Chapter 1328 - Untitled

Chapter 1328 Untitled

Lin Feng’s heart skipped a beat. At that moment, he seemed to have remembered something and his hands turned cold. His head was in a mess and he averted his gaze. “F*ck, stop joking.”Yun Hu’s gaze dimmed. He remained silent but there wasn’t any emotion on his face.

Meanwhile, Qin Mo tapped the youngster’s face. “There will be trouble if I drag it on? What trouble?”

“I’ll be upset,” Bo Jiu replied.

Qin Mo arched his brow. “Have I made you upset before?”

Bo Jiu pondered about the question. She was at a loss for words since there didn’t seem to be such an instance. However, before she could reply, the Almighty interrupted. “I’ll coax you even if you’re sad.”

“Mmh?” Bo Jiu heard him. Even though his voice was soft, there was a hint of arrogance. She wanted to hear it once more that the Almighty would coax her.

Qin Mo watched her clear eyes and was just about to reply when a cold laughter came from the livestream. “I was wondering who it is. Isn’t it that transvestite, the one who disguised as a boy in order to gain fans? Now you’re trying to cause trouble? What’s the meaning of it? No one wants to see you compete and Supreme Alliance doesn’t want to see you either. I could have attracted other Almighties but yet, I’m stuck with you, pssh.”

His smirk sucked out all the warmth in Qin Mo’s eyes. Lin Feng, however, was the first to react. “F*ck, he’s really asking for it!”

This time, Bo Jiu remained silent while Qin Mo tilted his face. He reached his right hand out and dragged the keyboard over.

“Brother Mo?” Bo Jiu glanced at him.

His long fingers typed swiftly. “The account holder’s boyfriend will be taking over but you shouldn’t be afraid since you killed me the previous round.”

This comment exploded in the livestream.

“The account holder’s boyfriend?! The account holder’s boyfriend!”

“Almighty Qin! Ahh, my Almighty Qin!”

“What’s happening? Almighty Qin is going to play?”

“Even though I’m happy to see Almighty Qin play, he isn’t in a good condition. The previous match…”

Quan watched the public chat and turned to look at the comment from Qin Mo bevor he broke into a mocking smile. He might have been trashed by the superb FC King but he was rather confident against the fallen Qin Mo.

“Almighty Qin is coming again? Seems like the rumors are real, Almighty Qin is throwing Supreme Alliance’s reputation for Spade Z. Since the Almighty is so passionate, I have to oblige. Why don’t we stop fighting beasts and have a face off in the middle lane?”

Very quickly, a reply came. It was short and concise. “Okay.”

Coco couldn’t help but worry and Lin Feng felt the same.

The fans might not be aware but they knew their captain wasn’t in a bad state. He had simply forgotten everything about the game. He was a newbie with just two days of experience. Were two days really enough for a 1v1 like this?

Coco wanted to move over but Rao Rong was ahead before him, holding him down. “Let’s watch again.” This would be the last chance. How would a serious Qin Mo be like? Would it be like the previous match or would he be able to compete in the Asian Cup even in this state?