Chapter 1351 - Untitled

Chapter 1351 Untitled

The plainclothes officer had more to say but Bo Jiu interrupted him by laughing lightly. “You can call Young Master Tang if you don’t trust my judgement.”The officer was in a panic. “I need to consult my superior.”

When Bo Jiu signaled for him to proceed, the officer immediately made the call. He assumed Young Master Tang would think it through seriously but instead, he followed the previous advice. “Follow her instructions. She was lying about something though; regardless of whether you guys dash in or not, Qin Mo would take someone as hostage. There wouldn’t be any problem if we let him go. But if we don’t let him go, there would be two consequences. Ordinary civilians would be implicated and the entire area would fall into panic and distress. The criminal we are facing isn’t the same as before. Technically, he isn’t a criminal yet because he hasn’t committed any crimes, meaning he hasn’t held anyone hostage. If it hadn’t been for the person beside you, you wouldn’t have found him and he wouldn’t have to hold anyone hostage so you can ask her what she intends to do if Qin Mo decides to find a hostage.”

Bo Jiu laughed. “You deliberately turned on the speaker for me to listen? Isn’t it just a hostage issue? I’ll go in and offer myself as a hostage. I can’t just allow my boyfriend to leave with a girl. I have a temper as well.”

“Your temper is to offer yourself as hostage?” Young Master Tang laughed. “Sparing no effort to ensure Qin Mo doesn’t get a bad record? Let me guess the psychological hint. You stopped the operations to prevent anyone from harming Fan Jia because that would trigger Qin Mo into action. If Fan Jia remains safe, there wouldn’t be any lives in his hands. This seems like a rather uncomfortable situation. Z, there are many people after you. Hoshino is a good choice. Why do you have to persist on one person? There are many other options around. Let’s have a deal, you hand Qin Mo to me and never ask about him again and the Tang House will give you anything you want. I’ll make sure nothing major happens to him. What do you think?”

Bo Jiu tapped her fingers. “Good deal but, Young Master Tang, you seemed to have misunderstood. There is only one thing I want in this world – Qin Mo.”

“That’s a pity.” There wasn’t any regret in his voice, instead, he seemed to have expected her decision. “I never expected Z to like someone so much.”

Bo Jiu paused. Her voice was low and deep when she said, “When Fan Jia instructed him to kill me. His first reaction was to hold the amulet I gave him when we were young. You wouldn’t understand, he…”

“He loves you, far more than you love him.” Young Master Tang laughed. “Z, have I ever told you? Both me and Qin Mo are the kind that would die for the person they love.”

Bo Jiu felt slightly better. “I have to say, your love story can be comforting. Although you are currently single and the person you want to chase hasn’t caught up yet, it doesn’t stop you from sharing your experience.”

Young Master Tang: … Was this your gratitude?

Bo Jiu didn’t think her sharp tongue was an issue since anyone who tried to persuade her to break up with Brother Mo had to be punished. She turned around and returned to the noodle restaurant.

Qin Mo saw her interaction with the plainclothes officer. That aside, her next words caught his attention. “They won’t take action but I don’t think that would assure you so why don’t you hold me hostage? With me around, their snipers wouldn’t shoot so easily.”

This was the first time Qin Mo had met such a willing hostage. He glanced at her face. Her fair skin was so delicate he could see the tiny hair clearly.

She was smiling and there was dirt on her nose. Her hair was ruffled, like a harmless kitten but yet, she carried a natural danger. Anyone smart wouldn’t take her as a hostage…

Bo Jiu knew he was considering it, hence, she stood there allowing him to have a good look. “Don’t I look good? You can kidnap me and take your time to admire.”

Qin Mo arched his brow. First, because of the distance and second, because she indeed looked good.

Fan Jia glanced over, her teeth biting down tightly. “We don’t need a hostage!”

With that, she walked out of the shop. After she was five steps away, Qin Mo followed behind. Bo Jiu turned, watching his back view for the first time.

She took a moment to admire him. Every time, he was the one watching her leave. In the past, she had always thought the person leaving felt the worst. But now, she realized that it was more painful for the person that remained in the same spot waiting for her return.

Strangely, Bo Jiu was reminded of an interview. Someone had asked him why he wanted to become a professional esports player. He had answered, “Because the person I’m searching for likes to game.” He had always been waiting for her, ever since they had been young.

Bo Jiu’s gaze followed the tall figure. Five steps? Did the hypnosis also include the distance he had to be from Fan Jia?

Bo Jiu followed them. If they didn’t want a hostage, she would be his neighbor.

Fan Jia knew they wouldn’t give up and from the looks of things, they seemed to have guessed something.

She had wanted to take the chance for Qin Mo to kill a few of them since that would have assured her. The moment his hands were tainted by innocent lives, he would never return to the Qin Mo from before. That would solidify his personality. But Z kept wrecking her plans.

Fan Jia hated it. She didn’t have a choice though. But so what? Fan Jia was the one making him follow behind her, not Z. She could follow if she wanted as it would be a good chance to witness how Qin Mo pampers her! If she couldn’t tell, she would make her listen to it.

Fan Jia’s eyes lit up. Then she turned and paused slightly. “Brother Mo, stay here, I’ll talk to that person. Don’t worry, I won’t be further than five steps from you.”

Although Qin Mo didn’t reply, Fan Jia knew that her words were considered a psychological suggestion. She smiled, walking towards Bo Jiu…