Chapter 1345 - Untitled

Chapter 1345 Untitled

Fan Jia’s smile froze. She had expected him to hold her hand but the moment he lifted his hand, it went straight to the red string on his neck. As it was a thin string, she wouldn’t have seen it if she hadn’t paid attention. It was an amulet.Fan Jia bit down on her teeth. She couldn’t believe that even at such a moment, he was still thinking about the deceased Z!

The key to the hypnosis wouldn’t fail.

In Golden Triangle, he had seen the video. Moreover, he had lost his memory. This meant that he was influenced; if not, he wouldn’t have lost his memory. She just had to deepen it. The hypnosis wouldn’t collapse!

Fan Jia looked into his eyes and continued to lower her tone. “Brother Mo, it’s me.”

“You?” Qin Mo’s eyes glanced down.

Fan Jia seemed to see some hope, her eyes lighting up. “That’s right, it’s me, Z. Don’t you remember? You have always been searching for me.”

“I didn’t forget.” Qin Mo loosened his amulet and smiled at Fan Jia. “I have always been searching for you.”

Fan Jia knew she had succeeded and his subconscious had mistaken her for Z. Back then, she had used Z’s identity to approach him when they realized he was unlike himself in matters relating to Z.

However, he had been indestructible back then. It hadn’t mattered how much information they had had. She had been exposed within three days, before she could do anything. He had even gotten information about the syndicate from her. Fan Jia would never forget that the chance to be his lover had been destroyed.

But this time, it wasn’t the same as he had a fatal weakness. Since he wasn’t willing to accept that she had left, she would take the person’s place. Fan Jia didn’t mind since now, she had become the most important person in his heart.

“Brother Mo, shall we go?” Fan Jia laughed.

Qin Mo arched a brow. “Where are we going?”

“Someone without anyone else.” Fan Jia glanced around. “It’s too noisy here.”

Qin Mo didn’t object. Somehow there was a voice inside him that was telling him she was important and that she wasn’t wrong.

When he nodded, Fan Jia’s smile turned deeper. She reached out and grabbed his arm – but she didn’t manage to touch him. Fan Jia frowned. “Brother Mo.”

Qin Mo didn’t understand why he avoided her touch, it seemed to be a natural reflex.

Fan Jia tried again but the result was the same. Fan Jia inhaled deeply, pretending to be considerate and understanding. “It’s okay, you haven’t gotten used to me yet just as I haven’t gotten used to you. Let’s head back to our home and tomorrow or the day after, we can leave the borders.”


The fact that he had agreed made her more confident than before. It was just a matter of time. Gradually, he wouldn’t be resisting her anymore.

“Let’s hurry, there are always people trying to keep us apart and they even called the cops on me. Brother Mo, you will protect me, right?”