Chapter 1355 - Untitled

Chapter 1355 Untitled

The shoutcasters knew chances were slim for Supreme Alliance but even so, they couldn’t say it out. The players in international competitions weren’t new though. They knew better than anyone else of the changes that had happened within Supreme Alliance.

Some teams were probably not destined for the Championship. The professionals flipped through the information, waiting for the team’s lineup.

It took around three minutes of consideration since the team battle would determine the victor. Time crawled by.

Lin Feng could see Feng Yi standing in a corner, seemingly at a loss for words as he smiled at them.

Unknowingly, it had started to snow. It was the first snow in Jiang City although it wasn’t big, melting when it touched shoulders.

There was a child in a black down jacket standing there, looking at the ticket in his hand, not willing to move or speak. The ticketing officer was out of ideas. “Kid, aren’t you cold standing there? Hurry home, you can watch again next year.”

“It’s not the same.” The child lifted his head, his cat-like eyes stunning. “Supreme Alliance is here this year. I’m going to join that team in the future.”

The ticketing officer laughed. “You’re thinking about gaming at such a young age? Regardless of your age, minors have to be accompanied by their guardian, do you understand?”

“I can enter with a guardian?” the child asked, his gaze landing on the edge of dress that appeared beside him. He walked over and stood beside her. “She is my guardian, we are going in together.”

The ticketing officer laughed. “Child, I’m not dumb, you can’t just pull anyone of the streets and refer to them as your guardian.”

“Anyone?” The child frowned, looking adorable. “She isn’t anyone.”

Before he could continue, the ticketing officer added, “Even if she isn’t anyone, only one person can enter per ticket. Your guardian can wait in the lounge area.”

She frowned. She would be disqualified if she barged in. She glanced up at the countdown timer. There wasn’t enough time to let Feng Yi get her and for her to enter the arena…

“Sir, you can let her in.” The child turned with his bag, being clearly well mannered. “I will watch from the lounge.”

The ticketing officer was confused. “You’re not going in? Weren’t you insisting on going in?”

The girl arched her brow, glancing at the little bean beside her. “Are you sure?”

“Mmh, it doesn’t matter if I don’t go in but you have to enter.” The child didn’t think that was passionate enough. Thus, he took a minute before raising his fists into the air. “Good Luck!”

Had she been recognized? “Thank you.” She didn’t feign ignorance, reaching out to caress the little child’s head before turning to the ticketing officer.

The ticketing officer was thoroughly confused since he didn’t understand why the child was smiling so sweetly at the girl’s back view. He had been watching for a while before. The child had been standing there for half an hour without any expression but now, he had given his ticket away. What was happening?

Right at this moment, another child came running over. He was dressed in a black down jacket, looking mysterious. “Why haven’t you gone in? I even wore a dress for your sake, you have no idea how uneasy I was when dad saw me just now. Mo Bei, f*ck, you little expressionless child, what are you smiling at?”


“Wh-what?” F*ck, what was happening?

“I gave my ticket away.”

“It’s that something you should be happy about?!”

“Lower your voice, Dad and Mom are nearby.”

“No, I mean, why did you give your ticket away?”


The ticketing officer raised his ears to listen but before he could hear anything, a swoosh was heard from the screens behind!

It was time for the match! The host smiled with the microphone. “Alright, both teams have decided on the formation. From the Supreme Alliance, we have Yun Hu, Coco, Xue Yaoyao and…”

Just as the shoutcasters were about to announce Lin Chentao’s name, a loud swoosh was heard! It wasn’t just the host, even the shoutcasters turned.

“What’s happening?”

The field control wanted to make a gesture but was held down by the director. Separately, the director signaled the staff to pull the camera over.

Someone walked over from the main entrance. A black dress came into sight. Next was the uniform jacket she wrapped around her shoulders. As the wind rose, the names were announced dramatically. She held a ticket in her hand and her hair was a mess but that didn’t impact her beauty at all. She glanced up, following the host’s words with a small smile. “And Spade Z.”

At that moment, the entire stadium fell into silence and everyone froze! It wasn’t just because of her appearance but also because she was dressed as a girl!

Underneath the bright lights, she wasn’t the least bit affected by the crowd’s abnormally, her smile bright. “Since Captain isn’t around, I’ll be leading Supreme Alliance.”

“Almighty Z! We support you!”

“What’s the meaning of her clothes, is she asking for forgiveness?”

“Don’t care what they say and fight on!”

The crowd went crazy! It transcended from a never before silence to the gigantic wave of uproar! There was so much noise they couldn’t seem to hear anything.

The site traffic shot up! They people in the stadium couldn’t see it but online, the viewers broke a thousand in just one second.

“F*ck, what am I seeing? My Almighty is in women’s clothes!”

“Almighty Z is so beautiful I feel like crying!”

“A Goddess! My Big Spade!”

“Seems like I’m falling for someone else, what should I do?!”

“My husband is so handsome today! Womenswear! Ahhh!”

“Please give my Almighty some screen time. Womenswear, screenshot, I need to screenshot this!”

“Isn’t it too much?”

There were negative opinions but she seemed oblivious to their comments, her long dress paired with her uniform. Her face was clean and beautiful while her smile was bright and familiar yet different at the same time.

