Chapter 1347 - Untitled

Chapter 1347 Untitled

“Sir, what are you doing! The cashier area is restricted!” The staff was clearly frightened. Only authorized persons were allowed to use the convenience store’s computer! But the force on her shoulders was too strong, she couldn’t escape.The pretty boy apologized and continued.

With her other hand, Bo Jiu gained control of the mouse. After a short movement, both her hands were on the keyboard. Even though she was just using one hand, the speed was faster than when the staff used both hands!

Documents and files were pulled open.

Before she could see what the youngster had done, the computer program changed! The staff tilted her head, signaling for the other staff to call the police!

She mouthed the words to her colleague, “Call 110!”

The other staff was clearly still in shock. She pressed her phone, worried that the youngster would react excessively. She held onto the phone and spoke, “Hello…”

At this moment, an image appeared on the screen. Bo Jiu calculated the time and dragged the timer to the surveillance footage three minutes ago. The footage was perfect, showing their back views. She continued to fast forward! The surveillance camera couldn’t capture her face but her voice was recorded. Bo Jiu could hear her every word. Fan Jia!

Bo Jiu’s fingers stiffened as she listened to her words. “You should know better than anyone else; you are the one who is wrong. If you hadn’t listened to her, if you hadn’t cared about anyone else, and had destroyed your responsibility, she wouldn’t have died. Poor Z, no one in the world accepted her. She would always be deep in the water. You have seen her struggle. When you were kids, you promised her that when you grew up, she would always be your priority. You were the one who broke the promise. You killed her.”

All the blood left her. She should have known. This was the reason he had been so against the person she had been before. But she hadn’t been smart enough to catch on. It had never crossed her mind that she had always been that knot in his heart. He felt like he had let her down, which is why he ended up in this state.

It turned out that he had already suspected that she was Z, the Little Bo Jiu he had known since he had been young, which was also the reason he had said that to Director Huang. He hadn’t wanted to catch her. He had purely been looking for her.

Bo Jiu couldn’t explain how she felt when she saw him follow Fan Jia. There was a murderous glint in her eyes. It was strong and without disguise.

She didn’t stay long. Once she had gotten the image she needed, she held onto the table and leapt over, reaching for her phone. “Give me an answer now. Where exactly is Fan Jia?”

Young Master Tang could hear the strain in her voice. “What is it?”

“Fan Jia has the key to the hypnosis and she took the Almighty with her.” Bo Jiu’s voice was deeper than usual.

Young Master Tang stiffened. He knew exactly how serious this was. After giving her a list of addresses, he turned around and instructed his men. “Increase the number of plainclothes officers and dispatch the police dogs. We are taking action two hours in advance.”


But even then, no one could be faster than Bo Jiu. Today, almost everyone who lived in the north of the city saw a black Lamborghini speeding down the streets, just like in movies. From the asphalt road, she went straight into the side alley. The left wheel was pressed against the wall, the body semi-oblique. It was so fast it seemed like a black lighting.

Bo Jiu held the steering wheel firmly with one hand while turning to glance behind. With a turn, she managed to lose the police car behind her.

The convenience store’s staff had called the cops. They thought he wanted to rob them but after they saw her car and chased for a short distance, they clarified with the convenience store staff and realized she had just looked at the surveillance camera.

In that instant, they weren’t sure if they should continue chasing. They didn’t need to think at all though because no one could catch up to Z – especially the Z right now.

The bat-like vehicle sped through, bringing along a breeze.

At this moment, the cab arrived at their destination and Fan Jia smiled sweetly. “You must not like this place. I don’t like it either but there isn’t a choice, I’m forced to stay here. It won’t be long. Once we leave the borders, no one will be able to control us and I will be able to move about freely.”

Qin Mo didn’t reply. He seemed to behave in the same manner the whole time.

She continued to talk but wasn’t sure if he was listening. Fan Jia tightened her fists, feeling extremely frustrated. But she knew some things couldn’t be rushed.

They continued to walk forward, took a turn, and headed upstairs. Suddenly, Qin Mo stopped in front of a door.

Fan Jia turned. “What’s wrong?” Was he misbehaving again? That wasn’t possible as she was now the most important person in his heart. Even though his body might not cooperate, the hypnosis would continually hammer in the fact!

Indeed, Qin Mo was held down by the voice, his mind focused on protecting her. “Something’s wrong around here.”

Fan Jia had been right about something. With Qin Mo around, it would be difficult for the cops to find them.

“Is this your room?” Qin Mo asked emotionlessly.

“Mmh,” she replied. “Brother Mo, do you find it too old? Don’t worry, the situation will change soon, I…”

When she called him, Qin Mo couldn’t help feeling disgusted. “It isn’t that. The lock has been touched. Don’t go in, there may be someone inside. Let’s continue to walk forward.”

Fan Jia broke into cold sweat. It couldn’t have been a burglar in such a dilapidated house.

Lying in wait had always been the police’s style. They would take action the moment the criminal was trapped! Fortunately, he had managed to see through it – and fortunately, her face was covered.

“Can you see the man smoking ahead? He should be a spy. You better stop behaving suspiciously.” There wasn’t a hint of warmth in his voice. There was even a hint of disgust.

Of course, Fan Jia could tell. But so what? Even now, he was still protecting her. That person must have made use of this. Childhood lovers who grew up together; even if she committed a crime, she could still be his most important person? Heh, starting from today, he would only pamper her.