Chapter 1329 - Untitled

Chapter 1329 Untitled

Qin Mo maneuvered the character to the middle lane and Quan followed suit. In order to avoid disrupting the Almighty, Bo Jiu stood up. Unexpectedly, he emptied an arm and held her down. His voice was calm as he said, “Watch.”Mmh? Watch him standing up for her?

Bo Jiu paused, she leaned her head on her hands, a lazy smile spreading across her face. The ‘account holder’s boyfriend’ remark made her feel warm inside.

At that moment, the audience realized Quan had once again broken the rules!

Even though Quan had said not to fight beasts, he didn’t head to the middle lane straight. Instead, he fought several beasts in his own jungle before heading towards Qin Mo. He sprinted over from the beasts’ side, prepared to strike with a big move!

They watched as the attack was inches away from the Almighty. Unexpectedly, the Almighty was one step ahead. With a sidestep, he lifted his longsword, retreating back to the base of the defense tower.

A wasted attack! It was obvious he had missed.

Quan was filled with grievances while he laughed mockingly. “Almighty Qin? Why are you back under the tower? How are we going to fight if you aren’t coming out? Are you perhaps afraid?”

Right at that moment, the silver figure flashed across the screen and landed in front of Quan. He struck with an electric spell and Quan’s HP fell by a quarter.

“Ha, you think you can kill me in your current state?” Quan speed fell but he turned and countered with another big move. His tone was arrogant. “Tricked you, old man!”

This time, the impact was intense because almost the complete attack was striking Qin Mo!

Lin Feng clenched his fists, wishing he could take his place while Coco gripped his bunny ears tightly. The fans watching couldn’t bear to watch the scene since it usually wasn’t possible to use such an attack on their Almighty. When had he ever been so suppressed before?

Even when his hand had been injured, the moment he had taken up the assassin, he could take on three others at once. But now, he was able to make such a simple misjudgment.

“It’s about time you end your esports career! You should give the opportunity to newbies like me who have yet to make a name!” Quan laughed sinisterly, prepared to finish off the figure in white.

Everyone was convinced it was the end but right at this moment, the figure ahead of Quan seemed to have disappeared.

Everyone else was caught off guard as well before they realized in the next second that it was a side positioning skill. Almighty Qin was behind him!

Quan moved quickly. “Trying to trick me? Dream on!” He turned and was prepared to strike him with the finishing blow. “Let’s see what you can do this time!”

But the next second, the figure in front of him moved faster, moving into the bushes. With a turn of his hand, his sword enlarged. With three clean strikes, the silver glow from the longsword seemed to be humming a folk song, coming at him in all directions.

Quan’s pupils constricted as his fingers gripped the mouse tight.

When had he executed the big move?! When? When he returned to the tower to clear the troops? Meaning in turn he didn’t return to the defense tower to avoid his attack but rather to wait for his skills to recharge?