Chapter 1354 - Untitled

Chapter 1354 Untitled

At this moment, everything was progressing as per normal. A host in suit picked up the microphone and announced, “Hero’s Asian Cup officially begins!”With a loud thud, the light beams splashed onto the stage and the entire stadium fell silent.

The focal points concentrated on both sides. On the left was Supreme Alliance and on the right was Theo. The fans shouted the teams they rooted for!

The wind rose, blowing against the black and red uniform. They walked out in the same battle uniform, looking formidable. Their eyes were deep and sharp as though there was a flame within. Behind them was the meaning of youth.

You and your brothers in the dormitory would play around in front of the computers while watching them compete. Your favorite youngster once hugged you, telling you about his favorite team. You and your best friend huddled under a blanket, discussing about them until dawn. Just when you thought this was all there was to life, they would be there – the team that would never grow old.

No matter how many years passed, they would never be forgotten. Now, however, there were missing two of them. The two that were supposed to be standing in front of the team weren’t around.

Some of the fans had been mentally prepared but when they saw the line up, they couldn’t help the moment of blankness on their faces. Some of the audience that stood up sat back down in disappointment while some started to talk.

“Why isn’t Almighty Qin here?”

“I thought my Big Spade and Almighty Qin would be here.”

“Even though they are wrapped in rumors, they should be able to withstand it.”

“Geez, it’s such a waste.”

Sometimes, esports players would be subjected to such situations. They didn’t think Qin Mo was worthy and now that he didn’t turn up, they blamed his ability to tolerate stress.

Since Supreme Alliance could hear the noise, Theo could hear it as well but the latter didn’t understand. When they saw the commotion, they turned towards the translator.

There was a shift in the atmosphere in the stadium but regardless of what the atmosphere was, the host would bring it back. “Everyone must be anticipating the exciting match the two teams will be bringing us. Without further ado, let’s see the lineup for the opening match!”

They were both international level teams. Of course, they would not treat their competition lightly. Qin Mo’s absence was a pleasant surprise to Theo though.

They had received news of Qin Mo’s amnesia the day before after landing in Jiang City and had been prepared for his absence. But they had assumed it was fake news used to mislead them. From the looks of things though, it seemed to be real.

Thus, they didn’t have to worry much. After all, in international esports competitions, the teams from China had always been at the bottom. They had been worried about Qin Mo, the player that had once given them hell, and even underwent a month of intensive training targeted against him. Now that Theo had a secret weapon, it was obvious Supreme Alliance wasn’t their match.

“The lineup for Supreme Alliance is out!”

The single match would be played by Rao Rong while Yin Wuyao and Lin Feng would take care of the doubles.

“Personally, I would choose such a line up as well,” the shoutcaster spoke.

The other shoutcaster was curious. “Oh? Why?”

“Theo has strong team consciousness and is one of the best in single-player combat. Supreme Alliance has to toughen up and win at least one of the matches so that they have a chance at the team battle. If not, it would be the end for Supreme Alliance.”

“This means, it will be a tough match for the Supreme Alliance?”

“This is the Asian Cup after all, I believe in every team’s capability.”

The shoutcasters were of different nationalities and could provide a comprehensive and holistic viewpoint.

“Rao Rong is starting but he has always been the team advisor. Is he going to be alright in a single-player combat?”

“You probably weren’t aware. Back when Rao Rong was in another team, he has always been the player in the team battle with the biggest damage, which is a good gauge of his single-player combat abilities. Moreover, the match starter would usually be subjected to immense psychological pressure. Single-player combats aren’t just testing a player’s skills. The larger the competition, the more it tests the player’s ability to withstand pressure.”

“Theo’s match starter looks rather relaxed.”

“There is a slight difference. There isn’t any change to Theo’s lineup, the match starter is used to the tempo. More importantly, even if he loses the battle, with Theo’s abilities, he trusts that his teammates win it back. However, Rao Rong is facing a different situation since he was previously faced with so many incidents and is a new member of Supreme Alliance. The pressure might be too much…”

Soon, the shoutcasters saw the two figures appear on the screen and they chuckled. “Seems like my analysis isn’t accurate, Rao Rong is progressing very skillfully. It is definitely a match to be anticipated.”

Indeed, the moment Rao Rong wore his earpiece, he turned into an entirely different person. As expected of the soul and team advisor of his previous team. It was probably the reason Feng Yi had chosen him as the match starter. He was someone that couldn’t be affected, regardless of the competition.

Time trickled by. The increasingly anxious battle made everyone nervous.

It didn’t take long for Supreme Alliance to realize something. Theo’s player wasn’t weak and could accurately predict Rao Rong’s position every single time, inflicting damage.

Anxiety seeped through their hearts. The standoff was lasting ten full minutes and every time, both players would return to the city severely injured.

Soon, someone realized an issue. “If this goes on, Supreme Alliance is bound to lose.”

“Ai? Why?”

“In the end, Rao Rong is most suitable as the team advisor who requires to cooperate with their teammates to show their strongest side. Now that he is placed in the singles position, it’s clear Supreme Alliance intends to take down the first match. No, rather, they intend to take down the first two matches to avoid engaging in the team battle with Theo. It’s impossible for Supreme Alliance to win against Theo’s team battle with their current formation. Hence, they sent Rao Rong as the match starter. Rao Rong is remarkable in terms of speed and condition. After all, he is one of the three pillars, with Qin Mo and Xiao Jing being the others. The team advisor’s impact isn’t the greatest and if the game drags on, it would be over for Rao Rong.”

