Chapter 1353 - Untitled

Chapter 1353 Untitled

When He Honghua heard her voice, she gripped the phone. “Jiu, why do you have to? It’s not going to do you any good and the noise online will just continue to grow.”Bo Jiu glanced up, her gaze landing on a corner. She laughed lightly. “I don’t care.”

As He Honghua paused, the call cut off. She knew Bo Jiu had made a decision. In reality, He Honghua didn’t understand if Bo Jiu had been truthful when she had said she didn’t care.

She wasn’t the same as the other Supreme Alliance members. After all, she could live without esports – but she couldn’t live without him. She had stopped to allow his victory to be even more untouched.

No one could predict the public opinion though. It wasn’t much for her to give it up to prevent unnecessary trouble and for He Honghua to stop worrying. But would he regret it if his memory came back?

There was also Yaoyao, Lin Feng, Uncle Yin, and the others – and their hard work. They were the reason she made the decision.

Bo Jiu stuffed her phone into her pocket. It was less than half an hour until sunrise. She leaned down and took a black leather glove and baseball bat from the car. She carried it in one hand and walked upstairs, smashing the old-fashioned windows. After a clang, glass shards littered the floor.

Bo Jiu wasn’t afraid since she was wearing gloves. She pressed forward and entered with a hunched back, landing quickly.

Qin Mo was leaning against the wall. He opened his eyes when he heard the commotion and looked at the youngster.

Fan Jia dashed out the bedroom, her eyes widening at the scene as though she hadn’t expected anyone to enter in such a manner!

Bo Jiu completely disregarded her. Instead, she looked at Qin Mo and laughed lightly. “I have something on and will be gone for half a day. Before I leave, there is something I want to tell you: Your most important person has always been around. The most annoying thing is that she didn’t realize you have been searching for her, which gave others the chance to find your weakness. You once said you would stand in the most striking place for her to find you. You joined the esports industry because she likes to play computer games. Bow, it’s her turn to wait for you, regardless of how long it takes. It doesn’t matter. Brother Mo, that is the competition you always wanted to compete in, you should come.”

Qin Mo’s fingers moved. It felt as though a huge piece of rock was weighing down on him and when she turned to leave, the suffocating feeling became more apparent.

Fan Jia was worried that something would go wrong. “Brother Mo, are you going to abandon me again?”

The words pierced through his mind like the psychological suggestion. “I won’t.”

Yes, he wouldn’t. He would never abandon that person to do something else. After all, it wasn’t something he wanted to do.

Fan Jia smiled, knowing the words were enough to control him. She knew what Z was going to do. She was still living in her dreams since there wasn’t anyone in the world that could unlock a psychological suggestion and Qin Mo wouldn’t be able to restore his memory – unless they went back in time.

Fan Jia glanced down at the clock, her smile intensifying. She would have to thank those extreme fans that deliberately went against the management to express their adoration. They carried the tempo for the negative topics, embroiling Supreme Alliance in a load of trouble. If it hadn’t been for them, she wouldn’t have been able to get what she had wanted.

They were the ones that Feng Yi had trouble with. If he ignored them, the gossip would spread at a faster rate. But if he dealt with them, there would be another layer of comments, for instance, that Supreme Alliance didn’t care about fans. Under such circumstances, Feng Yi had ended up working tirelessly and that was what she had been after.

Now Supreme Alliance was stuck in a tricky situation. She didn’t need to do much as the extremist fans would make the situation worse. The same fate awaited Z.

With that in mind, Fan Jia turned to look at Qin Mo. He was holding onto his chest area. She had never seen him in such a state. She reached over to support him.

He gripped onto the amulet a countless number of times. She couldn’t even compare to that lousy amulet!

Outside, there was an additional layer of plainclothes officers.

Bo Jiu turned on the Lamborghini’s rear lights but didn’t drive away. Instead, she threatened, “If Brother Mo disappears again like in the military, I will dismantle you and reconfigure your parts into a floor sweeping machine.”

