Chapter 1365 - Untitled

Chapter 1365 Untitled

At 10 am, there was a huge crowd even before the entry started. There was a bustling atmosphere because there weren’t just domestic fans but also fans that had specifically flown over just to watch the competition.The reporters held their equipment and could be seen conducting interviews everywhere. It was so hectic the security had to be activated.

The nearest train station was so packed that the crowd could barely move and all of them brimming with excitement.

The organizer invited the industry’s well-known cosplayers and voice actors. Cosplays of the Almighties were common but it was the first time the fans saw the Almighties that dubbed the game.

The Asian Cup was filled with services and gifts for the audience. Regardless of gender, they would paste the emblem of the team they supported on their faces. Jiang City was freezing but that didn’t affect their enthusiasm.

Xue Yaoyao watched the images on the screen and reached out to keep the milk Coco had passed her. Yin Wuyao had prepared the milk since they were still children to him.

He had spoken to Feng Yi yesterday and today at 10.30 am sharp, Supreme Alliance’s commercial van arrived. As Feng Yi sat beside the driver’s seat, his first question was, “Have you eaten?”

“I-i’ve eaten, Un-uncle’s gi-girlfriend made us f-food.” Feng Shang drank from the milk carton, looking refreshed and in high spirits.

Feng Yi turned towards Yin Wuyao with a raised brow. Yin Wuyao replied calmly, “She’s a fan.”

“A fan that chased him all the way here!” Coco was also drinking from a milk carton. “She’s cute, cooks well, and seems to only have eyes for Uncle. Even with my good looks, she hadn’t spared me a single glance.”

Feng Yi chuckled. “Did you give her a ticket?”

He would have to give her a ticket after feeding the teammates.

“She doesn’t understand the game,” Yin Wuyao replied.

“A fan that doesn’t understand the game?” Feng Yi wasn’t trying to intrude; he was only lightening the mood before the competition.

“She’s interested in Uncle’s appearance.” Xue Yaoyao chimed in.

“Yes! That’s the fact I can’t accept!” Coco pointed to himself. “Look at my face, now look at Uncle. Shouldn’t I be the top choice?”

Feng Shang stuttered, “Y-you a-aren’t very s-self-aware.”

The banters made Feng Yi relax. At least they were in a good mental state and that was more important than anything else.

At 12.20 pm, the entry began. The queues were shockingly long, with entrances on two levels. But even then, the ticketing staff were too overwhelmed. They couldn’t even spare time to have a sip of water.

After entering the grounds, the audience would have to find their allocated seat number. In order to avoid confusion, the seats had been divided into sections according to the seat numbers. Millions poured into the grounds at the same time. It was an unprecedented grandness.

The cameras had not been set up yet but that didn’t affect the reporters from their livestream. Anything that happened could be used as a broadcasting material.

One esports channel app had even made a tracking report. The main host was an anchor with a wide fanbase. “The competition is about to start. The Asian Cup is held every year but it seems like this year’s event is particularly exciting. Almighty C, have you guessed the reason?”

“First of all, this year’s Asian Cup is held in our country, which is an event many domestic esports fans looked forward to. In the past, they had to travel overseas to watch the event, which may cause many inconveniences. But now that the Asian Cup is held right at our doorstep, the emotions and attention is definitely very different from before. Even friends from my hometown have been asking me for tickets. Those who have played the game Hero are interested to see the Almighties they have been worshipping all these years. It’s an inseparable feeling. Moreover, this year, it’s Supreme Alliance and not Xiangnan representing China. How far can they go with their strong intuition? As a retired esports player, I would have loved to watch the match if it wasn’t for work.”

“Ah!” The host seemed to have realized something, pointing towards the screen. “Speaking of Xiangnan, they seem to be at the arena as well.”

“It’s normal since it’s definitely a match worth watching.”

The host paused. “Almighty C, you seem to be looking at Supreme Alliance favorably. Did you watch the interviews this morning? There are some who believe it would be an extremely tough battle for Supreme Alliance.”

“Indeed, it will be tough. Hence, they have to go all out or risk being suppressed by the Japanese.”

“Oh? Why would you say that? Is it because Qin Mo isn’t around?” The host wanted to hear his analysis of the game.

“You will understand when you watch the game later. It’s incredibly stressful to be facing the Japanese. One of the strengths of the Japanese are the individually formidable players. Even their trainees are skilled enough to battle with our professional players. I’m not trying to belittle our domestic players. Everyone should be aware of the current situation. They seem to have a natural flair in esports. Moreover, they have You Sixin and Hoshino, these two solid and stable mountains shielding them. There aren’t many teams that can keep their cool against them because there wasn’t any tactic useful in front of them. Experienced players would know the strength of Hoshino’s prediction. He may not be the captain but has been known as the Almighty of Prediction. Not to mention You Sixin, he just has to watch once before he can systematically calculate the person’s orb walk and habits. The terror of his ability will be in full view the moment the match begins.”

The host was startled. “Almighty C, you mean that chances of Supreme Alliance aren’t high even if Qin Mo is around?”

“No, that isn’t what I mean. We will have to look at the Supreme Alliance players’ mental state since they will be facing off the industry Almighties of many professional players. Perhaps, some of them entered the industry because they watched one of their video footage. It’s easy to be fazed when faced against Hoshino or You Sixin. Now, let’s go back to Qin Mo. We can’t be certain if he’s participating because we didn’t see him in the previous match. From the news online, he seems to have lost his memory. Hence, even if he is present, he won’t have his past abilities, which is worrying…”

“The analysis seems right.” The host stilled before exclaiming, “They’re here! Supreme Alliance’s car has arrived!”

