Chapter 1340 - Untitled

Chapter 1340 Untitled

Coco was extremely touched by her comfort! But just as he was about to return her hug, he glanced up and saw the corners of his captain’s lips turn up.The meaning was simple – Return the hug if you dare, I’ll rip off your paws.

Coco froze, thinking, “Little Spade, did you have to hug me? Do you wish for Captain to rip me apart?!” With that, Coco released his grip and immediately calmed himself. Compared to cyber bullying, he was more afraid of his captain’s gaze!

Bo Jiu felt hurt. At such a moment, shouldn’t Little Coco be moved beyond words? Why was he so frightened?

Bo Jiu arched her brow. In that moment, the atmosphere shifted entirely. Everyone that saw the scene knew exactly why Coco had reacted in such a manner. Thus, they were suppressing their laughter.

Lin Feng exhaled deeply. “Take care of it.”

Since it had already happened, they would have to take care of it. This had always been their style. They could talk again if it couldn’t be resolved. Besides, they believed Feng Yi was already walking through the procedures. They would probably be informed of the details in the morning.

As 3 am to 8 am was the hardest period, Bo Jiu suggested, “Let’s all take a rest, we can put the training on hold. After all, we have to remain vigilant in front of the press. I’m guessing Old Fox has made some arrangements so let’s wait for the call.”

“Sure.” Yin Wuyao was the first to stand. He reached out and massaged his neck. “It’s important to relax before the match. Those that really can’t sleep can play mahjong.”

“Pl-play cards!” Feng Shang blushed. “I-i’m great a-at mahjong!”

Bo Jiu laughed. “Then let’s play cards. I’ll team up with Brother Mo.”

Qin Mo arched a brow. “Are you sure I know how to play it?”

“Brother Mo, don’t worry, even if you lost your memory, you have always been the best at calculations.” Bo Jiu lowered her voice.

Qin Mo smiled. “Is that a compliment?”

“Of course.” Bo Jiu tidied her collar. “I’ll help you touch the cards. I wouldn’t dare boast about anything else but I always had a good hand!”

Ten minutes later, Qin Mo glanced down at the tile she picked up and arched his brow. “This is what you call a good hand?”

After three consecutive useless tiles, Bo Jiu was starting to feel sullen. The tiles weren’t helping at all. “Brother Mo, it isn’t much. If we continue down this streak, we may be able to form the Thirteen Orphans,” Bo Jiu tried to justify herself.

“Heh.” Qin Mo smirked, replying slowly, “By the time you pick all the tiles, someone else has won.”

Bo Jiu: … Did you have to say it aloud?

“Brother Mo, didn’t you say you don’t know how to play mahjong?”

Qin Mo arched a brow, sweeping a glance at the tiles on the table. His voice was calm as he said, “One round is enough to learn this simple game.” He held down her arm and reached forward, caressing the tile. The next moment, he pushed the tiles open. “Full Flush.”

Everyone was dumbfounded while Lin Feng was devastated. “Didn’t I throw this tile the previous round? Captain, why didn’t you take the win?”

“Is that so?” Qin Mo replied indifferently. “I probably wasn’t that familiar just now.”

I wouldn’t be taken by that! You were clearly waiting to pick the tile yourself!

Lin Feng scratched his head, he turned towards the self-proclaimed amazing player Baby Feng, who was still arranging his tiles! He dared to call that amazing? It seemed like Baby Feng wasn’t familiar with the word amazing.

Bo Jiu was delighted as she counted the money.

Lin Feng rolled up his sleeves, prepared to turn the tables when the person seated in front of him spoke, “Do you know why your luck is so bad?”

Bo Jiu glanced over. “Why?”

“Because you hugged someone you shouldn’t have.” Qin Mo raised his hands leisurely, tossing out a tile.

Everyone: “…”

They were wondering why he hadn’t mentioned anything before. He had been waiting for the right moment. The person who shouldn’t have hugged her cowered low, biting down on his bunny ears. He had a feeling his captain would remember this for a long time to come.

As expected, for the third time, Qin Mo took the win from Coco, who was starting to suspect his captain wasn’t playing for money but rather to attack him.

Anyone who played mahjong would know the excitement and exhilaration while waiting for the winning tile. Though at the moment another player announced his win, the hype built up before would instantly turn to darkness.

This hadn’t just happened once to Coco but three times! Three times! Coco was starting to miss the warmth from his fans. Compared to them, his captain simply wasn’t humane!

The other players couldn’t help laughing at his pain. It was a harmonious environment indeed. Yin Wuyao had been right. They should relax before the competition.

The superficial distance seemed to have melted away due to the relentless wins by Qin Mo felt as though their captain hadn’t lost his memory at all. In that instant, they seemed to calm down. There might not be an end to the curses and lack of understanding but there was a person who had remained firm ever since Supreme Alliance had been formed.

He might not say it but he understood their hard work. He had morphed into a pillar for the team but even until this moment, there was still noise for him to leave.

It was commonly heard that hard work would be rewarded but in reality, that wasn’t always the case; one’s efforts might not be rewarded.

They wouldn’t disappoint their dreams they were fighting for.

The next round began.

Washing out their emotions.

Grandfather Butler prepared beer. Everyone took a mouthful and a handful of peanuts into their mouth as they continued to play. It was a merry mood.

Pretending to use the washroom, Bo Jiu took the chance to head out.

Grandfather Butler didn’t say anything. When they were outside, he spoke. “The laptop is ready, it’s in your room.”

Since she intended to hack into a system, she wouldn’t let anyone find out. Bo Jiu tilted over and inserted the USB stick before planting both hands on the keyboard. The tapping sound resumed, so quickly no one could tell what she was up to. There was only one letter that appeared on the screen: Z.

