Chapter 1337 - Untitled

Chapter 1337 Untitled

Bo Jiu stiffened before she glanced at his face. His lashes were long and dense, flickering onto her face. He was so handsome it seemed out of the world.As it wasn’t a long kiss and the others were too focused on their game, they hadn’t noticed anything. One person, however, saw it.

Rao Rong had just finished his match and he bumped straight into the scene when he glanced up. But he wasn’t Lin Feng, he averted his gaze and smiled, continuing with another match as he smoked.

If it had been the past, it would have been hard to imagine the high and mighty Qin Mo in a relationship.

After all, when he had gotten to know him, Qin Mo had still been a teenager who only acted according to his whims and was so cold it caused others a lot of trouble. Undoubtedly, he hadn’t had much patience. He hadn’t batted an eyelid even towards the pretty broadcasters. Regardless of how mesmerizing they had been and even if they had been naked in front of him, he had been indifferent, only showing a faint mocking smile.

From the looks of things, he seemed much gentler after getting into a relationship.

Rao Rong tapped his mouse gently, entering another match.

Bo Jiu listened to the keyboard tapping beside her and glanced down at Qin Mo’s moist lips, her heart racing. The Almighty was indeed worthy. He was as ethereal as a celestial being when he stayed silent.

But the moment he spoke, his true colors would be exposed. “I’ve kissed you as you wished, now open your mouth for me to see.”

“What do you want to see?” Bo Jiu did as she was told. From his expression, it seemed as though he would toss her out the window if she didn’t stop talking.

Qin Mo looked over. When he saw her red and swollen throat, his eyes narrowed. As he had expected.

“Brother Mo?” Bo Jiu arched her brows, not sure what he was looking at.

He walked out and came back with a peppermint candy, stuffing it into her mouth. In a lazy tone he warned, “If you say another word, I’m going to quit the game.”

That was when she realized he was caring for her throat. Although she couldn’t help but lift the corners of her lips, she couldn’t make it too obvious. Otherwise, he would take it as arrogance. She sat there for a while before she moved slightly, leaning over to plant a kiss on his ears. “Brother Mo, thank you, the candy is delicious.”

Qin Mo paused. He forgot to attack and was killed by the Tyrant King. When he finally came out of his trance, the screen was filled with dots written by his teammates.

“Is our assassin sleepwalking? How can he be killed so easily?”

“An assassin who can’t even kill beasts… Seems like it’s a lost cause.”

“Alright, I’m collapsing mentally; how are we supposed to play now?”

That was when he realized he was in the middle of the game. Bo Jiu glanced over to look but was blocked by Qin Mo, his tone calm. “Pour me a cup of water.”

“Isn’t there water here?” Bo Jiu pointed the cup at his side.

The top jungle expert that was just killed by a Tyrant King replied indifferently, “It’s cold, I want a cup of hot tea to freshen up.”

“Alright, I’ll find Grandfather Butler.” Bo Jiu walked out.

At that moment, the revived Qin Mo bolted into the jungle. He didn’t just kill the Tyrant King but had also conveniently taken away their adc. In just a short instant, the tables had turned. His teammates watched in confusion. If he was so good at jungling, how was he killed so easily just now?

It wasn’t just his teammates, his opponents were also confused.

Qin Mo moved his fingers, replying with one word, “Lag.”

Regardless of the situation, there would always be a universal excuse – which was lag. But Qin Mo was the only one who knew the true cause. His prey could affect him to such an extent?

Qin Mo’s eyes dimmed but he remained silent. He hadn’t given her a chance to speak, stuffing a piece of candy into her mouth. He had watched as her pupils wavered.

Qin Mo laughed. She had clearly wanted him to feed her personally.

It was hard to feel tired with each other’s company. During the early mornings, however, their shoulders couldn’t seem to handle it anymore.

The air was cold.

Bo Jiu glanced up towards Yin Wuyao. “There are rooms available, shall we sleep there?”

“We can stay here.” Yin Wuyao tapped his cigarette. “It feels like the chances of winning can increase just by sitting in front of the computer, probably everyone else feels the same.” Yin Wuyao leaned back and added, “It’s good as it assures us.”

Bo Jiu understood that feeling and broke into a faint smile.

Yin Wuyao continued, “Little Captain.”

“What is it?” Bo Jiu arched a brow.

Yin Wuyao knew the others were either asleep or simply unable to hear their conversation.

“Continue to play esports and if you really have to, dress as a girl. It isn’t a big deal.”

“I promised He… my mom that I wouldn’t play anymore.” Bo Jiu tilted her head to the side. “Besides, we have Rong Rong now. As long as the Almighty gets better, Supreme Alliance will still be able to win the Championship. I have read the comments on the internet and it does not affect me but I don’t wish for the well-deserved victory to be covered by public opinion about my gender. It wouldn’t be fair to everyone’s hard work. Most importantly, I don’t wish to taint his godly record. Uncle Yin, do you know? That person belongs at the top.”

And not how he was right now, where even a random broadcaster could diss him. There were comments about how he couldn’t play anymore because of a certain someone. He was being treated as a dangerous criminal. Those weren’t the experiences he deserved. He should be cherished, regardless of when it was.

Bo Jiu glanced out of the window. Her eyes were so bright they seemed to reflect the light from the entire city.

No one knew how difficult success was. Or perhaps, no one cared. When they were tired, they would lean on the keyboard and take a short nap because they wanted to win. They really wanted to win.

They wanted to prove themselves, prove themselves to their teammates and as a team, they wanted to prove themselves to the audience. She couldn’t be a stumbling block at such a crucial moment.