Chapter 1335 - Sweet Punishmen

Chapter 1335 Sweet Punishmen

When the Almighty brought her to their room, Bo Jiu knew he was going to rake up the debts. Flower Lin was indeed a burden.Rather than remaining passive, however, she decided to gain the upper hand by striking first. After all, this had always been Bo Jiu’s style.

The moment they entered the room, she started off with a sincere expression. “I can explain.”

“Oh?” Qin Mo glanced at her, spinning a poker card with his fingers. He tossed the poker card at the coffee table and leaned back calmly.

Bo Jiu laughed. “I’m a girl.”

“Mmh?” Qin Mo arched his brows, prepared for her to start her performance.

Bo Jiu didn’t feel respected by his attitude. Hence, she reached out and lifted his face before continuing, “Ever since I was young, Grandfather Butler taught me to be a lady and to act with restraint.”

Qin Mo laughed.

“What are you laughing at?” Bo Jiu arched a brow.

Qin Mo moved her hands aside, his voice calm. “You are a failure to his teachings.”

Bo Jiu laughed, unaffected by his comment. “I have my pride as a lady and since it wasn’t easy for you to have forgotten my dark past, I would definitely have claimed you were the one who chased me. There isn’t anything wrong, Brother Mo.”

“Seems like you’re enjoying my amnesia.” Qin Mo flicked her hands away. “Go over.”

Bo Jiu: … She wasn’t even allowed to touch him now?

“Seems like my sugar daddy isn’t good at catching the main point.” Qin Mo laughed, the corners of his lips lifting. “Let me ask in another manner. You have a hobby of confessing to hunks?”

Bo Jiu immediately denied the accusation. “Of course not, that’s a misunderstanding.”

“Is that so? How many people did you confess before me?” Qin Mo laughed lightly but there seemed to be a hint of danger in his voice.

Bo Jiu glanced up. “You’re the first and only one.”

Qin Mo looked into her bright gaze, which was so clear he could see his own reflection. He hadn’t expected such a reply since their claims from before didn’t seem like lies.

Bo Jiu pouted. “Honestly, Brother Mo, with your good looks, is there a need for me to confess to anyone else?”

Heh, that line was definitely to humor him. He probably wasn’t convinced but at this moment, he turned, a visible smile on his face. He was visibly pleased.

Bo Jiu didn’t see the smile and hence, continued, “You must have forgotten how hard it was to chase you. Back when we were kids, you were just like a doll and because of how pretty you were, I didn’t have the heart to even raise my voice towards you. I was an extremely fierce child but had always been gentle towards you. It’s a pity you didn’t appreciate it and often found me helping me wash my hands. We would wash it before meals, after meals and before we slept. You seemed to find me troublesome but love is blind and beauty is in the eye of the beholder so even then, I still found you adorable.” If not, I wouldn’t have treated you as a girl.

Of course, Bo Jiu definitely wouldn’t have said that last sentence.

“I noticed my feelings and had bashfully brought my piggy bank over to confess to you.” With that, Bo Jiu licked her lips. “But that didn’t have a happy ending.”

Qin Mo swept her a glance. “Bashfully? Are you sure you are fitting such a description?” He couldn’t imagine she could create such a warm and comforting scene.

“I was pure and innocent back then.” So innocent I thought I could buy you, it’s a pity you were too expensive.

Qin Mo arched his brows calmly. “Is that so? My innocent sugar daddy fell in love with me at first sight?”

“Mmh, I was three and a half years old back then.” Bo Jiu took the chance to hold his hands. “Do you understand how it feels for your heart to be struck by lightning?”

Qin Mo held her down calmly, breaking into a wide grin. “I don’t quite understand how a three-and-a-half-year-old child is able to experience such a feeling.” She was going too far with her lies.

Bo Jiu replied seriously, “That’s right, I wasn’t sure back then but now, I’m sure it was because my love was so intense.”

With that, Qin Mo could no longer hold it in, pressing her onto the sofa. He looked down at her and his handsome face leaned over, splashing his hot and steamy breath onto her ear. “You can stop with your nonsense. As for Sugar Daddy’s private life, I only have one request: Since you have chosen me, I will always be your only choice. Do you understand? If Sugar Daddy is too fickle, I’m not sure what I would do…”

He silenced her with a kiss while he reached his hands over, tugging her clothes open, trailing upwards.

