Chapter 1341 - Untitled

Chapter 1341 Untitled

Bo Jiu was just about to walk over when Qin Mo reached out and pulled her into his arms. She could smell the faint scent of tobacco and peppermint. He was so refreshed it seemed as though the all-nighter hadn’t affected him at all.

“I don’t have candy this time but how do you like a human warmer?” Qin Mo asked in his calm voice.

Bo Jiu laughed. “Can you throw in a kiss?”

“In your dreams.” Qin Mo wrapped his arms around her. Even though he rejected her, he lowered his lids and planted a light kiss on her head.

Bo Jiu paused, returning his hug with a small smile. Even the air seemed sweeter than before.

The others on the mahjong table didn’t question their captain’s whereabouts.

Moreover, they assumed the internet was still a mess and thus all of them kept awake from the worry. At around four, Feng Yi called, telling them the turn of events and asking for them to rest.

Lin Feng couldn’t believe his ears. Normally, under such circumstances, it would take two days for the noise to reduce. He hadn’t expected a change so soon.

Feng Yi didn’t intend to hide anything. “Someone helped by finding the person who wrote the posts. Both originated from the same IP address, which actually belongs to that live stream broadcaster that provoked us before.”

Lin Feng’s eyes opened wide. “The netizens these days are amazing!”

“It isn’t a netizen.” Rao Rong suddenly cut in, glancing upstairs with a meaningful smile. “It might have been a hacker that helped seek justice.”

Feng Yi laughed. “Probably.”

Knowing the change in the situation online, the members were much less tense than before.

Feng Shang stuttered as he asked, “Th-then, can Cap-captain compete?”

“We can’t be sure yet, that depends on the committee.” As a businessman, Feng Yi remained logical even at this moment. Perhaps, the impact was reduced but he couldn’t be sure what sort of decision the committee would make. But no news was good news as nothing was cast in stone yet.

They would be holding the meeting tomorrow. Supreme Alliance still had a chance.

Feng Yi massaged his temples and added, “Oh right, is Yaoyao still there?”

“She is.”

“Pass her the phone.”


Xue Yaoyao took over the call in confusion.

Feng Yi laughed lightly. “The team has one last individual interview before the competition, they would definitely ask about what happened online. Prepare yourself for the interview tomorrow morning at 9 am. I’ll bring you over.”

Xue Yaoyao was bewildered. “Me? Captain, Uncle Yin, Almighty Rao, and the others are all here. Why me?” Was she a suitable choice? She didn’t have much experience and her maneuvering wasn’t the best. She…

“You are the only girl beside Little Spade. It isn’t convenient for her to appear and Young Master Qin can’t do the interview.” Feng Yi firmed up. “Don’t worry, I’ll be by your side during the interview.”

Yaoyao took a moment before she nodded. “I understand, Boss Feng, don’t worry, I’ll prepare well.”

The last time, she had wanted to speak up for the sake of Her Highness Jiu, their captain, and the team.

Everyone on the mahjong table was clear that their captain might potentially be disqualified because his amnesia was a fact.

It was going to be a sleepless night. Even Bo Jiu couldn’t sleep with ease, even though Qin Mo was right by her side.

She frowned. Somehow, she dreamt of her childhood – more precisely, the day she had left. That day, she had leaned against the car window, trying to get a last glimpse of him. She seemed to have forgotten the bad fight they had the night before.

Two days later, there had been a Chinese holiday and he would definitely be preparing to head back for a celebration. He should be packing in his room and wouldn’t be waiting for her by the front yard.

That day, she had been devastated because they were separating on a bad note. Back then, she had wondered if they could have stayed in contact if they had separated on a better note. She had sneaked back a few times but he had no longer been there…

The dream made her clench onto his hands tightly. Qin Mo’s eyes deepened while he wondered what she was dreaming about. Was it that sad?

