Chapter 1361 - Untitled

Chapter 1361 Untitled

One sentence and she knew she was trapped. Dark history wasn’t something she should have, especially not in front of the Almighty. More importantly, the Almighty was also her boyfriend.

Soon after they alighted, Qin Mo reached out to pinch her face, his arched brows giving off an illusion of gentleness and warmth. “Pretending to sleep isn’t going to save you.”

Bo Jiu opened her eyes but didn’t have a chance of speaking as she was immediately pushed into his jacket. It would have been perfect if he didn’t dig into her dark history.

They went to Bo Jiu’s apartment and not the Qin family house. When Grandfather Butler saw his young lord being carried in, his face turned grim but he maintained his poise and served Qin Mo’s assistant a cup of English Breakfast tea. The assistant was startled at the sight of Grandfather Butler. When did the Fu family hire a butler?

The assistant was confident in the way he carried himself, dressed in a smart suit every day and attending to all the big and small matters instructed by Boss Qin. He had always been the most capable assistant.

But the old man in front of him wasn’t just dressed in a smart suit. More importantly, it was flawless as even his expression and actions were perfect. Moreover, the tea set and snacks were all so exquisite it was stunning. Such beautiful and delicate looking snacks must taste bad.

With such a thought in mind, he randomly stuffed a small piece into his mouth. Since a middle-aged man like him had already been fed with a whole day worth of loving moments, filing his stomach didn’t seem… Wait a minute, why did it taste so good?

The assistant’s eyes shot open. He glanced back at the elegant Grandfather Butler and instantly felt as though he had lost. That explained why Boss Qin didn’t send Miss Jiu back to the Qin family house!

There was another reason the assistant wasn’t aware of. Qin Mo was well aware of Grandfather Butler’s medical skills and was sure that would be good for Bo Jiu.

Bo Jiu half sat on the bed, accepting the water the Almighty fed her. She was planning to do something to attract his attention. As for the topic of how he chased her, she decided to avoid it entirely.

There was still a flush on her cheeks, either because of the dark history burdening her or perhaps, the slight fever. In order to express her obedience, she sat upright and respectfully accepted everything that Qin Mo fed her. Even though she wasn’t a fan of drinking water, she finished more than half a cup and was looking at him with an expression that seemed to be seeking compliments.

Almighty Qin remained emotionless though. Bo Jiu drank another half a cup before turning up to look at him again. The result was the same. It seemed like she couldn’t avoid it.

Bo Jiu took a moment to think. Perhaps kissing and coaxing him would help. It was best to treat such matters haphazardly.

However, before she could speak, he reached for a photo beside her bedside and glanced down without any expression on his face. He had also seen the photo back in the castle. The Almighty had been affected by the photo back then.

Bo Jiu reached out instinctively, muttering to herself as a form of explanation, “What is this doing here? It must have been Grandfather Butler.” Once she was done, she turned and placed the photo into the drawer.

The Almighty must be feeling vulnerable since it hadn’t been long since the hypnosis had been broken. She would tell him about the photo after his condition stabilized. As an overbearing CEO, she had to be understanding.

After Bo Jiu had put the photo away, she turned to smile at Qin Mo. Qin Mo glanced at her nonchalantly, feeding her another mouthful of water. “I wouldn’t be surprised if you placed it there. He is your childhood sweetheart after all.”

Bo Jiu was starting to feel uneasy. She forced the water down and coughed lightly. “It really wasn’t me.”

This time, the Almighty had indeed maligned her. She didn’t have time to place the photo there. Ever since the Almighty had been hypnotized, Bo Jiu had been focused on keeping him around. Even though the Almighty had called her Sugar Daddy, she could hear the interest in his words. It had been as though he would leave the moment he lost interest.

Of course, that was a facade he had put up. But even then, Bo Jiu had been determined to be on his good side. Hence, she couldn’t have placed the photo there.

It was different for Grandfather Butler. From a medical viewpoint, all kinds of hypnosis were associated with a memory that the victim wasn’t willing to face. That unwillingness would create a vulnerability that was enclosed in their hearts. Hence, Grandfather Butler would try anything to trigger his memory.

Bo Jiu understood his intentions but it was obvious how resistant he was to her ‘childhood sweetheart’. Now that she was burdened with a dark history, there were certain topics she would definitely avoid.

Naturally, Qin Mo understood her intentions. He smiled and pulled open the drawer. “Why? Did you think I’ll be jealous?”

“Of course not.” Bo Jiu laughed lightly before asking, “Will you?”

Qin Mo replied leisurely, “There isn’t anything to be jealous about.”

Bo Jiu: … It’s definitely a lie!

It had to be a trap and Bo Jiu wasn’t going to fall for it. She decided to create a new topic to trap him instead. Hence, she closed the drawer. “Brother Mo, I thought about what you said previously and agree, my childhood sweetheart seems rather scheming. For instance, he never allowed me to play with others, which in hindsight was probably because he was jealous. But back then, I was still a child and wasn’t aware of such things.”

Bo Jiu waited for the Almighty to agree with her. Under normal circumstances, the Almighty would definitely agree and would calmly advise her to avoid such people in the future. But she was met with silence.

He unwrapped a candy and paused midway to her mouth, arching his brow. She was all prepared to accept the candy, so what happened?

She didn’t have time to process the situation when Qin Mo sat down and smiled. “Do you want it?”

“Mmh.” Bo Jiu was sure he was starting his seduction and waited to be fed. However, he chuckled and lifted his hand, tossing the candy into the bin.

Bo Jiu: …

“Since you’re running a fever, you should cut down on sweet food.” Qin Mo’s eyes lifted slightly.

