Chapter 1348 - Untitled

Chapter 1348 Untitled

Soon, however, Fan Jia realized things weren’t how she had planned because Qin Mo didn’t feel much for her. Fan Jia couldn’t accept it. She pretended to be afraid, hoping he would show concern. Instead, he went ahead of her.“Moving unnecessarily will attract attention. Go over to the noodles shop on the left,” Qin Mo spoke calmly.

Fan Jia was still worried. “It’s too obvious and near the street.”

“The nearer to the street, the better the view.” Qin Mo didn’t seem to like explaining, walking over without another word. He remained silent regardless of what she said. He walked into the store and asked for a window seat.

They were seated in the perfect spot. Because of the arrangement on the dining table, the people outside wouldn’t be able to see their appearance. But from inside, they could easily see anything taking place outside. In addition, this shop was located in the corner of a triangle. In this position, they had a panoramic view – encompassing both the pedestrians in front and the streets beside.

After he was seated, he didn’t order noodles but ordered a cup of hot tea.

Fan Jia glanced at the plainclothes police outside and finally understood why Qin Mo had chosen this spot. As her anti-detection ability wasn’t bad, ordinary policemen wouldn’t be able to catch her.

Fan Jia could sense that the plainclothes officers weren’t the same though. They had come at her so aggressively she could only hide in such a poor estate since there weren’t any surveillance cameras around. It wouldn’t be easy to find her but if they conducted a clean search, it would be hard for her to escape.

What scared her the most was that they knew where she lived. Fortunately, she had met him and activated the hypnosis. Indeed, with Qin Mo around, everything was going smoothly.

Fan Jia knew why her master had wanted him to join the organization. Possessing Qin Mo was akin to having a mythical weapon which was exceptional both for attacking and defending. She finally had a glance of his worth.

Fan Jia sipped her tea leisurely, directly in front of the plainclothes officer and yet, she remained undetectable. He was a natural born criminal. Fan Jia chuckled. He was now part of her world.

The plainclothes police continued to pace about, the footsteps turning frantic as though something had happened.

Indeed, something had happened. The person waiting in the room detected an issue. “Young Master Tang, the landlord said she has been back but she didn’t enter the room and we didn’t see her downstairs. What should we do?”

“Leave the room.”


“Mmh, there’s no use in waiting anymore.” If Fan Jia was with Qin Mo, all these tricks wouldn’t be enough to catch him.

“Then… Wait a minute, who are you? What are you doing here!” Before the plainclothes officer could finish his sentence, a tall figure appeared before him.

It was a teenager about eighteen years old. She lowered her head and was studying the door lock with narrowed eyes.

The plainclothes officer wanted to question her but the moment he touched her shoulders, the youngster pushed him aside, her voice clear and cold. “They were here, you just didn’t realize it.”

“What?” the officer exclaimed in bewilderment.

The youngster released her hand and turned towards the other direction, her gaze sweeping towards the trash that had been trampled on. “They went down this direction, which means more than half of your efforts have been wasted.”

“Who exactly are you?!” The officer frowned. “Are you a student nearby? Little kid, I have something to say too, stop watching so much action films. Did you really think that would turn you into Detective Conan? We have to collect evidence. You…”

He didn’t have the chance to finish speaking because the voice from his phone interrupted him. “How old is she?”

“Sh-she should be 18,” the officer stuttered, startled by the question.

What made him even more surprised was that Young Master Tang continued, “Handsome and with silver hair?”

“Mmh, yes.”

“It’s her, I’ll need two hours to reach the location and in these two hours, she will take charge.”

Even though he was startled, he could only oblige since it was an order. The plainclothes officer couldn’t imagine what sort of person could be trusted this much by Young Master Tang. Moreover, she looked like a student!

Bo Jiu wasn’t far and had definitely heard the conversation but she didn’t respond to the officer’s dumbfounded expression. She had no intentions of taking charge. She only wanted to find him soon.

But the call had its benefits. The plainclothes officers wouldn’t interfere in anything she did around here. Moreover, she obtained a certain information. They came but didn’t enter the building, which meant the officer’s initial trap had been successful but someone had seen through it at the end.

Bo Jiu had a feeling Fan Jia wasn’t the one. It was the Almighty’s style to be able to detect such minute details.

Bo Jiu already knew the key to the hypnosis through the footage in the convenience store and knew that the Almighty had mistaken Fan Jia for her. She wasn’t sure of the impact of the hypnosis but there was something she knew. If the Almighty wanted to avoid the police, he definitely wouldn’t be sneaking around like Fan Jia. He would calmly plant himself nearby, taking up the spot with the best view so that no one could spot him.

Bo Jiu shut her eyes and thought through the times they had exchanged hands. Similarly, she recalled that every single time she had thought she had escaped, she had been caught by the Almighty.

Suddenly, her eyes widened, bright as the stars! A panoramic view crucial at all times.

Bo Jiu swept a glance at the rubbish bin and marched over, scanning the crowd. This wasn’t a good place since the streets were messy and dirty and the building on the verge of being demolished. But even such an alley had its benefits.

Bo Jiu scanned the area around her several times and gradually, a plan formed in her mind. This was the place to live, that was the vegetable market, there was the convenience store. She turned – and on the split road was a noodle shop!