This was the most despicable threat Little Blackie had ever heard. “Master, how can you bear doing that to your favorite car!”

“A car that can’t even watch over someone?” Bo Jiu tapped its headlights. “Aren’t you always complaining about the monotonous life of a car? It’s time you learn the fun in clearing dust.”

As a smart car, Little Blackie also had its own optical drive analysis. How could it allow itself to be reduced to a broom? Not even if it was electronic!

“That was an accident, I was asleep when it happened. Besides, who knew that devil would take action at night!”

Bo Jiu laughed slowly. “That’s why I gave you a gentle bath instead of dismantling you.”

Little Blackie could sense its master’s unusual danger and was sincerely worried about its life. Little Blackie immediately arranged its mode and used its most soothing and serious tone to say, “Master, don’t worry, I won’t let anyone contaminate your little vixen. I will follow wherever he goes and won’t lose track of him!”

Bo Jiu didn’t say anything, patting it lightly.

Little Blackie shivered, turning the rear lights to maximum brightness.

The plainclothes officer thought they were seeing things, all of them eyeing each other. She was such a strange youngster. She hadn’t asked them for help but a car?!

When the sky started to turn bright, General Qin received news of Qin Mo. Movie Queen An woke up earlier so that she could hear the news from Assistant Deputy Zhang.

Someone like General Qin would definitely be aware of another person’s presence. He waited until Assistant Deputy Zhang had left. Then he paced to the corner and looked at the nightgown that was lying across the ground. Wearing his military uniform, he squatted down and stretched out a hand, pulling his wife into his arms. “Even if you don’t believe me, you have to believe in our son, he will be fine.”

“I should have known long ago. I was too selfish back then. I sent him abroad when I was busy and wasn’t willing to take him back when I wasn’t busy. But I had never asked about his wishes.” Movie Queen An turned into a baby in his arms, glancing up with tears welling in her eyes. “He has treasured that amulet ever since he was young but I don’t even know what he stuffed inside. It was only after I asked dad did I know it was a memory he never wanted to forget. All these years, we thought it was best for him to forget about it since that was the only way he could live an ordinary life in Jiang City. We had no idea what he was thinking inside.”

General Qin tightened his grip around her. “It’s all my fault.”

“Of course, you should be blamed. I’m going to divorce you if our son doesn’t come back,” Movie Queen An threatened but even then, she was still holding onto him. “Do you think that amulet will protect our son?”

General Qin had never been superstitious but he lowered his voice and assured her, “It definitely will.”

If that little girl was still around, she would definitely protect him since those two kids had once been that close. Moreover, his son had done so much to clear Z’s name. He did it without others knowing or perhaps, he didn’t care if others found out.

When his son had been young, he had once told him not to catch those that dealt with computers. Back then, General Qin hadn’t thought much of it but thinking about it now, it had probably been because of his love.

Hence causing the subsequent chain of events.

Yes, because of his love.

And the first reaction of love was to protect.

Qin Mo wasn’t the only one who thought that way.

Bo Jiu was the same but had never been in a situation like right now. What did she want? She just wanted to protect that person and his dreams. Since it was about his dreams, he had to be there, being clean and pure!

Ding! That was the sound of the mall door being pushed open.

It was only 8 am. Some places weren’t even open yet.

There were working adults though and at 8.30 am the crowd started to enter.

When Bo Jiu entered, the saleswoman smiled. “Hello, do you need my help? Menswear isn’t on the first floor.”

“I know.” Bo Jiu stuffed a hand into her pants pocket before she removed her face mask and smiled. “But I’m not on the wrong floor.”

When she saw Bo Jiu’s face, the saleswoman blushed, her heart racing. She was too handsome!

At this moment in Jiang City, fans lined up to enter the national stadium, a completely transparent building of 258,000 square meters. Balloons were soaring high and three-dimensional characters made it look spectacular under the camera.

