Chapter 134 - Almighty and Fu Jiu’s Juicy Jade Rabbits...

Chapter 134: Almighty and Fu Jiu’s Juicy Jade Rabbits…

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At the speed of light, she picked up the previously discarded shirt to cover her chest!

However, Qin Mo didn’t come in. He simply stood tall and straight outside the door like a jade statue, and his profile was divine. He was holding a handful of toiletries. “Open the door. I brought you things.”

Why now?

Fu Jiu pressed the shirt closely to her body. “Wait until after I’m done showering.”

“There’s no shower gel or anything in there, so how do you plan on showering?” Qin Mo raised his eyebrows and deepened his voice. “Open the door. Take what Aunt Zhang has prepared for you.”

After saying that, Qin Mo stayed still for a bit. His long fingers were on the door knob, and he was about to turn it…

Then he saw the door in front of him crack open slightly. The young man poked his head out. He seemed naked, with his fair neck and delicate collar-bones completely exposed. The mist in the bathroom gushed out from behind. Even the young man’s black eyelashes seemed to carry heat with them.

“Brother Mo, where are all the things?” Fu Jiu said naturally with a light smile.

Qin Mo couldn’t move his eyes away from the young man’s smooth collarbones. Just as he shifted his gaze, he threw a bag full of shower toiletries towards her.

Fu Jiu caught it with her hands up and whistled at the good catch.

Qin Mo really didn’t know what to do with this flirtatious guy anymore. He could only close the door on “him” and lock “him” up. Out of sight, out of mind.

But only then did Fu Jiu feel truly relieved. Had she opened the door even a little bit more, she would have exposed herself.

But she knew that showing a little of her body would irritate this god, so he wouldn’t want to come in.

Fu Jiu thought about it and looked at the shower gel in her hand. She raised her right hand up and finally said bye-bye to the last layer of the white bindings.

That person in the bronze mirror in the bathroom, that handsome, mischievous pretty boy, transformed into the ultimate beauty with the same silver hair. But with that juicy pair of jade rabbits on her chest, Fu Jiu’s face looked even more tempting…

She had a great body, with long legs, a small waist, a straight back, a flat belly, and deep and clear v-lines. Her jade rabbits were tender and juicy, creating clear arcs as she stood in the mist. They were even a little too plump, making people want uncontrollably to squeeze them hard.

Fu Jiu lay in the bathtub and closed her eyes slowly, letting the water drops sprinkle onto her beautiful face. Her long and full eyelashes created shadows on her face, and together with her chopped silver hair, they portrayed a sense of inexplicable beauty.

If Almighty saw her like this… Fu Jiu always thought… that Almighty wouldn’t let her get away with this.

But luckily, she was well-endowed as a woman. The white bandages didn’t restrain her rabbits from growing.

But this was not going to last for a long enough time at this rate.

She was in her second semester now, and her rabbits had already grown this big. Once spring came, she really didn’t think that those white bandages would hold them off… Fu Jiu turned her head and thought that having big boobs was kind of troublesome sometimes…

She needed to be careful when she walked out later. She checked those pajamas already, and they were not very safe.

She was afraid that the bumps would still show a little even with the bandages on… Having come to this conclusion, she suddenly opened her eyes and smoothed back her silver hair using her left hand. Her actions were still handsome.

Since she decided to stay over for the night, she would tackle the rest of the problems as they came. After all, it was just a sleepover…