Chapter 1333 - Untitled

Chapter 1333 Untitled


“Captain.” Coco and Lin Feng called out in unison.

Unexpectedly, Rao Rong interrupted them- “Do you still intend to come back and compete?”

Qin Mo turned over to eye him. There wasn’t a hint of emotion in his eyes. In the end, Rao Rong caved. What did he mean?!

Qin Mo stood up before he stuffed his hands into his pants pocket and glanced around, seemingly picking someone. Finally, he stopped at Lin Feng.

When the others saw the glance he directed at Lin Feng, they hurriedly averted their gaze. As the chosen one, Lin Feng felt his scalp turning numb as an immense pressure overwhelmed him.

“That…” He cleared his throat, preparing to speak when Qin Mo replied lazily, “I don’t remember anything now. If I’m not going to be a burden, I can compete but I have a condition. There’s something I’m curious about.”

“What is it?!” Lin Feng was slightly alarmed. Why did their captain direct his curiosity at him, was it because there was something outstanding about him? That was…

“This person.” Before Lin Feng could continue in his fantasy, Qin Mo raised his left hand, pointing towards Bo Jiu. “She kept claiming we are in a relationship and that I chased her and was hell bent on marrying her. I want to hear the truth.”

In that instant, Lin Feng caught the gist of it. “Speaking of which, Captain, I have been enduring Little Spade for a very long time!” Lin Feng rolled up his sleeves, looking infuriated. “Geez, how could she have said such things? Even though it’s true that you like her; that’s a fact that everyone is well aware of, but it was clearly Little Spade who had chased after you. The first time she met you, she declared her intentions to take care of you. But honestly, I doubt the Fu family’s wealth is enough. Back then, no one knew that she is a girl and she would confess to any hunk she met. Her behavior was sincerely bewildering.”

Bo Jiu: … This was what it meant to have a lousy teammate. Team Flower Lin, was there really a need for your last words?

“She would confess to any hunk she met?” Qin Mo laughed. His eyes were arched slightly before narrowing. “So, she looks at their appearance?”

Lin Feng nodded. “She’s very particular about their appearance!”

“Is that so?”

Everyone could hear the coldness in his voice, including Yin Wuyao. It seemed like Little Captain’s romance would be taking a rocky turn from today onwards.

“What else?” Qin Mo asked casually.

Bo Jiu took the chance to pinch Lin Feng, who then turned serious instantly. He cursed internally and stopped talking about Little Spade’s dark history. Instead, he started to talk about the good parts. “Thereafter, she seemed to change entirely and rejected you in the game. We discussed this topic before and were certain it was a new tactic to gain Captain’s attention since the romance didn’t go her way previously. Moreover, no one has ever rejected Captain in the game before.”

“It seems like someone is a rather shrewd person.” Qin Mo swept Bo Jiu a glance.