Chapter 1358 - Untitled

Chapter 1358 Untitled

Fan Jia lit up when she heard the tear. She finally got rid of that detestable amulet! However, the moment she saw the item that rolled out, her face fell! It was a photo.

The photo should have been taken with a polaroid as the color was very vivid. The sun was bright in the photo. A little girl wearing a little tiger outfit pushed herself onto the little boy, her smile sweet and beautiful.

The boy seemed cold. His expression was difficult to describe. He reached out and held onto the little girl’s waist. Although he seemed worried she would contaminate him, he was also afraid she would fall. His lips were pressed against each other but it wasn’t from disgust but a silently masked helplessness and tenderness within his eyes.

The photograph wasn’t the gist. There was a sentence beneath the photo, written beautifully in italics. “If God exists, I wish this little idiot in tiger costume would live a life of peace and joy.”

This amulet had never been for his own blessings. All these years, the treasure he had cherished and kept by his side was a blessing to someone else.

That instant, Fan Jia was infuriated. Her first reaction was to destroy the photograph. But long slender fingers stopped her, pressing onto the photograph, allowing her to step on his index finger!

Fan Jia used a lot of strength. It would definitely have hurt but Qin Mo didn’t even blink. His beautiful face was silent beneath the light rays. It seemed as though the little girl in the photograph was the only person in his eyes. His fingertips were sliding over the tiger hat on her head. It felt as though something was melting in his heart and he heard something unlock.

He was most afraid of losing that person. The scene in the photograph seemed like footage that passed through his mind.

She had dashed over, hugging onto him. “Momo, how much are you? I’ll buy you.”

She had refused to go home to sleep, holding her small keyboard. “This is my favorite toy, I’ll give it to you. In return, you’ll let me sleep for one night, just for one night.”

She had lied on his bed obediently. It was difficult to imagine someone as mischievous as her could be so well behaved. She had leaned over and said, “I’ll hold you and you won’t want to return to China. Mmh, I mean, you won’t miss home that much.”

His grandfather hadn’t even realized when he had been ill. She had been the only one who had hugged him, suppressing her tears as she had searched for the family doctor.

When he had caught a cold, he had been worried she would be infected and had deliberately added more flowerpots on his window to prevent her from entering. But even the heavens couldn’t stop the little tiger. She had climbed in, her face covered with dirt. She had even nagged at him, “You can’t treat your little friend like that.”

She had exhausted all sorts of reasons to sleep with him and every time it had been mealtime, she would place everything he liked in his bowl and when there had been something he fancied, she would definitely turn up with the item. Even his grandfather wasn’t aware of his preferences but she had known.

Her smiles, her tears, the way her lips lifted when she pushed him against the wall. It had never been anyone else. It had always been the little idiot from before that had treated him as a girl…

Fan Jia sensed his difference and was about to use more words to influence his thoughts. However, before she could speak, a poker card flew over, accurately piercing through her face.

Fan Jia paled. She trembled, watching as he picked up the photograph. She couldn’t believe it. No one could unlock a psychological suggestion! It was impossible, this was definitely impossible!

But the cold emanating from this person made Fan Jia understand the meaning of fear. The poker cards flew towards her again and this time, they sliced her wrist.

Fan Jia had never been as close to death as this moment. She knew he intended to kill her. The moment he walked out of the light, Fan Jia knew it was over because that wasn’t the look from someone who had been hypnotized. Instead, it was the past Qin Mo; cold, abstinent, and above everyone else.

Fan Jia took a few steps back- He was no longer a blessing from the Gods, instead, he was a devil.

He looked at her without a hint of warmth, as cold as when he had first exposed her. He said slowly, “Do you think you can imitate her?”

That time, Fan Jia had barely managed to escape. Because of that, it made her hate Z more and had thought of many ways to kill her. But she had always been there, a persistent presence.

Fan Jia bit down and inhaled deeply. “Everything I did was because of my love for you. Why can’t you just pity me?”

Qin Mo replied calmly, “You’re claiming to be pitiful after committing murder and theft. Heh, why should I waste my pity on someone less than a beast?”

Fan Jia reached out and covered her ears. “All I did was love you! It was all because of love! How can you say that about me?”

“Are you trying to say you are innocent?” Qin Mo twirled the poker card in his hand slowly.

Fan Jia clenched her fists. “Am I not?”

“You can ask around in hell. Ask those that were killed by you and those that died with grievances if you are innocent.” Qin Mo moved his fingers. Another poker card came flying out!

This time, her other wrist was cut. Suddenly, she realized both hands were crippled!

“You are ruthless!” Fan Jia’s face started to contort. “Why don’t you just kill me!”

Qin Mo lifted his gaze slightly. “My hands are used to kill people and you aren’t worthy.”

Fan Jia went crazy. Prior, Qin Mo seemed to have signaled the people outside.

A team of plainclothes police barged in and held her down. Fan Jia tried to resist. “Kill me, just kill me!”

“Prison life suits you better than death.” Qin Mo looked at her, his eyes cold and hostile. “Don’t worry, you won’t die and won’t be coming out. Don’t you like drowning? You can experience it in prison.”

Fan Jia’s face fell. She knew what he meant. He was going to subject her to near death experiences every day. He crippled her hands so she wouldn’t be able to resist at all. Prison was a brutal place.

