Chapter 1352 - Untitled

Chapter 1352 Untitled

Bo Jiu arched her brow. She didn’t retreat, stuffing a hand into her pants pocket.Fan Jia laughed and lowered her voice. “Stop wasting your efforts. The Asian Cup is tomorrow and it’s already evening. Once we enter the room at night, you won’t be able to do anything. I know you want to bring him to the competition but regretfully, he can’t leave my side and that fact holds true regardless of who will come.”

Bo Jiu watched her and spoke leisurely, “Your plan succeeded, you pretended to be me to complete the modification. Logically speaking, he should be behaving intimately with you but he hasn’t touched you ever since the start. Why do you think this is?”

Fan Jia’s eyes sunk. “Z, you sure are persistent.”

“I have always been like this.” Bo Jiu stood up with a bright smile. “You should be glad he is by your side. If not, I’m not sure which sea I’d be throwing you into.”

Fan Jia’s fingers clenched. “You don’t have to be so arrogant. He may not listen to me now but that doesn’t mean he won’t tomorrow. With your intelligence, you should know that psychological suggestions grow with time. Do you need me to remind you? It is only a matter of time before he realizes that I am the right choice and everything I’m doing is for him. When the time comes, you won’t mean anything anymore.”

“You can stop with that nonsense. If loving someone means destroying the things they care about, I’m sure no one would want such love.” There wasn’t a hint of warmth in Bo Jiu’s eyes.

Seeing how she didn’t gain the upper hand, Fan Jia clenched her fists. “That doesn’t matter. At the end, I’ll be the one beside him. As for you, you can’t bring him back for the Asian Cup and won’t be able to compete. Hehe, it’s time you suffer, Z. Those that go against me won’t be dealt with kindly. Blame your naivety for giving us the chance to attack him. You aren’t God but yet you try to save everyone. In the end, you are just a commoner that can’t even defeat a young girl. Someone like you doesn’t deserve to be by his side.”

With that, she turned back to Qin Mo with a smile. “Brother Mo, let’s go up.”

Bo Jiu didn’t say anything, following behind them. She didn’t like this feeling but she hated not seeing him even more.

Gradually, the sky started to darken. The last shred of sunlight disappeared into the sky as darkness fell upon them.

Bo Jiu’s phone kept ringing but she had no intention of answering the call. She had no idea how to tell Lin Feng and the others that she had lost him again.

Fan Jia was right. She was too pretentious and she hadn’t held onto the things she should have. She knew she had stayed in Jiang City for him. Back then, she should have kept a tight watch over him. But in order to catch Fan Jia, she had been distracted. She had won the online battle – but losing him had been the consequence.

Bo Jiu moved her fingers, taking a look upstairs before she walked towards the black Lamborghini in the alley. She drove Little Blackie to the foot of the apartment.

Qin Mo was upstairs. He didn’t need to look down to see what happened. The building might be old but it had a good view. Standing by the window, he took everything that happened.

At the beginning, he saw the dejected youngster and wondered what she was thinking about. She no longer carried the handsomeness from when she had served him noodles and seemed rather pitiful.

Qin Mo moved subconsciously; he didn’t wish to look anymore. Somehow, the sight of her made his chest hurt. There were several times, he couldn’t seem to take it anymore. The moment he left, he couldn’t help turning to look again.

When he went back to the window, he realized she wasn’t there anymore. Qin Mo couldn’t explain his emotions. His chest no longer hurt. Instead, an unbearable hollowness ate at him. There was a tiny voice within him, saying, “Look, she finally stopped waiting and left.”

Qin Mo reached out and held onto the amulet around his neck as though it was the only way to calm the voice inside him.

Fan Jia stood at the side, watching everything. She couldn’t accept it. They were in the same room but yet, he was still looking at her!

“Brother Mo,” Fan Jia started, her voice hoarse with restrained tears. “I’m afraid – afraid that you’ll leave me again.”

Qin Mo glanced over, his fingers tightening.

Fan Jia knew her tone had worked. She walked over and tried to hug him from the back. But he lifted his gaze and walked towards the window, leaving her empty handed.

Fan Jia was infuriated. She followed his gaze out the window. It was her again!

What she couldn’t tolerate was the look in his eyes! Why did he only look at her in such a manner?

Qin Mo was looking at Bo Jiu but it wasn’t deliberate. She was simply too striking. She got her hands on a bunch of balloons, all gigantic with different colored lights in them. She seemed to know he was watching because with a hand stuffed into her pants pocket, she smiled and released the balloons.

The balloons floated upwards. This time, Qin Mo saw the words clearly. “My boyfriend, are you hungry?”

One word was written on each of the five balloons.

Qin Mo arched a brow. He probably didn’t realize that his lips turned up slightly but Fan Jia caught it. The malice in her eyes was intensifying!

Bo Jiu didn’t care about Fan Jia. Once she knew Qin Mo had gotten the massage, she called the delivery boy she had called for earlier. She bit onto the pen cap and wrote a string of words onto the receipt. Then she smiled lightly. “The food is for the owner of that apartment, please hand this to the hottie that was standing by the window.”

This was the first time he had encountered something like this. He glanced up at the balloons and asked, “Is he really your boyfriend?”

“Mmh.” Bo Jiu added another line onto the paper.

The delivery boy was bewildered. “Then why is he with another girl?”

