Chapter 1359 - Untitled

Chapter 1359 Untitled

It was hard to imagine someone like the devil apologizing. Little Blackie was startled, its smart navigation system trembling.“Little Blackie.”

When it was suddenly called out, the entire vehicle went still, feigning ignorance.

Qin Mo reached out and placed Bo Jiu beside the driver’s seat before reaching out to hold the steering wheel. With an arched brow, he asked, “Are you tempting me to pour water on you?”

Little Blackie couldn’t act ignorant any longer and immediately lit up the lights.

Qin Mo instructed calmly, “Find the nearest hospital.”

“Locating the hospital, the shortest distance is…” Before Little Blackie could finish his sentence, the Lamborghini flew onto the street.

A fever would definitely hurt. Especially her joints would start to feel sore. As her fever came from within, she was both cold and hot at the same time. Bo Jiu wasn’t conscious.

The Lamborghini stopped. It wasn’t a big hospital since those would be crowded at this time.

It was an extremely clean, large-scale clinic that seemed upscale and well equipped. At this hour, the clinic was mainly serving little children and elderlies. It was rare to see someone carrying another person in.

Due to Qin Mo’s tall height, Bo Jiu didn’t seem like she was sick, instead, she looked more like she was asleep inside his jacket.

The medical staff couldn’t help glancing over. It was common to see someone good looking but this was the first time they saw someone with such elegance. He was cold and indifferent but still very well mannered.

He hadn’t let her down ever since he entered the clinic and had reached out for the thermometer to personally test her temperature.

“39 degrees Celsius[1], it’s a high fever,” the nurse remarked after glancing down at the thermometer. “She should get her blood tested to check for inflammation.”

“Mmh,” he replied, carrying Bo Jiu over towards the second-floor window.

Her blood had to be taken for the blood test but Bo Jiu refused to stretch her hand out. Qin Mo saw her frown and leaned over to kiss her palms, coaxing her gently, “Behave.”

The familiar voice seemed to work as Bo Jiu released her grip, making the blood sampling possible.

The nurse glanced over. “She needs an IV. The patient has a history of asthma. Does she have any allergies?”

“No,” Qin Mo replied, placing his palms on her forehead to try to soothe her.

The nurse was tempted to snap a shot and send it to her boyfriend. She maintained a pleasant tone while attending to such a handsome man. “Her bed is number 0271- Here is the list of medications from the doctor, I’ll come over after getting everything.”

Qin Mo thanked her, his back view attracting stares. The medical staff crowded together. “Who is he? He probably isn’t from the neighborhood. Why haven’t I seen him before?”

“I don’t know but he seems much hotter than celebrities! It’s a pity he is taken.” There was regret in her voice.

Qin Mo entered the ward indifferently as though he hadn’t heard anything. Regardless of how upscale a clinic was, they wouldn’t have individual wards.

There were two beds in one ward. The other bed was taken by a little boy on a drip. He half sat on the bed and was drinking a bottle of yoghurt. His mother wasn’t around.

Qin Mo carried Bo Jiu over to the other bed.

When the medical staff finally had a glimpse of Bo Jiu’s appearance, they were mesmerized and fell into a momentary trance. They couldn’t tell if that beauty was male or female as the fever was casting a rosy flush on her face.

It wasn’t common for a patient to look so beautiful. Still, they could tell her obvious discomfort. Her lips were dry, her hair was plastered on her forehead, and her brows were furrowed

The nurse brought a drip over. She was slightly perplexed that this beauty was extremely uncooperative towards the needle.

Qin Mo noticed as well. He leaned over and half carried her into his arms, lifting her right arm. “Behave now, it’ll help you get better.”

The nurse was in awe. It wasn’t her hallucination; the patient could only lower her guard in front of her boyfriend. She had been working in the clinic for a while now and rarely came across such a patient boyfriend. Honestly, it was the first time.

The little boy from beside them was also admitted due to a cold. When his mother walked in, he straightened and leaned over. “Mom, Mom, that big brother coax others just like you!”

The little boy’s mother knew the man from the other bed must have heard it. Thus, she glanced over to smile apologetically.

Just then, she saw how uncomfortable the person in his arms was, trying to move the arm that was injected.