Qin Mo reached out and lifted her chin. After caressing her lightly, he leaned over and planted a kiss on her lips since the little ruffian liked this the most. But this time, it didn’t change anything.

Qin Mo watched her face and felt as though a huge rock was crushing his chest. He was frustrated. Enough, she was just a prey. You invested too much in this person. It was more than enough.

He tried to convince himself but still, he gathered her in his arms and deepened the kiss. He wanted to wake her up.

Bo Jiu stirred. When she realized what he was doing, she stiffened slightly before returning the kiss.

Qin Mo reached out and stopped her. “Tell me about your dreams first.”

“It was when we were younger, back in America. Back then, we separated after a fight. I sneaked back to find you but you weren’t there anymore.” Bo Jiu pressed her lips together as she spoke.

It was probably due to the tenderness of her face that prompted a person like Qin Mo to comfort her. “It’s just a dream.”

“It’s not a dream, it’s real.” Bo Jiu looked into his eyes. “It really happened. So, Brother Mo, promise me that you won’t leave me. I look good, I’m loaded, and I can avenge you in the game – where else can you find such a good Sugar Daddy?”

Qin Mo’s voice was warm. “These few traits that can be found easily but it’ll be hard to find someone as shameless as you.”

Bo Jiu: … For a moment she thought he had turned gentle and wanted to become closer. As expected, gentle wasn’t a word to describe the Almighty.

“I don’t intend to trouble myself anymore.” Qin Mo pinched her face. “Just right, I like it thick.”

Bo Jiu laughed, reaching out to hug his waist. She wanted to tell him his memory didn’t matter. He just had to be by her side. But she was worried that with his personality, he might sincerely decide not to find back the lost memory. Hence, she dropped it.

This time, there weren’t any more nightmares. His arms went around hers, placing her head on his shoulders, with no intention of letting go.

They were both good looking. Thus, the light sun rays splashing into the room and shining onto their loving posture was a beautiful sight.

He wore a white sweater, with her leaned against him. Their faces were enough to melt hearts. It seemed as though they only belonged to each other though.

The next day, the sun shone brightly. Qin Mo’s participation rights hadn’t been released.

The result couldn’t be swayed easily but Feng Yi was still determined to try. No one besides the shadow that was following behind him knew that he had been awake the entire night.

On normal days, Feng Yi might have noticed that shadow. But now, he was so immersed in finding a way to talk about Qin Mo’s condition to the committee and the fans that no longer believed in Qin Mo. He wanted to tell them that even though he had lost his memory, he was still capable and an essential pillar to the team.

Hence, Feng Yi spent three hours doing up a detailed introduction. It was simple and without frills, the day’s record of Qin Mo’s statistics. Once he was done, he started contacting the media. He hadn’t stopped to rest at all.

It was until he drove over to Little Spade’s apartment to fetch Xue Yaoyao.

Fan Jia knew it was an opportunity. That was right, she had been watching Feng Yi since yesterday to hunt down Qin Mo’s location. She had done her analysis.

The afternoon she had landed in Jiang City, the Supreme Alliance members had all left the clubhouse. But she couldn’t locate them.

With the Asian Cup approaching, they couldn’t have gone out to play. Moreover, it was a group activity. The only explanation was that they were heading over to meet someone important. This person could only be Qin Mo.

It was a pity that she didn’t manage to follow them the first time. But after that missed opportunity, she had been keeping a close watch over Feng Yi.

He sure was intelligent though. She had almost been detected twice. Fortunately, he had been swamped with work, and with the trouble she had created, he wasn’t as indestructible as before. She had followed him for a very long time and today, she finally made a slight breakthrough.

Fan Jia stood at the bottom of the building with a smile. She watched as the elevator number jumped floor by floor and memorized when it stopped. Her eyes sunk and she went back into hiding. Regardless of what she wanted to do, she couldn’t let anyone see her, at least not now.