“He lost his memory.” Bo Jiu paused and laughed. “My boyfriend is perfect but would often use memory loss as an excuse to spite me. He doesn’t act like this normally and would instead treat every other girl like bacteria.”

The delivery boy was even more confused. But strange things happened all the time. They were weirder things than writing on a takeout order. Some would even include requests on the order form such as asking for a handsome person to deliver the food.

Thus, the delivery boy was used to it. He took a look at the balloons before heading up. The next time his girlfriend wasn’t happy, he would coax her with this tactic as it seemed rather romantic.

Qin Mo stood upstairs and saw that Bo Jiu had disappeared again, not knowing she was talking to the delivery boy. Likewise, Fan Jia didn’t know as well.

Just then, someone knocked on their door and Fan Jia asked, “Who is it?”

The delivery boy answered, “Delivery.”

After a moment’s thought, she opened the door and realized the delivery had been arranged by Z. Since it had already come, she would accept it. She wouldn’t just accept it, she would have it with Qin Mo. It was to let Z experience how it felt for them to eat together!

Unexpectedly, after the delivery boy opened the door, he called out for Qin Mo, “Hello, Hottie, this note is for you.”

Qin Mo reached for the note before Fan Jia had the chance to stop him.

On top were the words, “Do you like the balloons I like? Boyfriend.”

Fan Jia was beyond infuriated. She never expected her one action to unknowingly allow Z to deliver a message!

That wasn’t the end.

“I ordered two rice sets. I kept one for myself and got the delivery boy to send another one up. I heard it’s reserved for couples only. We may be far apart but, Brother Mo, you will be able to see me eating if you look down.”

Qin Mo wasn’t interested in watching others eat but since he was curious about what she would do, he walked over to the window.

Fan Jia’s wish fell through, which made her lose patience completely. She didn’t want him to see Z anymore! “Brother Mo, it’s getting late, let’s sleep.” Fan Jia switched off the lights naturally, heading towards the bedroom. She knew he wouldn’t be intimate with her but he would have to maintain a distance.

Fan laughed, watching as he followed her instead of going towards the window. She smiled. She had already warned her that it was all useless. He was now hers!

After tomorrow afternoon, the hypnosis would have been activated for more than 24 hours. After 24 hours, she would be able to instruct him to kill. When the time came, his hands would be tainted with blood.

Although Fan Jia could wait, she had realized something. The amulet was in her way as it always affected the impact of her words. She could wait a while more but once the night had passed, she would destroy it!

The thought deepened her smile.

She assumed he would enter the bedroom with her but he stopped at the bedroom door, which was five steps away from the bed. He showed no intention of entering!

Fan Jia started to panic. “Brother Mo, aren’t you sleeping? Are you going to stand the entire night?”

He leaned against the wall with both hands in his pockets and shut his eyes, his intentions clear.

Fan Jia wanted to eat with him but he wasn’t even willing to speak to her. When he wasn’t standing in front of the window, he seemed like a demon that lost interest in everything around him and with darkness clouding over him.

Fan Jia wanted to command him but was afraid of it backfiring.

Another night wouldn’t matter. Besides, she was the one in the same household as him while Z could only imagine what was happening. She was certain Z would be panicking!

Indeed, it wasn’t possible for Bo Jiu to stay calm, especially after the lights went off. Her smile disappeared entirely and she threw the takeout into the rubbish bin.

She told herself not to think too much but she couldn’t help lighting a cigarette.

The temperature outside started to drop. She wasn’t sure about the temperature as the cold engulfed her. There was heating in the car but she didn’t want to stay inside as she wanted him to see her.

She stood there, smoking seven to eight cigarettes before she could no longer take it and entered the car. Bo Jiu knew Fan Jia wouldn’t give her the chance to interact anymore but she wasn’t sure if the things she showed him had managed to cause even a ripple.

For the first time ever, Bo Jiu felt as though time was crawling. It was a painful night. If she really took action and arrested Fan Jia, it would be falling into her trap.

Bo Jiu glanced down at her wristwatch. It was 11 pm – only 12 hours away from the competition. 12 hours. How could she restore his memory in this time? Bo Jiu thought of many ideas, all of which were unrealistic.

At 2 am, she forced herself to rest. Fan Jia would definitely have something up her sleeve. Moreover, a psychological suggestion was harder to break with time. Although she knew Fan Jia was just trying to drag time, Bo Jiu still had no idea what to do.

She reached out and caressed her temples, glancing down at the cigarette butts that littered the floor. She glanced down at her watch once more. Another hour had passed.

Probably because there was less than ten hours, the official site had started a countdown.

There were still comments online. Even until this moment, there were still people opposing Qin Mo and Spade Z’s participation.

Bo Jiu’s fingers slipped as the cold took over her. It was indeed cold but she couldn’t let go of her goal. Her fingers slipped a few times. In the end, she used her fingernails to tap a name: He Honghua.

He Honghua was instantly awake when she received the call. “Jiu, is that Jiu?”

“It’s me.” Bo Jiu chuckled. She glanced up at the dark windows. It was 6 am, four hours away from the Asian Cup. Fog started to appear.

She could predict the outcome in four hours. She couldn’t drag it any longer. She had to protect the things most important to him.

Bo Jiu took a step back, the jacket hood fastened over her head, her body lithe and tall as she spoke, “I’m afraid I have to break my promise.”