Chapter 1364 - Untitled

Chapter 1364 Untitled

Bo Jiu wanted to stand but the moment she moved, he stirred and frowned. The Almighty had always been bad tempered when he woke up but surprisingly, it didn’t last long today.Instead, he held onto her wrist and pulled her close, pressing his forehead against hers. His long lashes were inches from her face as he checked her temperature using the most primitive method. Satisfied, he opened his eyes, his voice carrying a morning laziness. “You recovered pretty well.”

His breath splashed onto her face and the tips of their noses touched. Her heart skipped a beat. It was so sweet she wanted to kiss him but he didn’t give her the chance, avoiding her. He arched his brow. “Are you going to do something bad again?”

“Morning kiss,” Bo Jiu replied with a face of innocence.

Qin Mo laughed. “I don’t need it.”

Bo Jiu: … Was dating the Almighty so unromantic?

Indeed, it wasn’t romantic at all. As soon as she opened her eyes, he brought her a cup of medicine. Bo Jiu didn’t like medicine and only drank half of it, tossing the other half.

Right in that moment, the Almighty came out of the bathroom after washing up and caught her in the act. “It seems like you have something against the medicine I made.” Qin Mo commented nonchalantly.

Bo Jiu replied confidently, “We have a competition later. The medicine would make me drowsy.”

“A fever will make you drowsy.” Qin Mo tapped the cup.

The Almighty had a certain aura that made her seem unreasonable for not listening to his instructions. Bo Jiu tilted his head and finished the remaining medicine. The medicine wasn’t bitter but Bo Jiu couldn’t accept the taste and had wanted to rinse her mouth immediately after.

The moment she put down the cup, he leaned forward and kissed the corners of her lips. Caught off guard, Bo Jiu stilled as she listened to him. “Not bad, you are very well behaved.”

That was a compliment! Little Bo Jiu grinned, unable to suppress her happiness. There was a strange sense of familiarity. Bo Jiu was still wondering about this while brushing her teeth.

She wore the team uniform since they had a competition. The black and white uniform had a simple design but it seemed to give off a formidable aura. She didn’t wear a dress this time since she had proved everything she needed.

She was ravishing, looking like a pretty boy that appeared from an anime. Lights reflected from the black diamond earring on her left earlobe. It looked bright and shiny.

When she came out, Qin Mo was standing in front of the dressing mirror. He cocked his head and adjusted his sleeves, his fingers slender and fair-looking. Just the look of it instilled a desire to watch him play, astounding the crowd time and again, setting unbelievable records over and over again.

The Almighty had amazing skin – coldness was showing within the porcelain fairness.

His indifference remained even after wearing the team jacket. The words Supreme Alliance was imprinted at the back of the jacket. It was just like their first encounter, high and mighty. That was right. Bo Jiu told herself again that he was meant to stand amidst the gloriousness, forever at the top.