Chapter 1339 - Untitled

Chapter 1339 Untitled

Besides, thinking about who had exposed the secret would just be a waste of time. Salvaging the situation was their top priority. Feng Yi clicked his mouse, reading through the post three times.

There were many issues with the post. The first was the time the person had uploaded: midnight.

It was the time most netizens were online and when the company was basically at rest. If Feng Yi hadn’t been prepared, he wouldn’t have seen the post.

Next was the content; a post with just Young Master Qin’s amnesia would be enough to cause an explosive impact but if they hadn’t added the controversial topic at the back, he would have been able to deal with it.

Supreme Alliance had never made excuses. The fans could consult the management on anything they wanted to know.

The person who uploaded the post didn’t just intend to expose the Young Master Qin’s amnesia, the gist was on the second part, which touched on the nation’s reputation – that was an issue they had to deal with.

It wasn’t a post uploaded by a fan because fans would never have done such a thing.

Feng Yi frowned. The committee would definitely pay attention to the matter. Even though they hadn’t cared about it in the past, now they had to due to the impact online. The committee had their considerations.

Feng Yi stood up. His first reaction was to use all of his connections. He didn’t care about the time, dialing a string of numbers. “Hello, Boss Li, I have something…”

It was hard to imagine that there would be a day this smiley and sly boss would use such a pleading tone towards anyone.

But before he could finish his sentence, that person interrupted, “Little Feng, I saw the news regarding Supreme Alliance. How could you have kept such a huge fact a secret? I’m not being mean but the more you hide, the greater the news. It’s so explosive, you can’t expect me not to report about it. I have done you enough favors, you shouldn’t call me again.”

As he didn’t enthusiastically call him Boss Feng and had instead addressed him as Little Feng, Feng Yi stiffened.

His little assistant was awake. Her eyes were turning red when she saw the scene.

Unexpectedly, he didn’t stop there, picking up his phone to make another call. But time and time again, he was rejected and mocked. In the end, someone was finally willing to speak to the committee but he only agreed to talk to them about it.

The little assistant watched as Feng Yi tugged his neck tie. It was too difficult. But even in such a difficult time, he still managed to laugh. “Thank you, Boss Zhang, I owe you a drink.”

Once he hung up, the little assistant walked over as he lit a cigarette. She called out, “Boss Feng.”

Feng Yi continued on as though he hadn’t heard her.

The little assistant raised her voice. “How did you do it?”


“Just as you are right now, enduring everything.”

Feng Yi paused, smiling. “Back when Supreme Alliance was first formed, there were many such instances. We are an esports company and have to work closely with the netizens online. At that time, no one believed Supreme Alliance would become big and depending on Young Master Qin couldn’t bring in enough funds. We are doing slightly better than that period.”

“Is this considered slightly better?” the little assistant asked in confusion.

Feng Yi laughed. “Of course, it’s better, we are now a team that can compete at any moment without being afraid of embarrassing ourselves. It’s been three years. We also have fans that have been following us for the past three years.”

“But those fans!” The little assistant started getting agitated. “Those words online – if it weren’t for them…”

Before she could finish speaking, Feng Yi interrupted, “Have you misunderstood the meaning of fans? Those that are wreaking havoc aren’t fans. The fans I’m referring to are those that are still waiting for Young Master Qin and Little Spade, they have a special thing called feelings. Late into the silent night, they would think about a group of people who are bruised, battered, and imperfect. But this group is still the team they wanted to see, a team with all the members.”

The little assistant was feeling hopeless after scrolling through all the negative replies. “Are there such fans?”

“There are,” Feng Yi replied, his gaze bright and firm. “There is something you have to believe; the team determines the type of fans that stay behind.”

The little assistant was struck. Everyone called Feng Yi a crafty businessman. But once such a man caught feelings, he was more striking than any ordinary man.

Feng Yi didn’t spend much time on the issue, glancing down at his watch. “It’s 1 am. Make the necessary preparations, we will pick a member for an interview tomorrow. It’s best for the Supreme Alliance members to show the sort of team they are. I’ll head over to the committee now.”

