Chapter 1334 - Untitled

Chapter 1334 Untitled

“Mmh, it was all a tactic!” Coco added, “Captain, you have no idea; after she flirted with us online, she arranged a meet up because she had predicted our thoughts. It was all an act. Honestly, if a girl chased me in such a manner, I would have given in.”

Qin Mo picked out the main points. “Which means she was indeed the one who chased me.”

“Definitely!” Captain wasn’t the sort who chased after others.

Even if he had been interested in Little Spade, he would have led her into chasing after him.

“But, Captain, just as Flower Lin has said, you were indeed fond of Little Spade. No, you were extremely fond of her. Back then, we were all startled when we saw you interacting with someone else on your official Weibo! We tagged you so many times but you never replied to any of us before.” With that, Coco started to look upset.

But Qin Mo wasn’t the least bit concerned. Instead, he was still thinking about Lin Feng’s words.

Seeing how his captain was looking at him, Lin Feng immediately stepped forward. “Captain, are you going to continue playing?”

“Wait a minute.” Qin Mo turned, reaching out to grab a certain someone who was about to sit. Without even looking at her face, he turned towards the others. “We need some privacy.”

With that, he pulled her away.

The Supreme Alliance members exchanged glances before turning back towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had too much attention for one day. The naive boy was utterly confused. He scratched his head and asked, “Why are you looking at me?”

“Nothing…” They glanced skywards, thinking that in the future, when they got a girlfriend, they would have to control Flower Lin’s mouth! He was a burdensome teammate indeed.

Grandfather Butler had been watching from the side. He caressed his temples and shook his head helplessly, his actions elegant. As an exceptionally good butler, how could he not serve the guests when the master wasn’t around?

Hence, just as everyone wanted to spy on the both of them, Grandfather Butler came over with tea and some snacks. He smiled warmly, blocking their pathway. “I guessed you could go for some desserts.”

Yin Wuyao wasn’t interested in the snacks. Coco, on the other hand, lit up when he saw the snacks, stuffing it into his mouth. Once he was done, he reached out for Yin Wuyao. “Uncle, you have to try this, it’s amazing!”

Yin Wuyao didn’t respond but Lin Feng, who was at his side, reached over. “F*ck, it’s amazing! Yun Hu, come and have some!”

Yun Hu and Yin Wuyao: … A few snacks were enough to divert their attention from the exciting show. Indeed, gluttony teammates were all the same: easily bribed.

Grandfather Butler smiled politely. Sometimes, protecting his young lord’s dignity was necessary for an acceptable butler.

But this time, the situation was a little strange.

He had never been worried about his young lord but now, it seemed like someone was going to dig up her past.

Grandfather Butler glanced down at his pocket watch and thought, “Mmh, it’s time to prepare dinner. I wonder what Young Lord is going to say… Aish, so she chased a lot of guys before. Indeed, it wasn’t in tune with the lady-like behavior I have taught her…”