Fan Jia pressed her hat lower and laughed. She finally found him. It wouldn’t be long before he was back to her side. When this time came, she shouldn’t be looking as she did right now. She should change out of the soiled clothes that were starting to smell and put on some makeup. There was still time before it got dark. She had time.

In her heart, she didn’t think there was anything wrong with ruining his chance at competing as a person like him was destined for greater things. Her actions were motivated by her love towards him. Thus, he wouldn’t blame her for it. It hadn’t dawned on her, however, that destroying the most important thing in his life wasn’t worthy of her love.

Upstairs, Feng Yi watched as the group rubbed their eyes. He smiled. “You’re all awake so early?”

“We just slept.” Once he said that, Rao Rong was worried Feng Yi would feel burdened hence, he added, “We played mahjong till 4 am. The other two upstairs are probably dead asleep right now. Lin Feng is so exhausted he kicked his pillow off the bed.”

Feng Yi glanced up at the clock. “The outcome you guys are worried about will be released in the afternoon. For now, I’ll bring Yaoyao over to her interview.”

“Mmh.” Rao Rong opened his mouth, wanting to say something but in the end, he simply smiled. “Good luck.”

Feng Yi stuffed a hand into his suit pocket. “Thanks.” The fact that Feng Yi had come to fetch her personally showed how important the interview was.

Everyone knew that Supreme Alliance was being pushed to their lowest point. There were both support and objections online. But if they managed to gain more support in these times, their chances of winning would increase.

The committee would make the decision in the afternoon. Feng Yi used all the connections he had, for a chance for them to say everything they wanted one day before the competition. It was too difficult. He had been in the industry for a very long time and knew what it meant.

Today, Xue Yaoyao wasn’t the same. She had applied makeup, which was a contrast to her usual bare face, and had cut her hair to shoulder length.

She wore the team uniform Bo Jiu had given her that day and at the top, there were still the words ‘Highness Jiu’ she had written and the support group emblem. She seemed to be telling everyone that Supreme Alliance wasn’t defeated yet.

When Feng Yi saw her, he paused slightly before reaching out to caress her head. “Good girl.”

At 8 am, the polite Grandfather Butler didn’t invite them for breakfast because he knew they had somewhere important they had to go.

At 9.30 am, the interview room had been set up. Once Xue Yaoyao had settled down, the interviewer started.

“I’ve seen your solo match, it was very exciting.”

“Thank you.” Xue Yaoyao knew she would start with something light.

The interviewer smiled. “Can you tell us how you managed to come so far? Your growth has been astounding.”

“First, there is my passion and second, because of my teammates.” Xue Yaoyao seemed unable to speak freely. “They helped me a lot.”

The interviewer changed the topic, landing on the controversial debate. “Recently, Supreme Alliance is having some troubles but this time, it isn’t the same as before. The previous incident involved your vice-captain, Spade Z. This time, it involves your captain, Qin Mo. Are you feeling troubled?”

When Xue Yaoyao heard that person’s name, she looked up into the camera lens. “I am indeed troubled. Supreme Alliance would never have come this far if not for both of them, Captain and Vice-captain. I saw the posts and understand there are some who wish for their departure. I won’t talk about their skills, but there is this person who fought for the team despite his hand injury, creating so many astonishing matches. There is also someone who revived Supreme Alliance because of her own individual ability. Isn’t that enough for them to remain? Earlier on, Senior Lin once said, there isn’t anything more important than the ones who stay by your side during adversity. We know this better than others because we have fallen before. Perhaps everyone may think Supreme Alliance won’t make it. But there are still those that worry about Supreme Alliance’s results more than myself, those that support us despite their little strength, those that are willing to scrimp and save, spending all their pocket money just to buy the competition tickets and watch us compete. They want us to know that even if we are no longer as invincible as before, they won’t abandon us. I want to thank all of them. Similar to them, I believe that all the members are essential. Right now, Supreme Alliance needs you guys and we hope that like before, you will come forth and speak for us.”