared. “In the previous match, if the aid hadn’t given you HP, you would have been the one dying, not my Almighty Qin.”

“Wa! It really is about the previous match!”

“Wait a minute. Doesn’t this mean she deliberately allowed herself to be severely injured and had led the live streamer to the defense tower just to replicate that scene and to vent frustration for Almighty Qin?”

“F*ck! That’s impossible! With that maneuvering? How is it possible? The technique is too difficult! I doubt even professionals can do that!”