Chapter 1331 - Untitled

Chapter 1331 Untitled

The words pierced through the cloth that shield his shame. His fingers smashed onto his keyboard. “What’s your motive? Are you trying to help me or mock me?”The stranger replied, “Youngster, don’t be in a rush, my words are merely a reminder that your reactions aren’t right. You just have to act pitiful for those online to forgive you in spite of all you have done. Besides, all you did was using his tactics. What’s the big deal with that? You just have to act as though you have been wrong and apologize during your livestream and you will be forgiven. There will even be others wondering if professional players are bullying you since the attacks from before were too sharp and aggressive. Think about it and decide if my words make sense.”

Quan finally calmed down. “He was clearly bullying a newbie. He is just afraid that I could surpass him. Does he still think he’s an Almighty? His hand is probably crippled now – wait a minute, didn’t you say his hand isn’t the reason his skills dropped? What other reason is there?”

“If I’m not wrong, he lost his memory and has forgotten everything from before, including the characters’ skills and nature. Do you think the organizing community would feel assured for such a player to represent China in the Asian Cup? He might once have been the most valuable Almighty but this competition doesn’t look at the player’s value but rather the assurance…”

Lost his memory? Qin Mo lost his memory!

Quan was in disbelief and read the reply over and over. His eyes dimmed as he stared at the message for a very long time.

The person on the other end of the computer didn’t dare to show her face, afraid to be caught by any systems out there.

After arriving in Jiang City, she had rented a house and hadn’t gone out at all because she knew the risks of getting caught were high if she exposed her face. After all, those special force troops pursued her relentlessly. If not, she wouldn’t be stuck in this corner. It wouldn’t be long before she would put an end to this pathetic lifestyle though.

She had always known the information she yielded would bring others to her side. Now that Qin Mo was hypnotized, he shouldn’t be wasting his time on a game. He should be on their side.

Fan Jia didn’t have to think to know that he must have wanted to kill when he encountered his people. Someone as outstanding as him should be with her, rebuilding their organization. If he was the hypnotist, Fan Jia believed no one would be able to stop him.

Soon, she would be able to snatch him over.

But first, he couldn’t compete in the Asian Cup and he couldn’t continue to interact with his teammates.

The piece of news was bound to cause trouble, regardless of what aspect it was. Fan Jia knew how good the Qin Group public relations team was but could they salvage this issue?

She had wanted to spread the news the moment she had arrived in Jiang City. But Fan Jia knew that such things required support. She couldn’t just expose herself.

Now, however, she had someone with her. She believed he wouldn’t be able to keep this piece of information a secret and since he could even gain from spreading it, he would definitely be up for it…