Chapter 1343 - Untitled

Chapter 1343 Untitled

When Fan Jia saw the report, her hands clenched tightly. For the first time, the situation was out of her control. She had originally assumed that even with Z, it would be hard to waver a human’s heart. After all, she was much more familiar with the human’s emotions.She hadn’t expected anyone to stand up for them. Fan Jia’s eyes deepened but she was helpless as her original intention had been to approach as a fan and pry them away. But in the end, she had only managed to get rid of a small handful and that wasn’t impactful enough.

Feng Yi wasn’t an easy enemy and would definitely kick up the control of public relations.

Fan Jia grew increasingly frustrated, knowing that her plans could potentially be ruined.

Moreover, Bo Jiu had taken action as well. She had just contacted Young Master Tang and her comeback wouldn’t be kind. Of course, Bo Jiu couldn’t make the call in front of the others. Hence, she excused herself to the washroom. After shutting the door, she made the call, going straight to the point. “Fan Jia is in Jiang City. She was last seen in the old alley of Great Wall Street. There are many small inns and internet cafes there. Similarly, there are many surveillance cameras.”

He chuckled. “You’re just telling me Fan Jia’s position? Aren’t you going to tell me your position? Or perhaps, where you hid Qin Mo? It wouldn’t be hard for us to find him since you guys would eventually have to compete.”

“That’s right. Young Master Tang, why don’t you do something over at the committee’s side to ease catching us?” Bo Jiu arched a brow, tapping the phone slowly while negotiating the terms.

“Z, I know what you’re playing at. You know we won’t arrest him publicly, which is the reason you brought him over to Jiang City. It would be troublesome to catch Qin Mo since we need an excuse and there isn’t any excuse that can appease everyone.” Young Master Tang reached out and tugged his tie. “That last line was used during the interview since convincing some would be an issue.”

Bo Jiu remained indifferent. “Young Master Tang, it shouldn’t be hard for you. ”

He didn’t reply and instead changed his tone. “If you can assure that Qin Mo doesn’t do anything, our side won’t take any action but the moment he shows any sign of danger, you better be prepared.”

“My boyfriend is busy dating, he doesn’t have the time to do anything else,” Bo Jiu replied leisurely. Deep inside, however, she knew it wasn’t up to her. “As for your side, if you don’t step in to arrest her, I won’t mind doing the honors.”

“You’re going to catch her? You intend to cause trouble? Z, this is China not the Fifth Avenue. Do you intend to catch her or kill her? Focus on your competition and we will do the rest. Behaving isn’t for your sake but for Qin Mo. You should understand what I mean.”

Bo Jiu was more than clear and because of that, she hadn’t started a large-scaled system attack to track down Fan Jia. During this period, the Almighty would be blamed for everything she did. Hence, she couldn’t do anything.

“If nothing goes wrong, we’ll find her by nighttime.” These were Young Master Tang’s last words. He had always been a man of his words. Since he made the promise, it wouldn’t go beyond 12 am.

Bo Jiu felt more at ease. The moment she ended the call, another call came in. It was Feng Yi. Of course, Bo Jiu answered the call.

It was a call from outside, the background noise loud and disruptive. “Get those kids to relax.”

That short sentence made her smile. “The committee agreed?”

“Mmh.” Even though he was exhausted, he wanted to spread the joy. “The committee needs to seek his current capability. If he is still as good as before, they will retain the participants’ list.”

Bo Jiu arched a brow. “How are they going to verify that? There isn’t enough time for a match now.”

“I sent them yesterday’s training footage, the committee is still analyzing it.” Feng Yi paused. “Wait a while more and we’ll get the result. Having a chance is better than nothing at all.”

“Okay.” Bo Jiu’s eyes were glowing. Feng Yi was right. After all, they had a chance…

At this moment, over at the committee, someone led three Almighties from Xiangnan over. Xiangnan’s captain, Xiao Jing, took the lead. Beauty Luo stood on his left and Zhao Sanpang on his right. Honestly, Zhao Sanpeng was slightly apprehensive to be called over at such a sensitive period.

The person seated in the middle of the meeting table chuckled. “Please sit, don’t just stand there. We called you over to seek assistance for a project.”

“Project?” Zhao Sanpang glanced over to his captain in confusion. There wasn’t any emotion on his captain’s face. In contrast, he seemed to be overreacting. Zhao Sanpang told himself to calm down, to keep up with his Almighty image. But before he could straighten, a footage flashed onto the screen.

They had heard about the game ID a countless number of times recently since he had flaunted his relationship in public.

“Qin Mo is currently using this ID.” The man turned towards them. “I believe you have heard the expose online. I don’t deny that Qin Mo is an extremely outstanding esports player but he has lost his memory and none of us can come to a decision on whether he is still suitable to compete in the Asian Cup. We took the footage from the internet and the statistics are reliable. Take a look at it. From a technical point of view, what do you think of Qin Mo’s current standards?”

Zhao Sanpang widened his eyes ́. Why did they have to do such a troublesome task?

Before he could speak, however, someone held down his hands. Beauty Luo smiled, signaling for him to turn. That was when he realized their captain had already started to analyze the character’s maneuvering.

The other members of the committee were watching too. Since they belonged to the industry, they would definitely know a little. Some of them were retired players but the real professionals were the Xiangnan members since they had won the Nationals three years in a row.

That wasn’t all, they had once been the runner up in the Asian Cup. Thus, they were the most suited to seek advice on technical matters. The video wasn’t short since it consisted of three consecutive matches.

When it ended, the man switched off the screen and looked around the meeting table.

“We will take a vote. There are eleven of us here and all of us have to take a vote. If 6 of us agree, Supreme Alliance can retain their current lineup. If not, Qin Mo will be disqualified. Before we vote, you can share your views.”