Chapter 1349 - Untitled

Chapter 1349 Untitled

The noodle restaurant was small and unremarkable. To be honest, if Bo Jiu hadn’t raked her brain, she wouldn’t have thought of it. Likewise, the most obvious places tend to be neglected because they were too ordinary and part of their life. But it had the perfect view.It was like the time she had been in disguise, sitting in a convenience store eating oden while watching police cars roar past her.

Bo Jiu glanced up. The tip of the tongue reached her upper jaw. This time, she was the one stopping him. Intelligent as Bo Jiu was, she didn’t allow the plainclothes officer to follow her. Also, she didn’t enter through the front or the sides. Instead, she turned to the back and removed her black trench coat, tying it around her waist. With a sharp push, she held onto the wall and entered through the back kitchen.

The chef stiffened. What was with this situation? More importantly, that child took the shredded pork noodles he had plated out? He carried it out?

Indeed, Bo Jiu carried a plate of noodles into the dining area because the Almighty hadn’t eaten dinner in order to buy her candy. She was prepared to face both of them. Bo Jiu held the plate with one hand and stuffed her other hand into her pocket, walking towards the seat beside the window.

Fan Jia had her back towards her and hence, didn’t notice her approaching. However, Qin Mo was different. He might seem indifferent but in reality, he could easily detect when something was amiss – not to mention, the person who looked nothing like a waiter walking towards them with a plate.

Qin Mo found her familiar but that wasn’t the reason he didn’t avert his gaze. It was because of the smile on her face. It was interesting, as though she had expected him to be here.

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows. Fan Jia wasn’t sure what he was looking at. When she turned to look back, however, her entire face fell! The obvious and palpable malice seeped straight out! How did she find this place?

Suddenly, Fan Jia bolted upright and reached for her hidden knife, pointing it at Bo Jiu! Bo Jiu ignored her, as though she wasn’t pointing a knife at her. She leaned forward and placed the plate of shredded pork noodles in front of Qin Mo, her tone displeased. “Brother Mo, I never expected you to be taken away in that short time you were buying candy. Here, the noodles are freshly cooked, you should have it while it’s hot. I know, I know, you don’t remember me. Feels like I can write a book after I stop playing esports. It will be titled ‘My Boyfriend Loses his Memory Every Other Day’.”

Qin Mo continued to watch her in silence while Fan Jia watched her from the side, the malice thickening. In the end, she couldn’t hold it in anymore. With a deep chuckle, she spat in a snake like voice, “Brother Mo, this person has always been trying to harm me. Help me kill her!”

Bo Jiu stiffened. She knew the consequence of the activated hypnosis. She had been too rash, her entire mind focused on taking him away. She had completely forgotten about Fan Jia.

Fan Jia basked in the feeling, her lips turning upwards arrogantly but what she hadn’t expected was…