Chapter 1342 - Together We Are Invincible

Chapter 1342 Together We Are Invincible

The interview was streamed on the official website.

There was an overwhelming response as it was endlessly reposted and commented – both through the internet and in reality. Everyone started promoting Supreme Alliance. A few wealthier fans even gathered fans and hired vehicles to create a festival like event to show their support.

The 2018 Asian Cup was more explosive than any other year. Firstly, because it was finally being held in China and secondly, because of the immense influence and impact created by Supreme Alliance.

All the tickets related to Supreme Alliance were wiped out. Many people in the audience had already arrived in Jiang City before the competition had even started. They didn’t force others to like the team but when the reporters interviewed them and asked, “Why did you come so early? It’s been chilly in Jiang City these days, aren’t you cold?”

“It’s cold but definitely worth it.” The girls smiled merrily, waving their entrance tickets. “My boyfriend gave it to me. Supreme Alliance was also the reason we met.”

The interviewer was startled by her comment. “You met because of Supreme Alliance?”

“Mmh, back then, he would often play the assassin just like Almighty Qin and would get jealous because of my love for Big Spade. In the end, when Big Spade and Almighty Qin got together, he told me, ‘Since our male Almighties are together, we should get together too.’” The girl smiled. “I’m horrible at the game. As a long-range archer, I tend to miss my aim, move slowly, and am totally clueless about the maneuvering, which is the reason I’m always killed. Every time after I’m killed, he would dash out and avenge me. Even though he isn’t exceptionally skilled, it’s the thought that counts. Someone who can support and love Supreme Alliance so much shouldn’t be that bad and should be more mature than others. When we’re together, there isn’t a lot of conversation but I feel taken care of. The previous time, Big Spade initiated a challenge to cheer her jealous boyfriend. This made me realize my boyfriend has always been the one coaxing me. Now that we graduated, I’m constantly worried we wouldn’t last but that day, he proposed. Since even Almighty Z has to coax her boyfriend, he would definitely have to coax his girlfriend. Our relationship isn’t without fights but every time we look back at that group, we are reminded of our loving times.”

The reporter hadn’t expected to interview someone like her.

Afraid that it might be seen as a show, the girl didn’t say much. Even though the popularity of the video wouldn’t be bad, she moved on to someone else to avoid room for gossip.

The next one was more unconventional as she was an auntie with items slung over her shoulder. Her hair was slightly grey and her back hunched over. She was dressed in clean clothes and seemed to have been waiting for this day. But she had to work, carrying the items she wanted to sell. She sold cigarettes and bottles of water. She held the tickets and asked the people around, “Is this the entrance ticket to watch Supreme Alliance? Do I watch it here?”

The reporter was surprised since it wasn’t likely that someone of her age was here to watch the esports competition. She seemed very out of place.

The camera lens swept over. Both the reporter and the cameraman were certain it was going to be an explosive piece of news, hence, they passed the microphone over. “Auntie, sorry to disturb but we are really curious. The majority of the crowd who came to watch are younger girls and boys, you’re the only older person around here. If it’s convenient, could you tell us why you bought the tickets? Is it for someone else at home?”

The auntie shook her hands hurriedly. “No, it’s for myself. I have been waiting for a very long time and now, I can finally support those kids. I’m very excited for it.”

“You bought it for yourself? Then you…” The reporter paused. “Do you know anyone from Supreme Alliance?” She mentioned the word kids after all.

The auntie was startled since the camera was directed at her. She took a moment before continuing, “I don’t recognize any one in particular but they have helped me a lot and I am thankful. Back when my daughter was maligned, they helped by providing me a lawyer.” She paused slightly. “Reporter, can I take the chance to say a few words?”

The reporter stilled. “Please.” She wasn’t sure if Supreme Alliance would see it though.

“I have a ticket for the team’s competitions. I don’t really understand much but I would be happy when you win. This time, Auntie finally has enough money to watch your match in real life.”

The reporter was at a loss for words since every interviewee seemed to have a touching side. She knew the reason they were here and why they were buying the entrance tickets with a bright smile.

They weren’t forced to support the team. When they were asked, they would reply either cheeky or bashfully. Regardless of their emotion, none of them left. They seemed to be using their entire being to tell the world that they might be insignificant alone but together, they were a fierce flame – a flame that defended the team.

“Are we going to continue the interviews?” the cameraman asked. They wanted to use real time issues to create a hot topic but it was obvious that their plans were futile.

The reporter had played the game before but that was a long time ago when Supreme Alliance hadn’t existed. He didn’t really enjoy it, treating it only as a game to pass time. King of Fighters, Super Mario, Dance Dance, Cross Fire, World of Warcraft, and now Hero; these once familiar names would bring you down a memory lane, reminding you of how you had been back then and the friends by your side who had been closer than lovers. These friends who could talk about anything, visit the toilet together, and keep small secrets. These friends who would climb walls together and learn to smoke.

Back then, they had been worried their parents would find out. They had also opened their windows to air the room. In the end, if they hadn’t cleared the room properly, they would end up fighting, using ‘battle between men’ as an excuse. In reality, they were still young.

The reporter lowered his head and looked at the template that had been given to him. He raised his hand and shattered the paper. “Of course, we have to interview them but let’s keep the original footage.”

“But the instructions…”

“I’ll take responsibility.”

With three nods, the conversation ended. No one expected this change…