Chapter 1336 - Untitled

Chapter 1336 Untitled

“Let’s start; aren’t we running out of time?”Qin Mo took a seat and held onto his chin, nodding towards the seat beside him before sweeping Bo Jiu a glance. His intentions were obvious: for her to sit beside him.

Bo Jiu knew what he meant but yet, she arched a brow and asked, “You want me to sit there?”

“What is it? Do you really intend to sit on my thighs?” Qin Mo asked while turning on his computer. He laughed and tilted his head.

Bo Jiu was indeed below him in terms of speech. Hence, she opened a game and chose a 1v1, fighting against the Almighty. Each round, she would choose a different character to go against him and she would describe each character while they fought.

Lin Feng was in awe. Rao Rong was watching as well, tapping on his cigarette. He hadn’t expected Little Spade to use such a method to get their captain to remember the characters – but it was indeed the best method.

It wasn’t just a lasting impression. More importantly, Little Spade’s hand speed and game consciousness were rare even within the industry.

With such a person training him, it was possible. As long as Captain became familiar with the character’s moves, it wouldn’t be easy for anyone to catch him. Perhaps, there was hope.

A burning emotion blazed in their eyes when they saw Qin Mo maneuvering the mouse.

The other members continued to hustle. They entered the game and started their daily hand speed training. Even Xue Yaoyao and Feng Shang, the two backups, were training.

The air inside the engine room wasn’t the best.

The boys enjoyed smoking while they gamed but today, they controlled their urge and had even reduced the number of times they visited the toilet. After every match, they would massage the knots in their necks and lean back with a cigarette as they waited for the next round. The only rest they had was the waiting time before each match. It was probably their desire to win.

Every esports player had a dream. They wanted to stand at the top with their nation’s flag. Hence, even their hard work seemed sweet. Moreover, they knew that they had never been alone since their teammates were with them.

Time trickled by slowly.

The old butler pushed open the door, prepared to call them down for dinner but when he saw the scene inside, he stiffened slightly. He had never seen a room with such bad air before, not even in the castle.

But surprisingly, he was happy. Ever since his young lord had been young, she had always been likeable but she had never had many friends and there had never been a group that came to visit.

This was the first time he had served her guests. Perhaps, it was the change of environment. If it hadn’t been for fate, his young lord would never have known this group. Now, because of this group, there was finally some liveliness in his young lord. It was an indescribable feeling.

He had met his young lord when she had been young. Her mom hadn’t been around since she had been born and all she had talked about was her pet.

Later, when the Lord had died, his young lord hadn’t spoken as much, with little mentions of her pet, so she had seemed to have forgotten about him.

At the Fifth Avenue, his young lord had been willful and mysterious. No one had been able to catch her.

Her locations had been uncertain as she had been a lone wolf. She could often be spotted in a boisterous club, laughing gently in her black leather jacket. She had seemed to live a carefree life. But no one knew that she had actually been lonely.

And when she had returned to the castle, his young lord would hug her little keyboard as she had sat in front of the heater with her beer. She looked elegant and lonely.

She had liked to play old movies, watching “Interview with the Vampire”. Whenever she had seen him, she had smiled and said, “I didn’t become a vampire that morning. I remember all the details of my last sunrise but I have forgotten every sunrise before. The last time I saw that spectacular view was as if I was watching it for the first time. I bade my farewell to the sunlight and became who I am today. Grandfather Butler, I did the same. I bade farewell to the sunlight and became who I am today.”

Back then, the old butler had sworn he would accompany her for the rest of his life.

Now, however, things were better because there were so many others around her. That was more important.

Grandfather Butler smiled but didn’t disturb the group of professional esports players. He placed the dishes into exquisite looking lunch boxes and placed them into everyone’s hand. This was basic for a butler like him.

These children were playing with their lives. When they saw the lunchboxes, they thanked him and ate while playing.

It took two matches to finish the game. At that time, the clock struck three.

Yun Hu stood up, prepared to smoke. In that moment, the person beside him leaned over onto his left arm. It was Lin Feng. He was probably too tired from training the past two days and had fallen asleep while sitting.

Yun Hu stiffened. He held onto the cigarette stick but didn’t light it up. Instead, he trained with one hand, familiarizing himself with the mouse operations.

The night continued to deepen. Acts of warmth could be seen throughout the little room.

Xue Yaoyao fell asleep on the keyboard, wearing Coco’s down jacket. He had even dimmed her screen.

Bo Jiu was still explaining each character, her voice softer than before, rolling in the night like sliding sand, comforting and warm. Even then, Qin Mo could hear the fatigue in her voice. He tilted over and stopped her. “Alright, it’s enough.”

“You’ll remember it faster this way.” Bo Jiu drank a mouthful of water to nourish her throat.

Qin Mo reached out and lifted her chin. “Open your mouth.”

“Mmh?” The Almighty wanted to kiss her? No, that wasn’t possible. He wouldn’t have asked her to open her mouth, he would have asked for her to shut her eyes.

But the previous time he had told her to shut her eyes, he had ended with the words dream on… He didn’t have the least bit of heart. Other people’s boyfriend would drown them in honey and sweetness but hers was there to train her ability to withstand stress.

“What are you thinking about now?” As expected, a mischievous smile spread across his handsome looking face.

Bo Jiu was about to deny thinking of a kiss when he pinched her chin and leaned forward and his lips pushed hers apart. It was soft and cooling, like a faint popsicle spreading between her teeth…