“Boss Feng, aren’t we deleting the post?” The little assistant was surprised since the post was sent out by their official Weibo.

Feng Yi glanced up. “It’s useless.”

The assistant froze. This was the first time she had heard these two words from him.

It was dark outside, so dark they could barely see any light.

At 1 am, Quan sat in front of his computer and typed a string of words. “Your teachings were impressive. The internet is a mess. Regardless of how strong Qin Mo’s background may be, it’s time for him to leave.”

He quickly received a reply. “Don’t rush, this is just the first step.”

Quan was struck. “It’s just the first step?”

“That’s right, let me teach you the next step…”

When Quan saw the message, his eyes lit up, an expectant expression on his face as he faced the typing status.

Inside the computer room, Yun Hu saw his phone lit up. He turned down the volume and went out to pick up the call.

The next second, his eyes widened and his voice turned heavy. “I understand, I will let them know. Them? Some are asleep while Captain is familiarizing with the characters. They’re all doing great. Mmh, none of us are going to reply this time, we will just take a look at what’s happening.”

After ending the call, Yun Hu pushed open the door and entered the room. He first turned to look at Bo Jiu before waking everyone up. He said, “Old Fox called. The news about Captain’s amnesia was leaked and the internet is a mess right now. We need to understand the situation to be prepared when we are questioned.”

The half-asleep Lin Feng was instantly awakened. Everyone had the same reaction. They were uneasy, extremely uneasy because they knew it wasn’t a small issue.

Only the main lead, Qin Mo, seemed unfazed, turning to eye the person beside him.

Bo Jiu’s fingers froze. Qin Mo’s eyes deepened but he didn’t say anything.

Lin Feng was the first to open up the webpage to find the post. Although he really didn’t need to search to find it as it was the post with the greatest number of hits. He could see it the moment he entered the site. There were more than ten thousands of comments and the numbers continued to creep upwards.

The other members crowded over, infuriated when they saw the contents. Did those people even understand? They wanted to gather together to compete even if it was just one match. All they wanted was to give it their all. Their captain might have lost his memory but he sat in front of the computer for the past ten hours to remember all the characters’ moves. Did these people even know why he was doing this?

It wasn’t just this post. There was another one that was becoming increasingly popular and was about to go viral as well. It was another one pretending to be a fan. “As an old fan of Supreme Alliance, I really want to know who uploaded that post! It has to be someone from within the team. And they claim to be a close-knitted family! Ever since Spade Z joined, there has never been a moment of peace. Who was the first to find out? We better do a thorough search!”

It was clearly a well thought out plan – but the fans couldn’t tell and had started to reply sincerely, throwing their suspicions on Spade Z and Lin Feng. Their reasoning was simple. Since Lin Feng was a chatterbox, he must have unconsciously told someone, causing the matter to blow up.

Lin Feng’s first reaction was to look at his teammates. “No, I may speak fast but I wouldn’t have talked about such things so easily, I…”

Before he could finish speaking, the usually silent Coco tossed his keyboard. “I have enough!”

The milder tempered and adorable a person was, the scarier it was when they blew up. Coco stood up, using all his strength to smash everything in the computer room. “Esports, why play Esports?! It’s a toxic industry and we have to interact with others all the time! Their love! This is how they show their love? Anyone that knows about love wouldn’t be acting like this! I have enough of such love! I’m about to suffocate! I’m leaving the industry! F*ck the Asian Cup! Those who like it can continue, I’m never touching it again! I…”

“Coco!” Bo Jiu pulled his arm, pressing him into her embrace. With an arched brow, she spoke in a slightly hoarse voice, “Don’t say things you will regret and don’t make such vows. You are a professional esports player and as a professional esports player, you should forget everything you hear and see. There is definitely negativity but more importantly, there are those that really like and support you. They wish to see you even if it’s just once more. What about them?”