In the past, she had been a reckless youngster, flirty with a breezy tease but now…

The crowd couldn’t explain their emotions. When the true Spade fans saw her enter the competition grounds, they couldn’t help holding on to their friends, suppressing an urge to cry. It wasn’t from sadness but because they were so overwhelmed by their emotions. They knew why she wore a dress here: It was to silence the noise. It was as though she was cleansed.

Lin Feng wanted to hug her but forced his hands down. “F*ck, after you changed into a dress, I can’t seem to do it. It would suddenly make me seem like a beast.”

Bo Jiu reached out and tugged him back, tapped his back with one hand in a cool manner. “A submissive like you shouldn’t have such pressure. Sis, your younger sister will win it back for you.”

“Sis? Me? Sis?” Lin Feng pointed at her and back at himself, turning towards Yun Hu for an explanation!

Feng Yi chuckled. It was a carefree laugh with light in his eyes. “Seems like the temporary captain can finally retire.” With that, he walked towards the committee and spoke in a hushed voice.

The three of them nodded and signaled the host.

“Alright.” The host received the signal and turned towards the camera. “The soul of Supreme Alliance, Spade Z, has returned. Hence, we will be making slight adjustments to the lineup. The team members from Supreme Alliance are Spade Z, Yun Hu, Lin Chentao, Coco and Xue Yaoyao. The players from Theo are…”

No one was listening as everyone was focused on the figure that was preparing to compete. The view count online surpassed a million.

The director knew what the audience wanted and stationed the cameras on Bo Jiu’s face.

“She actually appeared in a dress.” The Japanese had the same reaction. Watanabe seemed perplexed, grabbing a wad of hair. “I mean, did I really lose to a girl like her? She seemed so detestable in male’s clothing but now that she changed into woman’s clothes… Ah! How am I supposed to compete against her again? I cherish girls… Vice-captain, how should I phrase this?”

Hoshino didn’t look at him as his attention was focused on Bo Jiu ever since she had appeared. Even his smile seemed gentler than usual.

Watanabe watched in daze, grabbing another wad of hair. “I seem to have accidentally discovered a secret.”

“Oh?” You Sixin arched his brow, a casual smile on his face. “What secret did you discover?”

Watanabe jumped. “Captain, as an experienced person, the look on Vice-captain when he looks at Spade Z is clearly someone that is interested. In the past, he never cared about other teams but always paid attention to Spade Z. I used to think it was because she is skilled but from the looks of things, he must have already known Spade Z is a girl. Captain, if Spade Z wins this match, will Vice-captain hold back when he is matched against her? Even I couldn’t bear to bully such a beauty.”

“Couldn’t bear to?” You Sixin smiled, ruthless and evil. “Then you’ll end up being trashed.”

Watanabe shivered. Somehow, it felt as if his captain’s smile was unusually cold.

“I wonder what Spade Z would choose.” This sentence came from the audience.

“Let’s see.”

Their words reflected Theo’s current emotional state. They had researched Spade Z. She was, after all, the esports dark horse this year. Thus, they had studied many of her videos.

Her playing style wasn’t like a girl. When the news had first come out, they had been startled. They glanced at her and back at themselves. Supreme Alliance must have picked the members based on appearance. Why else were they all so good looking?

But regardless of what had happened, their routine wouldn’t change. They would collapse their jungle. According to precedence, Spade Z would probably choose the assassin with stealth. It was a conclusion they made based on the statistics.

It wasn’t just Theo that thought this way, fans that were familiar with Spade Z’s playing style were also expecting the assassin that accompanied her through her countless first clears!

But things didn’t progress as they expected because she picked another hero.


“Almighty Qin’s natal hero!”

Bo Jiu held onto the mouse and confirmed the character. She raised her hands and wore the earpiece. Perhaps it was the dress but Bo Jiu seemed unusually fair, her long fingers almost transparent under the lights.

The timer to enter the game started counting down. To prevent boredom during this period, the shoutcaster would analyze the situation. “Honestly, I’m surprised Spade Z would use this hero.”

“Why? She isn’t good at it?”

“That’s not it. As we all know, she is an all-rounder but she hasn’t used this hero much.”

“Indeed, in the past, Qin Mo has always been the one using it.”

“Alright, let’s stop this chatter. On the screen, we can see that both teams have left the lake.”

“Wait a minute.”


“Theo seems to have a plan up their sleeve.”

The screen zoomed in. The audience watched as two Theo members glided through the jungles and lakes. The person in charge of the middle and top lane leaned over towards the jungle.

“They intend to go in with a steal!”

Yes, that was what it looked like. They didn’t seem to be eliminating blue beasts. Instead, it seemed like they were heading straight for Supreme Alliance’s jungles and Spade Z!

Rao Rong watched with wide eyes. He had just ended a single-player combat with Theo but even he hadn’t expected such a playing style from them. This was completely unlike the defensive tactic they had been using before.

“F*ck? They’re going all out?”

Even though they were in disbelief, this was the sort of match that captivated others! The Supreme Alliance members didn’t seem to have noticed it yet.

They were fighting for their finances and under normal circumstances, the person with more money would have greater impact. From their point of view, there didn’t seem to be anything amiss. Spade Z was fighting alone and thus was in danger!