Qin Mo held her down, his tone calm and tender. “Painful? Endure it a little more, it will be done soon.”

The little boy was watching as well. He shook his head vigorously. “No, it’s completely different. If I moved, you would have beaten me.”

His mother was at a loss for words, coughing lightly. “Drink your yoghurt drink.”

The little boy sighed. They were both running a fever but yet, the difference in treatment was so drastic. He thought this was sad enough when the extremely handsome big brother unwrapped a candy, feeding the person in his arms.

The little boy glanced up. “Mom, I want candy too.”

The mother was at a loss. Was this how youngsters dated these days? They seemed more tolerant than she was to her child. Why hadn’t she found a guy like him!

Fortunately, the little boy was soon done with the drip.

It was a short half an hour but yet, both mother and child received an impact like never before. The little boy glanced over. “Mom, I’m not trying to be mean but dad has never treated you in such a manner when you were sick.”

“Your dad is an ingrate…” The mother stopped herself and laughed. “That’s why you should treat your girlfriend well in the future, just like the big brother, understand?”

The little boy nodded his head seemingly understanding what she meant but there was something he couldn’t fathom. The big sister was the one who had fallen sick but yet, the big brother was the one with an awful expression.

After the mother and child left the ward, Qin Mo and Bo Jiu were the only ones left.

Bo Jiu was still unconscious. Qin Mo continued to hold onto her, placing a paper cup near her dry lips.

Qin Mo’s assistant walked in with a bunch of stuff, bumping straight into such a sight. He had been slightly skeptical when he had received the call from Boss Qin since he had received news that something had happened and he wouldn’t be seeing Boss Qin anytime soon.

After he had hung up, his first reaction had been to inform Madam and the bosses before heading over to the location instructed by Boss Qin with a bag of candy.

That was the purpose of Boss Qin’s call. He knew about Young Master Jiu, oh no, it wasn’t Young Master Jiu anymore… Young Miss Jiu’s love for candies.

He knew instantly it was for her.

But even though he was prepared, he couldn’t help stiffening at the sight since Boss Qin had never attended to anyone in such a manner. He seemed to be cold and distant but yet, he was looking at her with a warm and tender gaze.

“Boss Qin, I’m here.” As his assistant, he would definitely have to act fast. Before he could reach for the paper cup though, Boss Qin took a mouthful and leaned over to feed her as though there wasn’t anyone else in the room. Was he just a delivery man?

When he realized he wasn’t needed, the intelligent assistant placed the candy down. Without another word, he walked out, closing the ward door behind him. He stood outside and awaited Boss Qin’s instructions. As a slightly older young man that was still single, he didn’t wish to witness any more of their loving moments.

The sky started to dim.

The fluid entered her body and two hours later, Bo Jiu started feeling hot, reaching out to tug her blanket. An arm held onto her, carrying a cooling sensation. “There’s still half the bag left, we’ll be done soon.”

The voice made her realize it wasn’t a dream, just like the blurred memories from the car – including that apology.

He was really back. Bo Jiu opened her eyes and was faced with the ever-familiar figure. He was wearing a dark-colored sweater, the bulge at his throat moving slightly. There was a faint glow on his chin.

Bo Jiu reached out and held onto his sleeve, an action she had always done when she had been younger.

Qin Mo paused, turning to glance at her, his long black lashes framing his deep and dark eyes. He didn’t stop because she was awake and held her neck, leaning forward to feed her water.

Bo Jiu was indeed thirsty and her consciousness wasn’t clear when she accepted the kiss. The sweetness of the warm water was nourishing her lips, bringing along his unique smell. It was cooling and soft, the sweetness melting in her mouth like ice cream. That was how she felt every time they kissed. It was an addictive sensation.

It was a pity he wasn’t trying to kiss her though. His lips left immediately after feeding her water.

Bo Jiu was disappointed and was about to unleash her seduction when his palms spread open, exposing a bunch of candies. “Choose one.”

“Orange.” Bo Jiu pointed at one of them. She watched as the jade-like slender fingers peeled the wrapper and fed her. She savored the sweetness and glanced up.

Before she said anything, he asked, “Hungry?” Qin Mo glanced over, accurately predicting her intentions. He had always been handsome and now that he was pampering her in such a manner, it was dangerously indulgent.

[1] 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit