Chapter 1362 - Untitled

Chapter 1362 Untitled

The match against Theo gave them hope and made them realize they were lacking compared to the Japanese. There were many analyses of the game tomorrow and generally, most of them were in support of the Japanese. It wasn’t because Supreme Alliance wasn’t good but because the Japanese were just too overwhelming.Aside from You Sixin, Hoshino was also a player with world class skills. They weren’t just members of the Japanese; they were also representatives chosen by the committee to participate in international competitions.

Moreover, the Japanese weren’t just strong in their skills, they also had a solid fanbase. Each and every one of them could easily become a hot topic – and that wasn’t just limited to their own country. For instance, Lin Chentao had once mentioned that Hoshino was his idol. To be respected and worshipped by a professional esports player showed a lot of his influence.

Supreme Alliance against the Japanese; the difference might not be apparent within China itself but on the international standpoint, Supreme Alliance had never been mentioned in the past three years.

The reporters had looked into their history and the team really wasn’t worth mentioning other than the presence of the most valuable player. However, it had been three years since Qin Mo was awarded that title.

On an international level, Supreme Alliance hadn’t been doing well the past three years, which might also mean that Qin Mo wasn’t as formidable as before.

In China, there were many players who started to live stream after turning professional. The huge increase in fans seemed to wipe out the pure intentions they entered the industry with. In the end, they were only skilled enough for livestreams. It was much faster to earn money through livestreams than winning a championship.

Moreover, there were fans who harbored hopes and girls that threw themselves at them. That was how the foreign reporters viewed the Supreme Alliance since the team was filled with good looking individuals who seemed better suited as celebrities. Moreover, it was Qin Mo they were talking about.

Those that weren’t good looking would be judged subconsciously. Likewise, those that were handsome would also be judged. The greater the public opinion, the greater the pressure they had to bear. As professionals, it was a burden they had to endure.

The internet cafe was closed but the lights were still switched on. Yin Wuyao bit on his cigarette and was about to sleep when he heard a knock. He pulled up the metal shutters and saw three people standing in a row: Xue Yaoyao, Coco, and Feng Shang.

The holidays were approaching and the festive mood was thick in the air, with the decorations and the snow.

The three of them wore their uniform with a cotton jacket, looking young and fresh. Yin Wuyao took a moment and realized they were indeed young, the oldest one only 19 years old.

“Come in.” Yin Wuyao was holding onto a box of instant noodles and at the sight of them, he turned and asked, “Want some?”

They nodded in unison and followed behind Yin Wuyao like little ducklings. Yin Wuyao bit on his cigarette as he cooked the noodles. He seemed to have become a mother prematurely. There was one good thing about the internet cafe: the abundance of snacks.

The three of them didn’t practice today. The three of them were starting to become more recognizable and had to wear masks when they came over. And now, they were seated in a private room.

The room was big, the three of them took a seat and a bunch of tidbits to snack on while they watched Slam Dunk.

It was unlike before during the National League. Today, they didn’t practice insanely or watch the Japanese’s practice videos. After all, they had memorized everything about the Japanese and could see their footages playing in their minds whenever they shut their eyes. There was an ultimate Almighty in every industry and the Japanese were definitely the Almighties of the esports world.

Logically, they should be relaxed in order to be in a good condition for the match but they tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep. Sometimes, they couldn’t help feeling this way. When you were an ordinary person, you strived to live meaningfully. And when you were no longer ordinary, you would watch the others on the street discussing the holidays with such ease. But at that moment, you would have to wear your mask, passing through the countless number of shops in envy.

They couldn’t be at ease because of the inner loneliness but there wasn’t anyone who understood. When you noticed a decline in your skills, you subconsciously ended up here.

Coco had been certain he was the only one but after turning a corner, he had seen the little stutterer tying his shoelace and Yaoyao, who had been waving at them from afar.

They hadn’t made prior arrangements; it was a pure coincidence. It seemed as though everyone felt the same and this was the only place that could put them at ease. They knew what exactly they were afraid about. They were afraid they would lose the battle without their captain. They were afraid their inadequacies would drag down the entire team.

No one had to tell them the questions because they were more than aware. They weren’t just afraid; they were also worried.

Ever since the competition had ended, Little Spade had been in a bad condition and even until this moment, her phone was still switched off.

The rumors continued to fly online. Not everyone could be pleased. They could fault her even if she competed with a fever.

Yin Wuyao had been in the industry long enough and knew exactly what they were thinking about when he came over. He tapped the pot with his chopsticks. “Get your bowels.”

“These noodles taste rather stiff.” Coco took the first bite.

Feng Shang drank a mouthful of soup. “Y-you sh-hould be gl-ad there’s fo-od.”

“Mmh,” Coco agreed.

Yin Wuyao, a boorish man, would usually eat instant noodles. But when he saw the three of them, he decided to open fire and cook the noodles instead. He took a bite and arched his eyebrows when he realized his cooking wasn’t as tasty as instant noodles. Hence, he stopped eating and started to smoke. With a faint smile, he said, “Hey guys, I’m an old man and yet I don’t worry as much as you little twirps. What’s with all those thoughts? There will still be chances even if you lose the competition.”

Coco stilled but he didn’t reply. Yin Wuyao tapped his shoulders. “Don’t give yourself so much pressure, we can talk after the match tomorrow. Don’t worry about misjudgments, it’s common during competitions…”

Yin Wuyao’s counselling seemed to be working or perhaps it was the effect of a full stomach. After they finished the noodles, the three of them found a spot each and fell asleep.