Time trickled by. The cameras took their positions. The director in charge of the livestream gave instructions, testing the audio and network for the third time. Everything was ready.

At 9 o’clock sharp, all the competing teams entered. This time, there were four teams. Two teams would compete against each other and the winning teams would fight it out in the finals.

The sequence had been drawn previously. The crowd were discussing that fortunately, the Supreme Alliance didn’t face the Japanese in the first round or they would have lost before the competition had even started.

They weren’t wrong but the Japanese weren’t the only strong team in the Asian Cup.

Every participating team was of international level. Many long-time esports fans didn’t think Supreme Alliance was skilled enough to be on such a platform.

At 9.15am inside the Supreme Alliance lounge area, Lin Feng glanced up. “Still no news?”

“Mmh,” Yun Hu replied.

They had never been this down before. Yet, some of the fans felt as though they had helped their bias by eliminating those that weren’t good.

Xue Yaoyao and Coco stared into a corner. Both were in a daze. They seemed to have lost all their fighting spirit.

At this moment, the doors opened. It was Feng Yi, dressed in a sharp suit, looking the same as always. He scanned the lounge area and smiled. “Do you intend to lose before the competition starts and not give Little Spade and Young Master Qin a chance to compete?”

“Of-of course not!” Feng Shang stood up with his face flushed.

Feng Yi glanced at his brother and raised one hand just as Qin Mo had always done backstage. “Then play it well. Or can’t you do it?”

“Who said we can’t!” With a swoosh, everyone’s hands came flying over!

Feng Yi smiled. “You know, competing is the only way to reintroduce both Young Master Qin and Little Spade to the crowd. The management has a gift prepared for all of you. You’ll see it when you enter, take a good look. Come on, Supreme Alliance…”

“Banzai!” It was a teary cry that no one seemed to hear. The team had always been like that, wiping their tears before they went onto the arena.

At 9.30 am, countless employees were on standby with their walkie-talkies.

When China’s national flag rose slowly, the director raised his hands, giving the shoutcaster a signal.

Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six!

The drumming intensified.

Three! Two! One!


The lights gathered and the screen lit up! A string of words appeared.

They once fell into boundless darkness but now they emerged from the soil and vowed to become kings. Their name was Supreme Alliance!

Before the crowd started to cheer, the image changed and they appeared onscreen in their team uniform. Their voices were coming through member by member.

“Hello everyone, I am Supreme Alliance’s top lane, Yin Wuyao.”

“Hello everyone, I am Supreme Alliance’s middle lane, Rao Rong.”

“Hello everyone, I am Supreme Alliance’s aid, Lin Feng.”

“Hello everyone, I am Supreme Alliance’s adc, Yun Hu.”

“Hello everyone…”

The entire arena fell silent when their introductions were being played. All of them watched the screen with their lifted heads, listening to the voices of their favorite people.

In the end was the voice that seemed to burn up the arena. “Hello everyone, I am Supreme Alliance’s Captain, Qin Mo.” Hearing Qin Mo’s introduction, everyone stood up, breaking into uncontrolled cheers and applause.

At this moment, the footage broke into pieces before coming together, forming bright and glowing stars. It was a footage from the provincial finals: A black assassin killing the opponent all the way without any support from behind.

“Double kill! Triple kill! Quadruple kill! Five kills! Five consecutive kills for Spade Z!” the shoutcaster shouted with all his might but yet, no one seemed to hear him.

When they saw the ID, everyone, even the female fans covered their mouths in surprise. They couldn’t help the overwhelming emotions. This was an emotion the antis didn’t understand. Regardless of what they had said before, they faltered momentarily.

The youngster stood in front of the screen with her head lowered. She fought relentlessly and the impact was unimaginable. Her fingers flew across the keyboard. Would they deny her completely because she was a girl? N-no!

Emerging from darkness with her headphones, the youngster with a lollipop in her mouth could create the most massive impacts. It was their eternal Almighty, Spade Z!