The next second, the code started to work

The two posts were both from the same IP address. Bo Jiu scanned the results, the results justifying her conjectures. She probed deeper into the IP address and found the end location: Jiang City, Xinghong Apartment, Unit 8, Building 6, 603.

Once she found the location, she hacked straight into the perpetrator’s laptop.

At this moment, Quan was clueless. He had just ordered takeout and was planning to watch as the drama online unfolded. They might be a united team but that didn’t mean the fans liked every member in the team. So, who cared about the grand scheme of things?

Quan laughed, prepared to send out another post but unexpectedly, he couldn’t operate his computer. Even though accounts could be restricted, that didn’t seem to be the issue as he had multiple side accounts but none of them seemed to work. It wasn’t just the operations, he couldn’t even log in, with the webpage showing an error message.

What was happening?

Quan was focused on the abnormality and hadn’t realized that the camera function had been switched on. It also automatically connected to his livestream channel. Inside the channel was the chat history between him and the stranger!

The contents shocked everyone. They were clearly after Supreme Alliance! It had all been a plan! How could they have done such a provocation?

The expose calmed the fans. With greater clarity, they realized they had been adding fuel to the fire and helping the perpetrator. They were stunned by the fact, breaking out into cold sweat. Some of them weren’t as enlightened but fortunately, everything was out in the open. Gradually, some of the more meticulous fans seemed to have noticed a point.

“I was wondering why he was so against Almighty Qin, it turned out to be a grudge.”

“Grudge? What do you mean?”

“Everyone’s first reaction to that image would definitely be the content of their conversation but one of the netizens recognized him – live streamer Quan, who won Almighty Qin by luck. Thereafter, when he entered another game, he was trashed by Almighty Qin. With his poor skills, it’s no wonder he has so many tricks. Let’s not go too far. I only wish for fans of Supreme Alliance to think about what we have to do. Almighty Qin might have lost his memory and the committee would definitely have their discussions. We are upset but the team must be feeling worse. In school, I’m a basketball player. It may not be the same sport but regardless of what it is, the team needs a pillar of support. How else can they continue to fight on? I can only imagine the amount of mental pressure they must be facing. Do you think there is hope for Almighty Qin to compete? The thought makes me upset but regardless, I will buy tickets for the competition because I know that waiting for them is the real form of support.”

The person who replied never expected the mindset shift he ignited.

Feng Yi had been right, there were indeed fans but they had to be triggered. One by one, they started coming out to create change. It might not be enough to push down the pressure caused by Quan’s post but the sparks could start a fire.

It was half an hour later when Quan finally realized his actions had been exposed. He frantically tried to explain himself but that was when he realized his livestream channel had long been switched on with view counts peeking into unimaginable numbers. His expressions were all captured.

That moment, he knew he was ruined. Perhaps, the moral ground was too low within his circle but no one liked a schemer. That was a mistake that netizens would never forgive. Besides, he had been scheming a professional player that was about to fight for his nation’s pride. Thus, no one would forgive him.

Initially, he refused to admit he had imitated Qin Mo’s moves and next, he deliberately caused trouble. He was clearly challenging morality!

All of a sudden, the controversial discussion shifted. Quan was scolded so harshly he didn’t dare to do his livestream. At the start, he claimed he had his grievances and was confused. He hadn’t been in his right mind and was clearly made use of.

But would Bo Jiu accept that? What a joke. The mastermind might be someone else but an accomplice was also a criminal. He did the execution and yet, he claimed to be innocent?

She wasn’t the Almighty, who had many considerations.

But there was one point.

Everyone in the team gave their all for the competition. He laid down a whole set of tricks and yet, he claimed to be wronged? Did you know that the person who started the fight was at fault?

Once Bo Jiu was done with Quan, she didn’t switch off the computer but instead went deeper to find the mastermind.

However, because of how big the commotion had become, Fan Jia was prepared. After she had properly advised Quan, she had immediately gone offline. She had been using a computer in a small internet cafe located in an alley, which was difficult to trace.

Bo Jiu located the internet cafe and was certain the computer had been switched off. It had also been taken care of thoroughly.

There was only one person equipped with such skills and who used such tactics and was pursuing after them so relentlessly: Fan Jia.

Bo Jiu curled up her fists and smashed onto the table repeatedly.

While they were in the Golden Triangle, Bo Jiu had focused all her attention on the Almighty, which included clinging to him and dispelling the distrust and murderous aura he carried.

Being occupied, she hadn’t paid attention to how the mission tied up. Since Kawang had died and the syndicate had disintegrated, there would be many offenders being brought over to China. The poppies had all been burnt, with nothing left over – to prevent the dark side from reviving. But Fan Jia hadn’t been caught?

Bo Jiu frowned as a wave of uneasiness spread through her. She wasn’t sure why she was feeling uneasy.

Standing, she wanted to light a cigarette.

But before she could reach for the cigarette, someone walked over. “My Sugar Daddy sure has learnt well, learning to smoke?”

There wasn’t any emotion in his chilling voice, it was so familiar it made her stiffen. She finally knew the reason behind her uneasiness. In reality, her Little Princess Qin was the only person in the whole world who could make her feel uneasy.

“What is it?” Qin Mo didn’t think his words had affected her but the moment he saw her face, he stilled. She was upset? He had used mean words before but she had never shown such an expression. Wondering what could have happened was his first reaction. Thus, he couldn’t help but probe.

Bo Jiu could hear the concern in his voice and smiled. “It’s nothing, I was craving candy but couldn’t find any, so I decided to smoke instead.”

Qin Mo glanced at her. His voice was calm as he spoke, “Come over.”