Bo Jiu was burning. She couldn’t shake off the numbing sensation he stirred within her. Her clothes and hair were a mess, tainted with the smell of intimacy. She flushed, her face a bright shade of red. The heated kiss made her legs weaken. She stuttered, “Outside, w-we, still, need t-to play…”

“We will play,” Qin Mo replied, he stood up and planted a kiss on her neck. “But, Sugar Daddy, shouldn’t you be paying attention when I’m pleasing you, mmh?”

He wasn’t pleasing her – It was a sweet yet painful punishment.

He caressed her entire body but wasn’t willing to give in to her, teasing her relentlessly and whispering in a low and husky tone, “Are you still going to confess to someone else, mmh?”

“I-I have never done it before.” The sound of clothes rubbing against each other was excruciating. She decided to take the initiative, circling her legs around his waist. She grinned while kissing his throat and moving about seductively like a mermaid. “Brother Mo, you sure can hold it in.”

Qin Mo’s eyes darkened. She knew exactly how to shake up his resolve. She was a beauty indeed. Her words, the upturned lips and the mole below her eyes made her seem like an alluring demoness created specifically to seduce an innocent scholar.

She was ready, prepared to be taken. Her clothes were a mess, her collarbones sharp and exquisite, the curves of her chest round and luscious.

He pulled off her shirt, exposing her flawless gleaming skin. It was enough to explode anyone’s desires. Moreover, it was a scene caused by his own hands – including her arousal.

Qin Mo released her arm and smiled. “Do you intend to stay in bed the entire day? We’re not playing anymore? If you are willing, we can continue to tease me.”

With that, Bo Jiu changed her posture, acting like a little ruffian. “It’s a pity this isn’t the right time nor place.”

“It isn’t a pity, we can always continue.” Qin Mo leaned over, a smile working its way to the corners of his lips.

With much difficulty, Bo Jiu made him stop. She wouldn’t be dumb enough to continue with the punishment. “Let’s not, we have serious matters to attend to. You should know I’m a very understanding girlfriend.”

Qin Mo arched a brow, releasing her.

Bo Jiu reached out and adjusted her clothes, reaching out for the Almighty.

He didn’t move, instead, he glanced at her. He allowed her to hold him, his other arm holding his chin casually. He asked in a husky tone, “You intend for me to go out in such a state?”

What was wrong? Bo Jiu wasn’t sure what he meant. Just then, she glanced down, her thighs touching a heated area. She blushed – but even then, he remained calm and indifferent. He was probably the only one who could look so alluring in such a moment.

After half a minute, that area had no intention of calming down. Bo Jiu maintained her posture. “Do you need my help?”

“How are you going to help?” Qin Mo titled his gaze.

Bo Jiu replied softly, “With my hands.”

Qin Mo laughed. “Your hands?”

“Mmh,” she replied, her eyes dazzling. “Why? You don’t like it?”

She was audacious and so blunt he was caught off guard. Qin Mo watched her, his disguise on the verge of collapse as he reached out and held her hand. “You’re just going to make it worse. It’s already bad enough.”

It was the first time she had heard him say such things. Her gaze stilled and she was pulled into the bathroom. He turned on the cold water and made her wait outside the frosted glass. Even so, she could feel him floating in the air.

It took him only five minutes, which was much faster than her help would have taken.

He had changed by the time he came out, a hand pressing a towel onto his head. There were droplets clinging onto his hair, looking refreshed after the shower.

The both of them left the room and headed towards the computer room.

Lin Feng glanced over mid snack and asked, “Little Spade, what were you talking about? Why did you take such a long time? Captain, you took a shower? I finished most of the snacks prepared by Grandfather Butler!”

Bo Jiu gracefully stuffed the remaining blueberry tart into his mouth and smiled. “Senior Lin, you shouldn’t talk anymore.”

Lin Feng widened his eyes in confusion. Why wasn’t he allowed to speak anymore?

Bo Jiu glanced at the Almighty. “Brother Mo, there are so many people around. Why did you ask him just now?” If he had asked anyone else, her dark history wouldn’t have been exposed!

“Do you have to ask? It’s because Captain trusts me!” Lin Feng puffed up his chest arrogantly.

Just then, his captain interrupted him by saying, “Lousy teammates have obvious traits.”

At that moment, Lin Feng stiffened. Did Captain really lose his memory? His tongue was as sharp and cruel as before. It was terrifying! The memory loss didn’t seem to affect his character. Should he be crying for being tricked or glad that there is a chance of Captain recovering…