The cameras turned towards them. A luxurious commercial car drove over. Everyone knew that Supreme Alliance was rich. Their facilities were the best in the industry and that included their car. The reporters flocked over when they saw the car driving in.

Feng Yi was the first to alight, dressed in his suit and with a characteristic smile. He raised both hands and blocked the reporters. The members alighted one after the other and were escorted into the lift by the security guards. Even through the screens, the tense atmosphere was palpable.

The host shook his head regretfully. “As everyone has seen, this is indeed Supreme Alliance’s car but Almighty Qin isn’t there. I’m afraid it’s just as Almighty C had said, they will end up being suppressed by the Japanese…”

Qin Mo’s absence raised a sense of fear and worry for their fans. In reality, the members felt the worst. Lin Feng, the chatterbox, hadn’t said a single word.

He wore a down jacket over his uniform, his hood raised over his head. He wasn’t trying to appear solemn but there were too many people and it helped to cancel out the noise. Besides, the others weren’t in the right mood as well.

Feng Yi was at a loss for words.

Coco knew what they were brooding about, hence, he didn’t express his moodiness. But it wasn’t the same. No one spoke the entire journey from the entrance to the lounge.

Feng Yi knew he had to do something. If they continued in this state, it would affect their performance – but he was feeling just as moody as them. It seemed like history was repeating themself and they had returned to the scene after losing the preliminaries.

No one wanted to speak. They felt upset, disappointed, unjust, and were blaming themselves. The series of emotions pushed them into silence.

Lin Feng probably couldn’t take the silence and asked, “Which lounge are we allocated?”

“The on in front,” Feng Yi replied.

He was the first to reach, removing his jacket as he pushed the door open. But the moment he opened the door, he stiffened. Was… was he seeing things?! Captain? Captain!

Lin Feng started to doubt his vision but there he stood, tall and firm, rolling his sleeve and giving off a sense of indifference. Only their captain could look so dashing in the team uniform!

“Why are you standing there?” Coco asked, pushing the door forward but the moment he saw the person inside, he stiffened as well.

However, Coco wouldn’t just stay there, the proactive Coco called out to his captain, prepared to hug him.

Bo Jiu raised her arm to stop him with a smile. “Coco, even though you are a guy, you should maintain a suitable distance away from my boyfriend, you can’t just hug him so casually.”

She was the only one who could hug the Almighty. Coco wasn’t upset, instead he burst into a wide grin. “I knew Little Spade had her ways, handsome and reliable! Bringing Captain back wouldn’t have troubled you at all.”

“Mmh, I’m glad you understand. You don’t have to say it even though it’s pleasant to the ears,” the shameless Bo Jiu replied.

Xue Yaoyao and Yin Wuyao were still at the door watching and they smiled. There was light in Rao Rong’s eyes when he turned towards Qin Mo. Even if he lost his memory, he should be the one ending this competition.

Lin Feng burst into laughter. His first reaction was to grab Little Spade’s neck and give her head a good rub.

Of course, it was just a thought! He raised his hand and reached over for Little Spade’s shoulders. In that moment, all the warmth seemed to leave his captain’s eyes as he turned over towards him, an intense pressure weighing above him.

Lin Feng felt his scalp prickle and he immediately retracted his arm. He pretended as though nothing happened.

“I’m glad you’re here.” Feng Yi walked over. This time, he had a genuine smile on his face. He had been prepared for Little Spade’s absence but now, she was here. Even Young Master Qin was here!

At this moment, Feng Yi felt a huge weight lift off his shoulders. All these years, this was the competition they had owed him. All these years, Qin Mo had been considering the other members.

Qin Mo was meant to be known internationally but because the team hadn’t been good enough, he hadn’t been able to go further. Honestly, it was Supreme Alliance that had dragged him down. They were Qin Mo’s burden. They weren’t like Xiangnan with a strong reserve of backup players or even the choice to pick their own characters.

If he had gone to Xiangnan, he would have easily climbed to the top. After all, Supreme Alliance had been a new team and couldn’t find good players. Hence, there hadn’t been many players who could match up with Qin Mo. He had been the MVP in every match. But in the end, Supreme Alliance hadn’t even qualified for the preliminaries.

That was Supreme Alliance’s past. He might have scored the highest but because his team hadn’t qualified for the preliminaries, it had all been just a dream. He had been scouted by many big teams but he had remained loyal, transitioning from the agile and untouchable assassin to the team commander that stood guard beneath the towers.

These were the sacrifices he had made for the Supreme Alliance. Fortunately, it was different this time.

Feng Yi was once again grateful for Little Spade’s existence. She hadn’t just brought Young Master Qin back…

Perhaps no one else could tell but he was well aware of the sacrifices Qin Mo had made and understood that after Little Spade’s appearance, he was truly happy when he played esports. He no longer had to worry and could use the character he was best in to compete.

It was just like the first time Feng Yi had laid eyes on him. Feng Yi believed that even without his past memory, he would still be able to stun the crowd.

Lin Feng didn’t think much into it and asked, “Little Spade, are you feeling alright?”

She left in such a bad state and was uncontactable the entire night. Of course, he was worried.

However, he ended up being fed a flaunt. “Me? I’m fine. I was running a fever but Brother Mo took care of me the entire night and kept using his forehead to check my temperature. You probably never experienced such tenderness before.”

Lin Feng: “…”