Chapter 1356 - Untitled

Chapter 1356 Untitled


Theo’s tank used the stun function. With his hammer, he smashed straight into the ground! Control was most important to an assassin because if they were controlled, it would be difficult to escape!

Moreover, they didn’t just send their tank; the long-ranged archer and even the middle lane sorcerer had come over for support.

In a short instant, Spade Z’s HP fell by half. Theo’s assassin was waiting for this moment, leaping over with his long rifle, prepared to attack Bo Jiu. Right at this moment, Bo Jiu moved her right hand, and the mouse lit up, the lines sharp and clear. With agile movements, she managed to avoid the big move.

The attack by Theo’s assassin fell through but even then, Spade Z was still in a precarious situation.

Under normal circumstances, in such a high-level match, the assassin would have to be prepared beforehand, to prevent the opposing team from entering their jungles. This wasn’t just stealing the beasts; Theo was forcing her to the end. Some were starting to doubt Spade Z’s ability.

“The blue beasts are stolen and now, she’s being forced into a corner. Spade Z’s tactics seem average at best.” Some of the crowd that found her actions dramatic held on to the chance to mock her.

“This skill isn’t going to bring the team anywhere. She shouldn’t have come back. Geez, I shouldn’t have wasted money on this ticket. Such a boring match isn’t worth watching at all.”

In contrast to them, the real fans were starting to panic. They leaned forward, watching with worry.

Her HP continued to fall.

“That… can’t be?” Would the FC King, Spade Z, be the first death?

“It will be a slap in the face to Spade fans.”

Everyone’s attention was on the screens. The director zoomed in on the scene since Spade Z was the main focus. It would be more thrilling to see things from her screen.

The commentary started to increase and the view counts shot up rapidly since they were currently airing the footage live.

Soon, the experienced esports fans noticed something. Why wasn’t anyone coming to support Spade Z? This wasn’t up to Supreme Alliance’s standards. Xue Yaoyao might be new and unaware of team support but what about the others?

Was this the level of Spade Z’s commanding? She wouldn’t even alert the others during a crisis? Wasn’t it too much of an overestimation? It seemed like Spade Z was only suited for single player combats and not such team battles.It was a pity since Rao Rong had represented them in the singles. If Rao Rong had been left for the team battle, there might have been a different outcome.

Everyone had the same thought. They were certain it was the end for the Supreme Alliance.

Suddenly, music started playing from the screens. K.O!

The first kill? Strange, Spade Z hadn’t died yet. Where did the music come from?

The crowd sunk into confusion, unsure of what had happened. Soon, their questions were answered. The first death was Theo’s aid that was trying to take in troops!

Oh gosh, this was unbelievable!

Theo’s captain was struck!

“How did it happen?”

It was a chaotic scene. They turned to look at Bo Jiu, her right hand sliding down to move into position. She glided under the tower and took a potion at the right moment before raking the pool of money.

More importantly, everyone heard the words that came from her thin lips. “Alright, disperse.”

The next second, the comments section exploded.

“F*ck, what happened?”

“Please explain!”

“I can’t believe my ears, did Big Spade just give a command?”

Both the livestream viewers and the audience in the stadium were confused. Only when video footage was replayed, they realized that Spade Z hadn’t been ambushed. She had detected their intentions in advance and had sent a message to the entire team to attack their aid.

When Theo had come over to their jungle, she had deliberately remained still at the start for them to take the bait, leading them to think she had been caught. As such, Theo’s players had focused on killing her and only be on guard for potential reinforcements. They hadn’t expected Supreme Alliance to ambush their aid

“F*ck, this diversion tactic is brilliant!”

“They didn’t just take the first kill, they also cleared Theo’s jungle!”

“Almighty Z is telling them, if you dare touch my blue beasts, I’ll get my teammates to kill you. Clear our jungle? This is amazing!”

No one had expected such an outcome. If they thought about it carefully, it wasn’t an easily executed scheme. First, she had to be clear of their plans before making a certain level of judgement. Next, it required precise maneuvering to ensure her teammates had sufficient time and she wouldn’t be killed. As it was too difficult, few could have done it!

“Handsome!” She was too handsome!

The mockery was silenced. This was clear as day. Spade fans weren’t the ones humiliated but those who had mocked her. They had been too one sided and biased.

“This is the first time Spade Z used such a tactic at the beginning.” The shoutcaster was a professional. “It’s fresh and skillful.”

The other shoutcaster laughed. “Indeed. Did you also notice that she had completely adjusted to taking the lead to be able to use such a tactic? It is a comprehensive and well thought out plan, the current Spade Z is both an assassin and a team commander. Somehow, she reminds me of Qin Mo. Honestly, if I was still competing, they would be two players I never want to meet. They are both outstanding players both in single player combats and supporting their teams. In the past, Spade Z wasn’t as developed in this area, hence, catching Theo off guard with her playing style. She used herself as a bait for her team to take the first kill. This is completely unlike her past style when she went about solo, taking over the entire jungle.”

It wasn’t just different; it was a slap to their faces. But that wasn’t enough for a sure win.

Theo’s strength was obvious. The lapse in judgement had been a sharp blow. They couldn’t continue to stay in Supreme Alliance’s jungles. Since the tower on the bottom lane was destroyed, they had to return. As Xue Yaoyao from the middle lane and the experienced Yun Hu had both come over, they had to dodge.

Right at this moment, the figure under the tower glided over, slashing the sorcerer that wanted to escape!


Everyone was in a daze as they hadn’t expected Spade Z to dash out with just a low level of HP. Wasn’t it seeking death? Even if she managed to take a life, she wouldn’t be able to escape!

Theo reacted swiftly. They wanted to strike back but with a flash of her sword, she leapt back under the tower.

“Side positioning skill!”

“F*ck, her maneuvering is incredible!”

“This is the true meaning of first kill! Is Big Spade imitating Almighty Qin? Retreating after a kill!”

The audience was out of control. Never before had the China teams achieved such remarkable results in the Asian Cup. This time, even the antis were silenced because there wasn’t anything for them to complain. Her tactic and skills were simply godly!

The mood shifted over at Theo’s side. They thought the intel they collected was enough to deal with Supreme Alliance even if Spade Z participated. But now, they realized statistics weren’t everything.

When they truly faced Supreme Alliance, they became aware of their rapid growth. Moreover, they could never predict Spade Z’s next moves.

One second ago, when they were sure she couldn’t react fast enough, they suddenly realized she was just a bait and wouldn’t move about. But the next second, she dashed forward with just half her HP, using the skill recovery to take a life.

Theo started to feel the pressure. Their captain changed his style, turning to speak to his teammates. It was obvious their playing style had changed as they started to move steadily. First, they made sure Spade Z didn’t counter steal the resources in their jungle and next, they took a life in the middle lane, turning the 2:0 score to 2:1. Gradually, they started to immerse in the match.

They were evenly matched. That was how the audience felt.

“It all boils down to their skills.” You Sixin leaned his hands to the back, whistling with a lowered voice. “I’m curious. Why isn’t Qin Mo here in such a competition? Even if he lost his memory, it isn’t right for him to be absent.”

Hoshino turned. “What are you trying to say?”

“Nothing. Even though Supreme Alliance isn’t bad, we will definitely be the winners tomorrow since such standards won’t be enough for the team battle, will they?” You Sixin smiled. He stuffed his hands into his pants pockets leisurely. Since he had already predicted the outcome, it was meaningless to continue watching to the end.