Chapter 1346 - Untitled

Chapter 1346 Untitled

“Mmh.” It was a cold and indifferent reply. Even so, it was akin to a protective charm. With him around, it would be hard for the police to trace them.Fan Jia rushed him, not daring to stay any longer but Qin Mo continued to stand there.

Fan Jia followed his gaze towards a candy box. Once again, jealousy clouded her gaze. “Brother Mo, I’m going to be in danger if you don’t leave. Do you want me to die again?”

The words seemed like sharp needles stabbing him, seeping into his brain. Suddenly he tilted his head and followed Fan Jia out of the convenience store.

Fan Jia wanted to leave immediately. She hurriedly flagged down a cab. Once they had entered, she gave her address and shut the windows, preventing Qin Mo from looking out.

At this moment, Bo Jiu walked out the street and was heading towards the convenience store. She didn’t see the cab that drove across the street. Of course, the person in the cab wouldn’t have seen her at such a distance neither.

Bo Jiu entered the convenience store and glanced around but the Almighty wasn’t in sight. He couldn’t have left though. If he did, he would have seen her. Where did he go? Bo Jiu frowned. After a moment, she walked towards the staff and helped her hold a package in place. She smiled. “Hi, can I ask you something?”

“Ah? Thank-thank you.” The staff blushed and the instant she saw Bo Jiu she fell into a daze. She was really in luck, meeting two hunks in one day.

Seeing how she was in a daze, Bo Jiu added, “I wanted to ask, did you see a guy just now? He is tall and handsome, quiet, and dressed in a black trench coat. He was here to buy candy.”

“Handsome?” The staff didn’t need to think before she replied, “I saw him! He was standing over there but a mysterious looking girl spoke to him and they left together.”

Girl? Bo Jiu stiffened. The Almighty didn’t recognize other girls. She thought for a moment and asked, “Are you sure we are referring to the same person?”

“Of course!” Her eyes lit up. “He is really handsome and unforgettable. We were wondering if he is a celebrity.”

It was indeed the Almighty. But why would he leave with a girl?

Suddenly, she seemed to have realized what had happened. Bo Jiu’s pupils constricted and her hands started to shiver. She reached out and held onto the staff’s shoulders. “You must have surveillance cameras in the store. Can I take a look?”

“This…” The staff was concerned. “I’ll have to ask my manager.”

For the first time, there was panic on Bo Jiu’s face. “Where’s your manager?”

“He should be in the opposite store. I’ll call and ask.” The staff volunteered since the little hottie seemed rather worried. She reached out and made the call but Bo Jiu didn’t give her the time. In the instance she turned, the youngster leapt over the counter.

She held onto the staff’s shoulders. “Sorry, let me borrow your computer.”