Chapter 1357 - Untitled

Chapter 1357 Untitled

As their captain left, the other member from the Japanese would definitely follow behind him.Watanabe glanced back at You Sixin’s back view and turned towards the other side. “Vice-captain…”

“Go ahead, I’ll watch a little more.” Hoshino lifted his lips. The smile was difficult to reject.

Watanabe realized their vice-captain was definitely interested in Spade Z. This interest was over the top! There wasn’t love in esports but his vice-captain… Watanabe shook his head, a meaningful expression on his face.

Hoshino wasn’t bothered about the misunderstanding. His gaze was focused on Bo Jiu the entire time.

It was an exhilarating match. Whenever the footage shifted to Bo Jiu, they would always see her keen response, her layout strategy, the precise predictions, and the timely support she gave her teammates. She wasn’t just commanding; at the most crucial point, she could step in and take lives.

But Theo wasn’t weak and would never allow themselves to be disadvantaged, returning the kills and balancing the score. They took just one life from Supreme Alliance.

The team battle went on for fifty minutes.

During the last face off, Theo was still trying to counter Bo Jiu’s predictions. But this time, Bo Jiu didn’t predict anything. Instead, she used her best playing style, taking all their attackers with her – sacrificing her life with three of theirs.

After causing an explosive impact, Theo’s adc, top lane, and sorcerer were all dead. How could they continue? Supreme Alliance went straight ahead, destroying Theo’s crystal city!

The image was pulled back.

Bo Jiu removed her earpiece, grabbing a bottle of mineral water. They won! She wasn’t just the team’s assassin; she was also Supreme Alliance’s leader. That last trade off was more than worthy. It was almost an exact replica of Almighty Qin’s routines!

Soon, the results were flashed onto the screen. The MVP of the entire match was Spade Z! The antis were struck speechless. Aside from Qin Mo, there hadn’t been any other Chinese player who could obtain such results!

It was noisy and festive both inside and outside the arena. After three years, this was the closest the Chinese team had been to the championship. The reporters waited impatiently, dying to score an interview with Bo Jiu. The audience was cheering. Other than Xue Yaoyao, who was beside Bo Jiu, no one else knew how pale she was.

During the match, she had accidentally touched her arm. Xue Yaoyao had stiffened, the heat from her arm so hot it had thrown her off. Her Highness Jiu was running a fever. That had been her first reaction. But before she could do anything, Bo Jiu had turned and instructed, “Don’t leave the middle lane, Yaoyao, focus.”

Xue Yaoyao could only focus because ending the competition was the only way she could rest. Perhaps, her teammates were the only ones that knew the condition she had competed in.

The crowd started to grow as Bo Jiu downed more water. Xue Yaoyao turned and blocked her.

Bo Jiu knew she had a fever since her breath was hot. Hence, she kept drinking water. Xue Yaoyao smiled. “Don’t worry, it’s still manageable.”

“Manager Feng will deal with the press.” Xue Yaoyao took a moment before adding, “You can leave from behind, Coco will follow you.”

Coco wasn’t aware of what had happened, his face bright and smiley from the joy of winning the competition. Xue Yaoyao informed Feng Yi via text.

Once Feng Yi saw the text, he immediately signaled his assistant and blocked the crowd that was inching in. “Friends of the media, I understand your desire to interview the players but calm down, there will be a chance as long as you take turns…”

He signaled the back for them to take her away. Xue Yaoyao didn’t waste any time, blocking Bo Jiu with Coco on her other side and moving her backstage to Supreme Alliance’s lounge area.

“Fever?” Coco’s handsome face fell. “How did you get a fever?”

Bo Jiu didn’t explain and smiled in silence. She opened the closet and removed the team uniform, taking Lin Feng’s black down jacket with her.

“Hey, Little Spade you’re burning up, where are you going?” Coco held her down. “Don’t you dare go anywhere! Once Old Fox is done there, he will bring you to the hospital for a jab.”

Bo Jiu pushed his arm away. “It’s just a small cold, there’s something I have to do.”

“What do you have to do?” Coco wasn’t going to let her go since he could feel the heat from beneath her clothes. “Where did you go yesterday? How did you end up in such a state?”

Bo Jiu took another mouthful of water in order to clear her mind. “I didn’t go anywhere.”

Coco knew something had happened yesterday.

At the start, his captain had gone out to get Little Spade candy but next, he had disappeared. Little Spade had gone out in search of him and had ended up staying out the entire night. The next time she had appeared, she had been alone.

Coco hadn’t asked where their captain was because he was afraid it would hurt her even more. But how did she end up in such a state? Could it be?

“You didn’t sleep the entire night?” Coco asked with wide eyes.

Bo Jiu stiffened but she didn’t reply. She reached for a black mask and wore it, prepared to walk out.

Then Coco knew he was right and his eyes wide with disbelief. He was half right, Bo Jiu hadn’t just stayed awake the entire night, she had done it so that Qin Mo could see her and had waited downstairs for an hour. Moreover, in order to taint the competition, she had worn a dress that wasn’t the least bit warm.

Perhaps, no one could see your efforts. Only your friends could feel your pain.

Xue Yaoyao looked up at the sky, afraid she would tear. Her heart was in pain.

Coco wanted to call Feng Yi over because he seemed like the only person who could stop her and bring her for a jab. But Bo Jiu reached out and held onto him. “Coco, I have to go now to Brother Mo or I’ll lose him again.”

At that moment, he couldn’t seem to make the call because he shouldn’t stop her.

