Chapter 136

Chapter 136: Almighty Qin Dries His Highness Jiu’s Hair

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Now Secretary Liang truly felt like he was suffering from torture.

Should he call Madam or Boss to report this?

But how should he even put it when he called?

He couldn’t say that Young Master had been turned gay by a gay…

In contrast to the imaginative Secretary Liang, Feng Shang on the other side of the game felt like he was the saddest person in the whole wide world.

Therefore, when his big brother knocked and came in, he didn’t even hide his laptop away. He looked very vulnerable with a sad face.

Manager Feng thought that his game money ran out and directly replenished his account with 3000 yuan. He asked, “Enough?”

“No, it’s not about the money!” Feng Shang stuttered. He felt that today’s issue was pathetic.

Feng Yi lifted his eyebrow. “Then what is it?”

Feng Shang wanted to tell his big brother that he knew Spade Z. But on second thought, if his big brother knew about this, he would instantly know that he went to the inner selection that day, so he decided to shake his head and say nothing.

But Feng Yi was the one wanted to spill some news to his little brother. “I, your big brother, will be busy later on. I don’t know what got into CEO Qin, but he cancelled the acceptance of all the inner selects. He will ask those who want to join to compete in the gaming contest. I need to replan everything, so there won’t be any more clubbing for me in the near future. Why does my big god always make things difficult like this?”

“I-I don’t know.” In fact, Feng Shang knew. He thought that Almighty Qin did this to seek justice for his idol.

So his idol was really kidnapped away by Almighty Qin?

The more Feng Shang thought about it, the more depressed he became. He wanted to keep his idol, so how could he let others win him over?

Fu Jiu didn’t know at all that someone had already decided to keep her. She casually used her left hand to dry her silver hair with a towel. She walked out of the bathroom like that, with the ends of her hair still damp. The water dripped onto her lips, and her skin was so fair and smooth and watery—transparent like porcelain and jade. From her nose to her jaw, her features were all flawless; they were so clean that anyone would want to take another look.

The young man still had a lollipop in his mouth, and he slowly walked up to Qin Mo.

His lazy look was like that of a demonic priest in a cartoon. Very handsome!

After showering, the young man seemed different and more eye-catching.

With such a piece of eye candy in the room, Qin Mo couldn’t focus on his work anymore, and he simply closed all the files, putting his laptop aside. He looked up and met the young man’s eyes, before reaching out his right hand. “Give me your towel.”

Fu Jiu didn’t want to reject this god at such a crucial time. After all, she was in pajamas; she needed to protect herself well, so she threw the towel to the man.

Qin Mo shook the water off from the back of his hand and said in an indifferent tone, “Lower your head.”

Fu Jiu lifted the corner of her mouth. The Almighty wanted to dry her hair?

Perfect, it was not convenient for her to do that herself anyways. Let Almighty do it then, it saved her the trouble of revealing her true self by getting herself wet and possibly showing something.

With this in mind, Fu Jiu shuffled closer like a cute baby.

Qin Mo looked at the fluffy hair right in front of him. He lifted his right hand. He couldn’t be said to very gentle. After all, Almighty still thought that he should treat his little brother like a man, and he didn’t need to be so gentle with a man.

But, even so, that profile still looked pretty and appealing, like pristine frost and snow. The simple curl of his mouth carried a sense of endless indulgence…