Chapter 1360 - Untitled

1360 Untitled

“Mmh.” Bo Jiu had no qualms about voicing her opinion. “I want meat.”“You want meat?” Qin Mo laughed, his eyes bright and clear, like freshly brewed alcohol. “Wait till you have recovered.”

Bo Jiu wanted to move but Qin Mo reached out and held her down, glancing over to make a call.

After a while, his assistant came in with an exquisite looking takeaway box. To her disappointment, it was porridge. Bo Jiu had been a meat lover since she had been young, which made porridge seem bland in comparison. Since she was hungry though, she didn’t bother about the taste.

Bo Jiu had wanted to eat by herself but Qin Mo’s assistant watched as his boss reached forward and opened the takeaway box before her. He held the spoon and arched his brow. “Open your mouth.”

With such a good-looking person feeding her, it seemed to add flavor to her meal. The porridge was still warm, perfectly seasoned. Soon, she finished her food and the drip was complete as well.

Before she could stand up, however, Qin Mo leaned over and carried her in his arms. “It’s cold outside.” These three words were said in an emotionless tone.

Bo Jiu could smell a light fragrance, her senses drowned out by her heartbeat. She squeezed her fingers and smiled.

Qin Mo glanced down at her. “Hide your face.”


As Bo Jiu didn’t seem to understand his intentions, he added in the same emotionless tone, “It’s too striking.”

Assistant Li pulled open the door at that moment and coughed lightly, barely suppressing his laughter. Boss Qin’s dating style seemed… indescribable.

The sky was dark and winter had arrived in Jiang City. The temperatures had fallen into the negatives. It was exceptionally cold when the wind blew but Bo Jiu didn’t feel it since Qin Mo protected her from all the wind. As they approached the car, she could still hear his voice saying, “You’re still warm.”

The fever couldn’t go away so quickly. She would need to rest for one night even though she had taken an IV.

Qin Mo specialized in psychology and had basic medical knowledge – hence, he knew. But whenever he felt the warmth coming from her, he couldn’t help wishing the fever would go down.

Bo Jiu was enjoying it. In the past, she had been sick before but the only time she had been treated so preciously by him was when she had been younger.

Thereafter, she had become the Young Lord of the Hacking World and had to face everything by herself. She would usually sleep off her illnesses. But today, there was someone here to pamper her.

Bo Jiu tilted her head and bumped straight into his long and slender neck, looking elegant.

“Cold?” He noticed her gaze. He lowered his gaze and planted a kiss on her eyes. “We’ll be reaching soon.”

The sweet sensation and fever were affecting her thinking. She didn’t know Qin Mo had remembered the memory from when they had been kids but there seemed to be an indescribable familiarity. It was probably because he was taking such great care of her.

Besides, the Almighty didn’t bring up the dark history from the memory loss, which made the fever seem more worth it. Perfect!

But reality proves her naivety as the Almighty debunked that thought instantly. “After we arrive, I would like to hear how I fell in love with you at first sight and how I chased after you.”

Bo Jiu: …