Chapter 1366 - Untitled

Chapter 1366 Untitled

F*ck! Why did he have to ask?Lin Feng’s mouth twitched twice, unwilling to say another word.

Previously, he was upset but now, he was irritated!

Bo Jiu, however, thought otherwise. Back in the military, there hadn’t been anyone she could flaunt her love to. Now, she finally found someone. It was definitely time to exploit Lin Feng, her bestie.

“Wait a minute, what did you just say? Your bestie?”

“What’s wrong?” Bo Jiu arched a brow.

Lin Feng was frowned. “I’m a grown man. How can I be your bestie? Yaoyao is your bestie! Tell it to Yaoyao!”

“It’s not the same,” Bo Jiu replied slowly. “It’s more fun telling it to you. Don’t be submissive like yourself like listening to such things?”

He received yet another blow. Submissive! Submissive? Him?! F*ck! “Have you seen a submissive as aggressive as me! Little Spade, are you itching for a fight?!”

Supreme Alliance used to be in such a state but Lin Feng realized that a certain someone was still growing increasingly shameless. How could she have called him a submissive?

“Come on, let’s fight.” Bo Jiu chuckled, reaching out for Qin Mo, who was arranging his belongings. She declared cheekily, “I have the Almighty to help me, you can find someone if you’re capable enough.”

Lin Feng choked, grabbing another wad of hair in frustration. “… Isn’t all that just to flaunt your love? Why did I fall into your trap? Why!”

He longer counted on his captain to keep her in check. The Almighty glanced over, clearly agreeing to everything she had said. Moreover, his captain didn’t even remember them anymore. Geez…

Lin Feng walked towards his seats and asked his teammates, “You’re just going to endure it?”

“Little Flower Lin.” Coco caressed his chin, looking wise. “I always believed being a submissive is linked to your appearance. Why don’t I give you a makeover? Perhaps, you might be able to escape the submissive fate.”

Lin Feng was speechless, looking as though he had given up.

Coco grabbed a pen and went straight to work, a mischievous glint in his eyes. “This is a gift from my fans, the smearing effect is exceptional.”



“F*ck, Coco, what did you draw!”

“The number 1. Weren’t you insisting on being number 1?”

Lin Feng reached out to rub his face but he couldn’t wipe it off. Yun Hu, however, reached out to stop him. “It looks good.”

Indeed, it was pretty good. There was a small 1 at the corner of his eyes. He seemed much younger than before.

The atmosphere in the lounge seemed to have calmed down. They seemed fearless in the face of the obstacles that were coming their way. Rao Rong stood in a corner with a faint smile.

Just then, Lin Chentao commented, “This must be their natural state, it’s great.”

Rao Rong glanced over towards the person muttering to himself and reached over towards his naturally curly hair. “And now, you are one of them as well.”

Lin Chentao stilled and broke into a radiant smile. “Mmh, I am.”

A professional gamer understood that this wasn’t the typical atmosphere before a competition, perhaps excluding Xiangnan. In the past, investors would force newcomers they wished to groom into the team and even the simplest match would end up being tough and tedious.

Supreme Alliance wasn’t the same. In this team, dreams were no longer an unreachable reality. They wanted to prove themselves in the sport they loved, to minimally let their parents know they weren’t bad, and for this career to be respected.

Perhaps, he understood the reason Almighty Yin joined the team after he had retired because in this team, he found his initial drive and enthusiasm again. He wanted to stand as champions with his teammates, with their nation’s flag wrapped around them.

This day had finally arrived. That was how they all felt. In the past year, they had been worshipped, loved, maligned, rumored, and become a memory emblazoned in many. Today, it would be a test of their ability.

Qin Mo had no intentions of bursting the harmonious mood. Hence, Bo Jiu was the only one in the team that was aware that his memory was back.

At 1:45 pm, they were five minutes away from the official start. In the arena, the staff tasked to the broadcast were checking their equipment to prevent sudden mishaps during the livestream.

Two male and one female broadcasters stood on stage, preparing their lines.

The seconds started to fly past. The audience were already in place and the perimeters of the grounds were clear. The entry had been closed ten minutes ago. Everyone waited with bated breaths.

At 1:55 pm, the site traffic started to skyrocket. The stage manager and the director checked the time and signaled to the backstage at the same time.

There was an announcement coming from the lounge room of both teams. It was played in a different language but had the same meaning. It was to inform the teams they had less than five minutes before the competition and for them to prepare entering the arena.

When the announcement was being played, Lin Feng was pointing to the number ‘1’ mark on his face, asking Yun Hu if he was a dominant. In that instant, everyone’s expression shifted almost instantly. They held a seriousness like never before.

Indeed, they were very serious. Even Feng Shang seemed to have aged, a sharp glint in his eyes. Yin Wuyao had been lighting cigarettes but even he had paused. Rao Rong wore his left arm guard while Bo Jiu stuffed a hand into her pocket, her lips curved up flamboyantly.

She looked just like the hero she always used, evil and handsome. Qin Mo shut his locker and turned. His voice was calm before he shook the grounds by saying, “Are you ready?”

Lin Feng felt a shock run through him because it felt too familiar. It was the question their captain would ask before they entered the battlegrounds!

But that wasn’t the end. He pulled his sleeve and raised an arm, clenching his hands into a fist. His eyes were dark – dark enough to hold all the events from the past.

The first time he had represented Supreme Alliance in a competition. He had come a long way since the days he had started out. The years he had lost while leaning against the wall in silence. Did they remember all those years?

Lin Feng felt his eyes turn red as he pushed his fists forward. If even he understood, the others wouldn’t have mistaken.

They raised their fists together. “Supreme Alliance.”