Chapter 1338 - Untitled

Chapter 1338 Untitled

The night started to deepen.

There were people working hard. However, there were also some who couldn’t understand that inside the small computer room, everyone was working towards their dreams.

Just then, a striking post appeared online!

“The Almighty lost his memory. Can he still represent China in the competition?”

Lost his memory? Netizens would naturally click on it when they saw the title.

There was a brief description inside. “The first jungler in the whole server, the most valuable player – this Almighty’s fans have given him all sorts of titles. As a person who likes him, I admit there isn’t anyone who can beat his game consciousness but now, he has lost his memory. I’m sure everyone has watched the previous game. During a five-member team battle, he ended up as the first kill. At the start, I didn’t believe such a thing could happen to him but after I saw the video, I was sure it wasn’t because of his maneuvering. This wouldn’t have happened under normal circumstances. Fans, you shouldn’t impulsively blame it on his hand injury. His hand injury isn’t something recent. Back during the National League, he remained strong and a threat to the formidable Xiangnan, an all-rounder team. But take a look at the recent team battle. He seems to have forgotten everything, even his past instincts. Is such a player still worthy enough to represent our nation? None of us is willing to see the team split up but honestly, he isn’t young and now that he has lost his memory, as a fan, we should be thinking logically: Is he really fit to compete? I believe the National League committee already has an answer; since our country’s reputation is at stake.”

It was an explosive piece of news. The time of the post and the direction he in the post caught everyone off guard. Even though he didn’t specify the Almighty involved, anyone could tell based on the description that the post was about Qin Mo – the Almighty in their hearts.

In that instant, the internet flew into a frenzy while the fans were filled with worry. Their Almighty had actually lost his memory. How was that possible?

There were many comments and an endless number of people who asked, “Where did you get the news? How could Almighty Qin have lost his memory?”

In less than ten minutes, it went viral. There were too many people joining in. As both fans and non-fans of esports w It was an uncontrollable state.

The only saving grace was that Feng Yi had noticed the post from the start. After all, he ate and slept in the company to ensure surveillance at all times.

He had thought of millions of scenarios but he had never expected Young Master Qin’s memory loss to be exposed as only the team members knew of this. Moreover, he had just informed Lin Feng…

Under normal circumstances, a seasoned businessman like Feng Yi would suspect Lin Feng since he was indeed a chatterbox – but he knew all of Supreme Alliance members well enough. They might talk a lot and obnoxiously but they would always put themselves in other people’s situations. Thus, they knew what couldn’t be said.