Bo Jiu smiled. With her mask on, only her dark eyes were in sight. The long down jacket concealed her figure perfectly. She wasn’t trying to act in a melodrama. Bo Jiu knew she had to get better but the more she walked, the heavier her breathing became. That was when she realized this body couldn’t withstand a high fever.

Gradually, her hearing was affected, the noise turning muffled and unclear. It seemed like reporters had barged in…

At this moment, Bo Jiu heard another voice. “Hoshino! It’s Hoshino! What is he doing here?”

Hoshino glanced over and with the other hand, he stealthily tossed a bottle of medicine over. Bo Jiu caught it, watching as he stood there – deliberately blocking her from sight. With a turn, she successfully moved towards the exit.

The reporters didn’t see what happened and since Hoshino could generate more attention, they focused on him instead. Hoshino smiled lightly, answering their questions until Feng Yi arrived. He nodded lightly, stuffed his hands into his pockets, and left.

Feng Yi wasn’t dumb. With one look, he knew Hoshino had been doing his job for him. Both of them walked towards the lounge area.

Once they were out of sight, Feng Yi spoke, “Thank you.”

Hoshino stilled and smiled. “It’s nothing.”

“From the information I received, you aren’t someone that would do such things.” Feng Yi smiled.

Hoshino remained calm. “Seems like your information isn’t accurate, I’m a rather kind person. Besides, I’m looking forward to the match tomorrow. Of course, I wouldn’t want my rival to be affected by such trivial things.”

“Is she just a rival?” Feng Yi didn’t beat around the bush, going straight to the point.

Hoshino smiled. “Seems like everyone knew I like Z. That’s right, she isn’t just a rival, she is family to me.”

Family? Feng Yi was thoroughly confused. He had assumed Hoshino’s actions had been out of love but he had said family. Feng Yi wasn’t sure though…

At this instant, Fan Jia had started a countdown in a building in the west side of the city. Four more hours and the person in front would truly become hers. But there was something that made her frown. Ever since this morning, he had been standing in front of the window in silence. Regardless of what she said, he would reply with at most one or two words.

Fan Jia hated it. The more she thought about it, the more it seemed like he was trying to see someone that wasn’t there. She clenched her fists, sounding him out once more. It was obvious he was following her instructions.

Fan Jia perked up. Just as she was about to leave, she realized he had turned back to the window. There was a cab there and someone alighted the cab, wearing a long down jacket that went to her ankles. She glanced up towards them. Next, that person walked towards the Lamborghini.

Initially, Fan Jia didn’t realize it was Bo Jiu. But the moment she appeared, Qin Mo’s eyes seemed to light up. Fan Jia was jealous.

She was standing right in front of him but yet, he wouldn’t take a glance at her. She thought it was just his personality but now, it seemed like it wasn’t enough. She would have to put an end to it! Malice seeped out from her eyes as she watched the figure outside.

Bo Jiu wasn’t sure what was happening but she couldn’t just stand outside for the sake of her health. Hence, her first reaction was to enter the car.

When Little Blackie heard her voice, it perked up. “Master, your little vixen is still upstairs and hasn’t come down at all, don’t worry.”

Bo Jiu felt more at ease after she arrived but right now, she wasn’t worried if the Almighty had left, she was worried about the time. Time was tickling by and she didn’t have any solutions to restore his memory. If…

Bo Jiu pulled open her collar and leaned her head against the steering wheel, taking a pill. Even so, the intelligent system managed to pick up her burning temperature.

Little Blackie spoke again, “Master, the statistics shows that your body has reached its limits. As the almighty car of the Fifth Avenue, I am obliged to advise you with my professional knowledge. You need treatment. Oh, why isn’t Grandfather Butler around? If he’s here, he would never allow you to act so recklessly.”

Bo Jiu remained silent, maintaining her position. Little Blackie was starting to panic, flashing its headlights rapidly so that someone was alerted.

Upstairs, Qin Mo was still standing in front of the window. He thought that after that person appeared, he would soon see the face that could somehow put him at ease. But after five minutes, she was still in the car.

Qin Mo tapped his long legs, starting to feel uneasy. He turned, prepared to head downstairs.

Fan Jia noticed the change in his emotions and laughed lightly. “Brother Mo, where are you going? If you go, who is going to protect me? They are still watching me and the moment you leave, the sniper would open fire.”

Her words seemed to work because Qin Mo stuffed his hand into his pocket and stopped moving. His heart was opposing his actions though. It hurt. The instant he stopped, he felt a piercing ache in his chest.

He leaned against the wall, his hand holding the amulet as though it would lessen the pain.

Fan Jia wanted to take the chance to remove the amulet as she really hated its sight! Besides, Qin Mo was at his weakest right now. At this moment, if the item he depended on the most was gone, he wouldn’t behave as he did just now. He wouldn’t pay any more attention to Z!

Fan Jia reached over and continued to affect him with her words. “Brother Mo, you must feel terrible right now. I know I gave you that amulet and that it’s heavy. I will keep it for you, you’re going to spoil it like that.”

Qin Mo’s eyes turned bloody. His hands wanted to move but the voice within him kept telling him not to harm the person in front of him and that he needed to protect her. The voice was a curse burned into his mind.

Fan Jia knew the last step was about to be completed. She smiled and reached out to take the amulet. But the moment she moved his hands away from the amulet, his hands raised up. With a sharp tear, the amulet was pulled open and something rolled out onto the ground…