Just as he was done, the player from Theo dashed towards Rao Rong, capturing everyone’s attention. Just as everyone thought Rao Rong was about to be defeated, he made an agile maneuver and returned a counterattack!

Supreme Alliance won the single-player combat!

Xue Yaoyao stiffened momentarily before turning to hug Coco, who was still biting his plush bunny ears. The joy was infectious!

“Good job!” When Rao Rong walked back, everyone came forth to pat his shoulders.

He smiled, visibly in a good mood.

But soon, they realized another issue. Theo’s team members had a lazy expression as though it didn’t matter even if they lost the match.

“You should know Supreme Alliance’s standards,” Theo’s Captain told them.

Two players stood up with a smile. “The single-player combat isn’t bad but if that was Supreme Alliance’s strongest player, Supreme Alliance will soon understand our differences in the subsequent battles.”

“Don’t underestimate your enemies,” Theo’s Captain replied but he didn’t deny their remarks.

The experienced shoutcaster leaned over to the microphone. “I’m guessing that from now onwards, Theo will unleash their true abilities.”

“According to their usual playing style, they have always used the single-player combat to test their competitor’s abilities and would place the stronger players at the back. Supreme Alliance has to take note of that.”

Supreme Alliance was well aware but they hadn’t expected their doubles to be of such a level; their coordination was impeccable, the orb walks sharp and precise, snatching their resources from the start. They hadn’t even waited for Uncle Yin and Lin Feng’s coordination.

Their resources were all gone, creating a drastic difference in their finances.

Theo was coming up aggressively. It was unlike the forty-minute single-player combat – they had started to show their true abilities!

“F*ck!” Lin Feng noticed the change in their playing style and moved towards Yin Wuyao, prepared to take the top lane but the opponents didn’t fall into the trap.

That wasn’t all, they killed the Tyrant King! Now their finances were more than twice of theirs!

Lin Feng’s face fell and soon, they realized they had been tricked. They had diverted his attention to the top lane so that the bottom lane player could focus on killing the Tyrant King! Such a routine was the simplest routine but he hadn’t been able to tell!

It wasn’t Lin Feng’s fault since no one would have expected them to kill the Tyrant King so early on and definitely not with an aid. When they saw the opponent’s equipment, they realized it was all part of a routine. The jungling knife was used specifically for the jungle beasts. They had it all planned out!

The crowd watched how difficult the doubles was for Supreme Alliance. Their finances were too far apart.

This time, Lin Feng was smarter than before. He didn’t mess up just because of one mistake and instead did what he was supposed to do.

The Theo players arched their brows. “I never expected him to be so calm. It seems like not all our intel is accurate.”

“He managed to stay calm even after we killed the Tyrant King. Supreme Alliance isn’t bad after all.”

They eyed each other and with a shift of their right hand, they disappeared from the map.

The ordinary audience wouldn’t understand the magic behind their moves but the team that appeared in the crowd was more than clear. “Supreme Alliance is about to lose the double.”

One person of the crowd wanted to rebut the claim but when he turned and saw the source, he swallowed his words. Hoshino! It really was Hoshino!

Everyone knew how accurate Hoshino’s predictions were. He seemed reluctant, his eyes focused on the screen while his pupils were dark and black.

The fans sitting in the auditorium couldn’t seem to contain their excitement, screaming and exclaiming.

“Japanese! It really is the Japanese! They’re so cool!”

“Strange, aren’t the Japanese competing as well? What are they doing here?”

“Wait a minute, the crowd and reporters are moving over as well.”

“What do you mean? F*ck, they finished their match?”

Someone watching the livestream on his mobile phone replied, “In an hour. The singles took 20 minutes. The doubles took a little longer. It took around forty minutes. The competitors gave up the last match.”

With mouths agape, the audience took a moment to exclaim, “As expected of the Japanese.”

In contrast to the Japanese’s breezy vibe, Supreme Alliance was facing a jeopardy. It wasn’t Lin Feng or Yin Wuyao’s lack of abilities. It might have been the opponent’s tactics though as it seemed like Supreme Alliance was being suppressed.

“Lin Feng seems to have noticed something,” one of the Japanese players commented.

“It’s too late,” Hoshino said.

Yes, it was too late. For the first time, Yin Wuyao realized his hand speed couldn’t keep up with his thoughts. Even though the aid from the opposing team had also died twice, this was already Yin Wuyao’s third death.

Lin Feng wouldn’t be able to win alone against two opponents.

As expected, Supreme Alliance lost the double-player combat. Even though they were complimented by the competitors, it didn’t do anything to lift their spirits. After all, they knew how passive they had been in the doubles.

Lin Feng hung his head and apologized, “I’m sorry.”

Yun Hu reached out and pressed his shoulders. “There isn’t anything to be sorry about. It’s my turn now. Aren’t you going to smile at me?”

They knew it would be a difficult match because Theo’s abilities could be seen through the double match.

Hoshino hadn’t just been referring to the double. Ever since the start, Supreme Alliance hadn’t managed to force out their true abilities.

It was too late. Moreover, the team battle wasn’t Supreme Alliance’s strongest lineup. Was Lin Chentao able to bring up the tempo?

Theo’s captain smiled. “Alright, since Qin Mo isn’t here, let’s follow the original plan and destroy their jungle. Thereafter, they won’t have a chance to retaliate. Sometimes, we really have to thank the extreme fans.”

Yes, they had to thank them and they hadn’t thought about what was necessary for the teams they claimed to like, forcing the team’s pillars away one by one…