Chapter 135

Chapter 135: Bringing Him Home For A Shower, Almighty Turned Gay?

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Qin Mo was still concentrating on his business meeting. To his left was a clear glass full of water.

Manager Feng, who was on the other side of the meeting, was curious about why CEO Qin was acting a little distracted today.

“Concerning electronic gaming, I have a new idea.”

The cooperating side finished their speech and Qin Mo spoke up. With his Bluetooth earphones on, he looked more emotionless and more like an entrepreneur than an average person. “Since we are looking for raw talent, let’s abandon our precious selects and let them compete together once more.”

“Abandon all the precious inner selects?”

Qin Corporation’s managers were exchanging glances.

The European man who worked with Qin Mo hooked his lips up into a strained smile and sounded frustrated, “But Qin, you yourself proposed the original business plan.”

“But that was the old Qin Corporation, not the Qin Corporation I took over,” Qin Mo sounded emotionless, and he was quite composed and professional even in front of the cooperating side. “We don’t do inner selections. I believe in what Robert once said: the true masters are among the populace.”

After hearing these words, Robert’s eyes lit up. He shrugged. “Alright, Qin, you’ve convinced me again. You are the imperial sword of the Qin Corporation.”

Qin Mo movedhis fingers. He didn’t deny it or act modestly. “Thanks.”

“Qin, this is why I freaking love you!” Robert laughed out loud, “I heard you’ve started to play games in private? And you went on a live stream? We are all curious about who exactly that capable person who could convince you to play for an insignificant live stream is?”

Qin Mo was calm as he tilted his head and lit up a cigarette. He held it in between his long fingers, and with an aura of noble arrogance, replied, “It’s not about capability; he is my little brother.”

“Little brother?” Robert was stunned.

Secretary Liang was in charge of note taking, and usually, in this kind of overseas meeting, he would be present.

But after hearing those words “little brother,” he suddenly felt dizzy.

CEO Qin, we’ve talked about it, he is not your real little brother!

Why do you sound all loving and indulgent towards him even in a business meeting?

Robert kept asking, “Qin, since when did you have a little brother? Doesn’t Qin family only have one legitimate son?”

“Sworn little brother. Okay, no more talking about it, he’s showering.” Qin Mo looked up and glanced at the clock on the wall. “I need to go check on him, so that’s it for today. Good night.”

Curiosity was gnawing away at Robert. His impression of Qin Mo had always been that he was a person difficult to get close to.

He didn’t expect that this man would be so nice and gentle towards a little brother.

He used to dislike Huaxia’s people, because they ignored their families when their businesses got hectic.

Looking at Qin Mo now, he was even more certain that he wanted to cooperate with Qin Corporation.

The people from the club saw that sentence, and they weren’t very surprised.

But Secretary Liang’s head started to hurt badly. The CEO only knew Young Master Fu for a few days, and now “he” was in his house showering!?

No way, he shouldn’t be thinking like this!

CEO must have been living by himself for so long that he wanted some company.

But even so, he should go for women, shouldn’t he?

How come the one who showed up at his house was that Young Master Fu…