Chapter 1327 - Untitled

Chapter 1327 Untitled

“Not all professional players can do that but if it’s that person… It’s possible.”Those that frequently watched esports competitions would know who that person was. Amongst the national players who played in the jungle, only Qin Mo and one other person could do this – and this person was the FC King of Zone C, Spade Z!

Even though she hadn’t appeared in a very long time, players still remembered the first time they had laid eyes on her. This was exactly how she had been, using her low-level account to trash high-levelled players, bringing in the win for her team every single round! And now, it was the same!

“Cough, the CP fans are going crazy!”

“This isn’t the CP fans’ business, right? This is clearly a girlfriend helping her man take revenge!”

“I’m guessing a certain someone must be trying to cheer Almighty Qin up. I’m going to accept their flaunt.”

“Wait a minute, did you see her ID? Little Sweetheart Qin is Mine!”

“… I seem to have exposed an incredible secret!”

“Er, my boyfriend seated beside him saw you flirting and now he’s jealous. What’s the secret to making him happy?”

“This means Almighty Qin is sitting beside her now?”

“Truth exposed!”

“Aiyaya, her frustration all for her boyfriend, let’s not waste any time and head to the jungles!”

Bo Jiu glanced at the chat and stilled slightly before she turned to look at the person in question with a serious expression. “Brother Mo, the entire world knows I like you.”

“Mmh.” He smiled, lifting his hands onto the youngster’s furry head. The warmth in his palms was making him happy.

Bo Jiu took the chance to flirt. “See, I told you I didn’t lie and yet you kept guarding against me. In the past, you kept trying to marry me. When are you going to follow through with that? Stop delaying it. Don’t you know you can’t delay chasing a girl? There will be trouble.”

Lin Feng and Coco were the nearest to them and when they heard the youngster’s casual words, their eyes shot open. They were opened wide enough to hang a lantern.

They exchanged glances, their actions expressing the same meaning: F*ck, I never expected Little Spade to do such a thing in order to get Captain’s love. How could she say something so shameless!

After Lin Feng had snapped out of his trance, he turned towards Bo Jiu with a salute, showing his admiration!

Bo Jiu waved her hands calmly, grinning mischievously as if saying that this was nothing.

“I can’t compete at all.” Lin Feng held his chest as though he was struck. “I finally understand why I can’t get a girlfriend; it must be because my skin isn’t thick enough, even thinner than a girl.”

Someone replied to his comment, “You still intend to get a girlfriend?” Yun Hu was looking at him coldly.

Lin Feng felt a numbing sensation tingle his scalp. He coughed lightly and replied carelessly, “It was just an analogy.”

“You should refrain from such analogies,” Yun Hu replied slowly. “You can forget about finding a girlfriend. But if you want a boyfriend, there is one here. Do you want him?”