Chapter 1332

Chapter 1332

No one in the computer room knew what awaited them. They were all overjoyed when they saw Qin Mo trashing that bast*ard.Bo Jiu was happy too since the Almighty had confessed to the entire server that he was her boyfriend – and he had done it even three times.

Rao Rong was at a loss. He asked after a moment, “How did you manage such maneuvering?”

“I was just playing casually,” Qin Mo replied calmly, his brows arched.

Playing casually? Rao Rong stilled and chuckled. “You really are…”Sometimes, he had to admit the existence of prodigies. “Why didn’t you predict the moves in the previous round?”

Qin Mo glanced up lazily. “I’ve never seen that character before.”

In that instant, everyone was struck into a daze, turning to ask, “Captain hasn’t played the game since you guys came back?”

It was impossible, wasn’t there an online video of Little Sweetheart Qin?

“He played a game and I played the rest while he watched from the side but the two rounds I played yesterday didn’t have that character.”

This meant their captain didn’t predict the attack purely because he didn’t know the character. In other words, his abilities would be back when he familiarized himself with all the characters. Of course, he still had to familiarize himself with the maneuvering on the keyboard and mouse as well.

But that wasn’t important because they realized something from the game. Even though he lost his memory, their captain still had his past reflexes and would instinctively execute accurate and precise actions.

It had nothing to do with intelligence. Three years. He had trained almost every single day for three years. Everyone complimented his talents, ignoring the swell on his fingers formed through hours of hard work and an overworked cervical spine.

Feeling sick was feared within the industry. Players didn’t dare to fall ill and they were especially worried about affecting their condition before a competition. Those who smoked to smoke more heavily.

Perhaps, it was the efforts others couldn’t see that molded him into every boy’s idol, the strongest player in the arena.

With such a past, there wasn’t anything to be afraid of.

Now, they just needed time!

Lin Feng was the most agitated. “Let’s start today! We can train continuously, and Captain can try out every hero in the game. There is sufficient time for Captain to familiarize with all the players. In two days, we can all participate in the Asian Cup together!”

No, to put it more precisely, there was less than two days. Only 36 hours were left. They would only be left with 24 hours after removing time for eating and sleeping.

24 hours to familiarize with all the characters in the game, to accurately learn the tactics to escape each character, to know the time taken for the characters to recuperate, the impact of the attacks and the methods they used.

It was too difficult. It was really too difficult for anyone else. But as long as it was their captain, there was hope!

Everyone turned towards Qin Mo, their eyes bright with a startling glow. But very quickly, their heart sank when they saw his indifferent expression. Would… Captain agree?