Her cries were probably too devastating because a plainclothes police officer shook his head. “She seems so pitiful.”

Qin Mo turned towards him. “You find her pitiful?”

“I think…”

A voice came from behind. “You think that the murderer is pitiful. Since the victims are already dead, why are we insisting on making her pay? You don’t think there is anything wrong with hurting someone? Heh, do you know the difference between humans and beasts? Humans have a heart; they know the souls won’t rest in peace and the meaning of a blood debt. If you still take pity on her, let me send you a blessing, hoping that the person closest to you will be thrown into the sea and no one will avenge you.”

The officer turned, with intention to rebut but was faced with a man in military uniform. It was Young Master Tang, with the same smile as before. “I never knew people in our system would find a murderer pitiful. Fan Jia murdered a number of people and that includes our comrades. If you’re worried about her life in prison, fine, you can pack your belongings and move in to take care of her.”

The plainclothes officer stiffened. When he saw the smile slip off his face, a chill ran through him.

Qin Mo was standing in front of Young Master Tang. Both of them were tall and well-built but one of them was wearing a military uniform while the other was wearing a trench coat, giving off vastly different vibes. Fan Jia was helpless in front of them.

“I have something to do.” Qin Mo glanced up towards Young Master Tang. “I can’t follow you back.”

He knew it. Young Master Tang reached out and caressed his temples. “How many days?”

“After the Asian Cup,” Qin Mo replied emotionlessly.

Young Master Tang arched his brows. “You know, I’m in charge of this case.” If it was anyone else, he wouldn’t have behaved in such a manner.

“Who else would accept an order to catch me?” Qin Mo replied naturally.

Young Master Tang laughed. “Young Master Qin, that’s absurd. Do I look like someone like that?”

Qin Mo appeared indifferent, his gaze focused downstairs. “Young Master Tang, you seem to have misunderstood.”

Young Master Tang noticed it as well. Moreover, Qin Mo wasn’t trying to hide anything.

“Forget it, I’ll treat it as Z’s dowry.” Young Master Tang stepped to the left, clearing a path. Similarly, the plainclothes officers kept their guns.

Fan Jia would much rather die than be sent to prison. What goes around comes around. Just as Young Master Tang had said, someone had to do something for those that died a wrongful death and for justice to return to the victims.

Of course, selfish people would always find excuses for themselves. They would twist facts and were great at lying. At a young age, they would steal in order to gain attention and when they were older, they were able to kill with ease. They believed that with time, they would be forgiven. Besides, there were many people who would speak up for them.

Similarly, in this world, there would always be a group that should be in awe of.

As Mandela had put it, “If the sky is dark, survive in darkness, if you are unable to shine, curl up in the corner. Don’t justify darkness just because you are used to it, don’t be proud of your scrupulousness, don’t ridicule those who are braver and more passionate than you are. We can be humble as the dust, but never as distorted as maggots.”

The sun would always shine through regardless of how dark it used to be.

Bo Jiu never believed in the phrase because it had been so tough when she had been alone. There hadn’t been anyone that understood what she meant or the disappointment she had felt. But later, there had always been one person who would hold her lightly whenever she was sad, asking her in a low voice, “Are you an idiot?”

Bo Jiu thought she would never find someone else like him, with his sharp tongue and gentleness. She thought a lot that a pure person couldn’t be the light because it was too fragile and wouldn’t be able to withstand the waves.

Unlike that person, strong and firm like the Kunlun Mountains. He didn’t just light up; he was also the shadow of the moon and the sun. That was why she loved him so much.

Bo Jiu knew she was slipping into unconsciousness, her head leaning against the steering wheel. Unknowingly, she started to feel angry.

The moment she wanted to move, the car door was pulled open. The next moment, she entered a slightly cold embrace.

Bo Jiu couldn’t open her eyes but her nose was working fine. It was the familiar tobacco and minty scent. The fever must be messing with her brain which was why she was hallucinating. Or perhaps, she missed him too much.

That was what she told herself when a cold touch pressed onto her forehead. The next moment, the hug tightened. Before her fever-affected brain could figure what was happening, she heard a familiar voice.

“Little Bo Jiu.”

Mmh? Someone was calling her name.

“Are you an idiot?” Qin Mo was mad at himself. Since his memory had returned, he knew why she was running such a high fever. He leaned forward and pressed against her forehead, his chest heating up from the warmth she emitted.

Bo Jiu frowned. She didn’t want to be called an idiot when she was ill. Besides, was it really the Almighty? It didn’t seem possible.

She wanted to move but that person was one step ahead, pressing onto her hands and trapping her in a warm hug, worried she would be cold. He held onto her hand and stuffed it into his clothes, pressing her palms onto his skin for warmth.

Bo Jiu didn’t see his face and didn’t know the high and mighty Young Master Qin was giving her warmth using such a method.

Little Blackie, the Lamborghini, was the only one who knew; he could barely watch any more. However, he hadn’t expected the cold and distant devil could be so humane. He actually used such a method to give her warmth.

It was cold outside. He held her hands and stuffed them into his clothes so that she could feel better. F*ck, it was starting to believe the devil actually loved his master.

It was indeed true love.

“I’m sorry.” Even though it was very soft and faint, Little Blackie heard it.