Yin Wuyao glanced up and brought two blankets over. He placed one over Coco and Feng Shang and the other over Xue Yaoyao. Then he turned and switched off the lights.

Amidst the darkness, he didn’t head to bed but lit a cigarette instead. He reached for his phone and texted Feng Yi. “They are asleep and have thought through it but I can’t be certain about tomorrow’s situation.”

After reading the text, Feng Yi tugged his collar and glanced out the window at the bright lights in the city. That was right, what were they going to do tomorrow?

He wasn’t the only one who had that question. Dressed in a long black down jacket, with both hands in his pockets, Lin Feng had been pondering about this for the past three streets he had passed.

He was too engrossed in his thoughts and hadn’t noticed the glass window straight ahead. With a loud bang, he crashed straight into it. Lin Feng cursed in pain. More humiliatingly, it wasn’t a stranger that witnessed it but someone he was more than familiar with.

The girls around him laughed lightly. Lin Feng knew they were laughing at him. It was a pity he was wearing a mask and couldn’t show them his expression.

He glanced and locked eyes with the familiar person.

That person didn’t ask if it was painful. He reached out and shifted his fringe, caressing the reddening bruise. He must have seen what happened.

“What were you thinking about?” Yun Hu asked calmly.

Lin Feng coughed, avoiding the topic and his hand. “What are you doing here?”

Yun Hu didn’t hide his tracks. “I have been following you.”

Lin Feng felt uncomfortable. Just then, Yun Hu added. “And have witnessed all the idiotic acts.”

Lin Feng opened his mouth, prepared to retort but Yun Hu cut him off. “Let’s find a place to talk.” Yun Hu looked serious. “I’m under a lot of stress.”

With that, Lin Feng’s attitude changed instantly, leaning an arm around Yun Hu’s shoulders. “Come, you can tell your brother anything that has been bothering you.”

Ever since they had been young, he had been the one with the worries. Yun Hu stressed? It must be a joke! That had never happened before!

Besides, he had never had many challenges – other than their relationship. He had always been the one expressing his difficulties but Yun Hu had been impenetrable.

Ever since he had been young, Lin Feng had wanted to be an understanding and intimate brother but he had never had the chance since Yun Hu had been outstanding and never seemed to experience any form of stress. He could still carry out his usual runs, days before their high school examination. It seemed like nothing could affect him.

Now, he finally had the chance to counsel him! It was a dream coming true!

Lin Feng thought about it happily, leading Yun Hu to the side.

Yun Hu glanced over at the hands over his shoulders and smiled. He didn’t seem to know the differences between a gay and a straight man.

They were in the biggest plaza in Jiang City, which was at a fashionable mall. Due to its location, it was bustling even at night. There were vendors selling balloons, a busker singing with his guitar, and a group of youngsters skating.

They were both tall and well built, attracting attention even with their face masks concealing their appearances.

Lin Feng hadn’t noticed the stares, leading Yun Hu towards a long bench in the plaza. He glanced at the balloons afar and asked, “What sort of stress are you experiencing? Are you afraid you won’t be able to perform tomorrow?”

“Mmh,” Yun Hu replied faintly, his long legs straight out in a relaxed manner, looking completely unlike someone that was stressed out. It seemed more like he was finding an excuse to be with him.

The holiday mood was heavy in the air. They could hear festive music playing from a cafe. It was Eason Chen’s song Christmas.

“I completely understand how you feel.” Lin Feng sighed deeply and started to imitate Yun Hu’s position. He was relaxed but his hands were cold. But that didn’t dampen his excitement at all!

“As long as you…”

“Wait a minute,” Yun Hu interrupted. “I’ll get coffee.”

Lin Feng agreed since drinking coffee during such intimate moments made it seem more official!

There was a cafe right beside which made it convenient.

But these weren’t the points. When Yun Hu came out with two cups of piping hot coffee, Lin Feng reached out to grab one. Just then, he heard someone remark, “Look at his boyfriend, his partner is a male and yet he knows to get hot coffee on such a cold day. But you didn’t get anything for me.”

Lin Feng: … Boyfriend… Partner is a male… Buy coffee…

His expression must have been obvious but Yun Hu remained indifferent. “Help me with it.”

“Oh.” Lin Feng was certain that the girl was a bimbo and her opinions were most definitely dense. It had nothing to do with him.

However, before he reached for the coffee, he heard another remark. “Geez, this is torturing for the singles out here. They didn’t just wear a couple outfit; they are actually having coffee publicly.”

Couple outfit? Lin Feng glanced over and noticed the black down jacket that Yun Hu was wearing. Sis, down jackets are all the same. If you looked closely, there were definitely differences. How was it a couple outfit!

This was awkward. The naive and innocent Lin Feng was truly embarrassed, especially with the number of onlookers. How could he stomach the coffee? He would need to remove his mask to drink the coffee. But if both of them removed their masks, it might cause a buzz.

Hence, without much thought, he stood up. “Let’s talk somewhere else.”

That was his intention but his actions were too aggressive, the cup tilting to the side and the liquid poured out, scalding him. He quickly tossed the coffee away.

Lin Feng hadn’t been the only one caught off guard. Yun Hu hadn’t expected it either.

Yun Hu’s pants were stained by the coffee. He had always been neat and tidy, which made his current state seem disheveled. From a certain angle, it seemed as though Lin Feng wanted to reject Yun Hu’s coffee because of the public opinion but yet, he didn’t know how to broach the topic.

The distance between them crept wider…