Chapter 133 - Lord Jiu Is Taking a Shower...

Chapter 133: Lord Jiu Is Taking a Shower…

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That man’s voice was completely emotionless. “To ensure you don’t have useless chats later on, we will switch accounts.”

Fu Jiu smiled lightly, “Brother Mo, will this work? We use different techniques in game.”

“As a hacker, don’t tell me you can’t manage different techniques,” Qin Mo laughed even more coldly, and his eyebrows gave off an impression of arrogance and royalty. He handed a towel to Fu Jiu. “Don’t put your IQ on the same level as mine. Write down your account info and go clean your paws. Or would you prefer to be washed by me?”

Fu Jiu hadn’t thought about showering yet, but she didn’t have the spare energy to comfort Baby Feng in the game, so she ran into the bathroom.

This time, she remembered to lock the door, and she even double locked it.

Fu Jiu fully believed that with his thick skin, this god would really take her clothes off if he wanted to, so it was better for her to take the safe route.

With this in mind, Fu Jiu looked at herself in the mirror. Handsome as she was, she still got threatened by people, sigh…

Qin Mo seemed to notice the boy’s frustrations in the bathroom, so he stood up and walked slowly to the bathroom door. With one hand in the pocket of his khaki pants, he looked really cool, but he sounded just as cold as usual. In a natural ordering tone, he said, “You can use the in-game coins in my account whenever you want to—with one condition—no adding friends.”

In-game coins?

Fu Jiu’s long and narrow eyes suddenly lit up, and she opened the door with her body turned sideways. She leaned in halfway towards Qin Mo with one hand resting on the door. A bright smile bloomed on her face. “Brother Mo, don’t worry, I have basic morals.”

Qin Mo had a hard time dealing with her in a calm and collected manner sometimes. For instance, he didn’t expect that the young man would open the door. He looked at the man in front of him, with “his” silver hair still wet. He abruptly pushed Fu Jiu back in with one hand. “Go take your shower.”

Fu Jiu didn’t care how coldly this god treated her. She laughed brightly, and she locked the door again and started taking her clothes off.

But when she was half-naked, she was still a bit uncomfortable, because she could sense that Qin Mo didn’t go far; he was right outside on the sofa. He still seemed to be in the his meeting. When she stopped the water, she could still hear him speaking English and French outside.

Taking the outer layers off took her a long time. Now, the bandages were the only things left on her body.

Fu Jiu glanced down at herself. Then she sat down on the edge of the bathtub and stretched out her long legs. She bent her arm halfway and leaned to the left, carefully unwrapping the bandages around her chest little by little with her face turned sideways.

Along with this movement, her silver hair dropped down over one side of her mesmerizing face.

It made her look extremely handsome, like a pretty young man full of youthful energy.

If Qin Mo came in at this moment, he would find out that his little brother wasn’t actually a little brother, but rather was a little sister.

Fu Jiu, that legendary gay, was indeed straight.

But nobody would think that “he” was a girl…

She needed the bandages after showering, so she couldn’t let them get wet or be torn apart carelessly.

Finally, the last layer was peeled off, and her pair of pure jade rabbits was about to reveal themselves and jump right out.

Suddenly, someone hurriedly knocked on the door behind her.

Fu Jiu’s fingers, still holding onto the white cloth, froze up!