It seemed to make sense but he had already fed her so many candies! Bo Jiu wasn’t sure what she did to have infuriated him, sitting there in confusion.

Qin Mo reached over and tugged her in. His voice was calm as he said, “I heard the purest relationships are forged during one’s childhood.”

Bo Jiu was certain he was upset because of the photo! She immediately added, “I was young and ignorant.”

Qin Mo tapped her wrist. “You don’t wish to talk about it?”

It was because you would get jealous… Bo Jiu nodded.

Qin Mo laughed, his long fingers still tapping her fingers as though he respected her wishes. He thought a moment before adding, “Then let’s talk about how many people you have chased before and how I fell in love with you at first sight.”

Bo Jiu: … Both topics are equally bad…

Bo Jiu leaned against his chest, her eyes faltering. “Brother Mo, my head hurts.”

“Do you think I’ll believe it?” Qin Mo scoffed. Even though that was what he said, he reached out and caressed her head affectionately, calming her.

If only he didn’t ask. “Aren’t you going to put the photo back?”

Bo Jiu didn’t move. “Nope.”

“Why not? It isn’t bad,” Qin Mo replied nonchalantly. After testing her temperature, she unwrapped another candy. „It’s natural for humans to fall in love during the right time.”

Bo Jiu: … Such generosity, I almost believed it!

“It’s fine kept away.” Bo Jiu remained firm during the battle of their wits. She deserved the candy.

However, he laughed and the same thing happened but this time, he didn’t throw the candy, instead, he ate it himself.

Bo Jiu: … Was it that hard to have candy now? Besides, the candy was obviously for her!

Qin Mo swept her a glance, his voice calm. “You want some?”

“Mmh,” Bo Jiu replied pitifully. However, acting pitiful wasn’t effective against the Almighty.

Qin Mo laughed, pinching his face. “Endure it.”

Bo Jiu: … His reluctance was definitely because of the photo!

Her brain was blank from the fever and it hadn’t occurred to her that his memory was back.

Qin Mo had no intention of telling her and was waiting for her to realize it herself. When he had realized that he had been calling his younger self a scheming boy, that feeling…

Qin Mo pinched her face, watching her closely to see when she would come to her senses.

Bo Jiu was rather perplexed but she could see the warmth in his eyes and he was treating her so preciously. Moreover, he was glancing down, looking seductive and triggering. She was helpless to his seduction, staring at him with a bright pair of eyes.

Qin Mo paused, his gaze deepening. He leaned forward, prepared to kiss the corner of her lips. In the end, he couldn’t control himself, his hands caressing her tenderness, wishing he could mould her into his body.

The kiss made her head spin, her body heating up more than it had before from the fever. Qin Mo noticed the raise in her body temperature and pressed his forehead against hers. Her restlessness made his heart feel knotted and uncomfortable.

He carried her and fed her a candy, lowering his head to kiss her hair. “Tell me when you’re thirsty.”

In the past, Bo Jiu hadn’t realized what a good caregiver he was but this time, she was fully aware. It was just a fever but yet, it was rather troublesome. Everything felt tasteless, she was constantly thirsty, and craved sweet and sour snacks. But candies weren’t good and too much would hurt her throat. It really wasn’t easy for a patient to feel better.

He kept a close watch on her. He knew exactly what she wanted with each slight movement. The candies were replaced by fruits that he kept feeding her. He even helped with her toilet visits.

Bo Jiu didn’t have much strength in her hands but after the IV, she felt much better. He didn’t seem to care that she could do it herself though, carrying her into the washroom and helping her undo her pajamas bottoms.

The Almighty had a pair of fair looking hands, his fingers so flawless it seemed to glow. When he undid her pajamas pants, the appearance of his hands felt extremely at odds with his actions.

From her angle, he didn’t seem to mind at all. “Let me know when you’re done.”

He took such precise care. Under his supervision, Bo Jiu finished many cups of water.

At around 10 pm, Bo Jiu’s body temperature was finally back to normal. She shut her eyes and fell asleep in his arms. Unlike her, Qin Mo didn’t sleep. He held onto her with one hand and used the other to check her temperature regularly. It was common knowledge that fevers could easily relapse at night.

Qin Mo knew it as well and hadn’t gone to sleep immediately. His fingers trailed down her face, brushing away the stray wisps of hair. He watched her tenderly, the sweetness seemed to overflow from his eyes.

Bo Jiu was already fast asleep and wasn’t able to witness the sight. Otherwise, she would have found the gaze extremely familiar.

Grandfather Butler stood by the door. He had wanted to bring in a bowl of soup but when he saw them, he silently closed the doors and glanced down at his silver pocket watch. He knew that even with him around, his young lord would still get well because tender and loving care was the best medicine. In this area, no one could beat Young Master Qin.

Bo Jiu slept comfortably, her face caressing a soft tenderness with comfortable temperature. Unbeknownst to her, it wasn’t a pillow but rather, it was Qin Mo’s pajamas.

The moment she moved, Qin Mo would awake and glance at her, checking her body temperature.

In the end, he probably couldn’t resist it any longer, reaching out to pinch her face. “I’ve dropped so many hints and yet you didn’t realize anything. You really are an idiot, Little Bo Jiu.”

Bo Jiu seemed to be having a good dream, the edges of her eyes were lifted and her little mouth was slightly open.

Qin Mo’s gaze deepened. He leaned over and placed the photo back to its original spot.

As the night continued to deepen, the netizens continued to focus on the competition since the match between Theo and Supreme Alliance brought them hope and made them realize the fact that Supreme Alliance wasn’t at the same level as the Japanese.

There were many analyses of the situation. In general, they claimed that Supreme Alliance would most likely lose the match because there wasn’t anyone that could go against Hoshino or You Sixin…