Chapter 1330 - Untitled

Chapter 1330 Untitled

Even though he was blocked by a screen, Quan could feel a pain pierce through his right hand when the silver rays flashed across the screens!He wanted to retreat or move forward but in that second of hesitation, the music blasted through the speakers. K.O.!

Quan watched as his hero fell onto the ground, covered with blood. In the end, he didn’t have a chance to move at all.

Besides the bushes, the figure lifted the longsword in his right hand, his white robe floating with the wind and his features handsome and exquisite. The silver lights were erupting on the screen and turning into his background.

The comments section exploded once more.

A counterattack despite being severely injured! That was the true meaning of his abilities!

“F*ck! That was way too cool, Almighty Qin trashed him so badly!”

“Shh, quiet, quiet, Almighty Qin doesn’t wish to fight with him directly. How can they compete? He died the moment things turned serious. As a professional player, he can’t just take away the gaming experience for ordinary players, it will pull down his popularity. So, stay serious everyone!”

“It’s making my nose bleed, the maneuvering is out of the world, ahh!”

The screams and shrieks filled the public chat.

There was only one line at the bottom right hand corner, which had been typed by Qin Mo. “I’ll kill you every time you come out. If I don’t succeed, you can consider it her boyfriend’s loss.”

He was letting everyone know that he was going to trash him because he had offended his girlfriend but not because he had provoked him.

Previously, Quan could still come out but now, he was humiliated due to his counterattack despite being severely injured.

They used the same hero but yet, this was the clear difference between the both of them.

Four times. He had already been killed four times. This was a slap to his face. And for this round, he had chosen to do a livestream and hence couldn’t just surrender.

If he didn’t surrender though and decided to persist, he would just end up dying more times.

In the end, the figure waited outside the revival lake awaiting his prey. That was when Quan realized that this might be the end of his livestream career.

The popularity he had gained from winning Qin Mo was all gone. He couldn’t accept it. He couldn’t live it down!

And in that moment, he started to feel unfair. He was afraid of being recognized. After enduring till the crystal city was destroyed, he immediately logged out of the game without completing the mandatory two hours a day live stream.

He was very infuriated when he stood up. Just as he was immersed in his anger, a stranger messaged him on QQ. “Can you accept losing in such a manner?”

Of course, he couldn’t accept it!

At the start, he didn’t want to reply but when he saw the next line, he started to change his mind.

“I can help you; I know everything about Qin Mo and you are right, he isn’t as skilled as before but it isn’t because of his hand injury. If you’re interested to know more, reply and we can have a chat.”

It was the demons and gods at work. Even though Quan didn’t know who messaged him, he sat back down. After a second of hesitation, he replied, “What do you want to chat about?”

The reply came very quickly. That person had somehow added him. “You must be feeling upset. You want to get made but you are afraid since it’s obvious from the match just now that you have used Qin Mo’s tactic but haven’t learnt the heart of it.”