Chapter 1367 - Untitled

Chapter 1367 Untitled

With a swoosh, the screens were pulled open. The director signaled one last time and the three broadcasters turned to face the cameras.At 1:58 pm, the major sites began the last countdown. A string of words appeared on the screens. These were the countless number of comments that fans have written to Supreme Alliance!

One of them said they consisted of all the insanity of their youth, the battles they fought with their brothers, the instant noodles they shared, and how they managed to get over their first loves. Some even claimed it was the best part of their youth, the Esports Asian Cup in 2018!

A thundering explosion boomed and fireworks blazed into the sky. The host appeared on the screens, indicating the start of the competition. “Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen, we meet again.”

“I believe that everyone, like us, is anticipating the exciting match that is about to come. Again, this is the finals of the 2018 Esports Asian Cup. Don’t change the channel as the players you have been waiting to see come on stage.”

“Let us start the countdown. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6… 1, 0! Introducing the first team, the Japanese!”

With a sharp swoosh, the lights congregated into one spot on the stage. On the left side of the massive stage, the Japanese walked out from the light. They were indeed worthy of their title because they seemed to have a natural aura around them as they appeared on stage looking fierce and formidable.

You Sixin had long black silky hair but yet, there wasn’t even a slight hint of feminism. Instead, along with the well-tailored team uniform, he looked sharp and overwhelming. His lips curved upwards, the dark aura shrouding around him thickening. He was a force to be reckoned with.

Hoshino stood beside him and today, he was visibly different. His black hair was fastened by a hair band, his eyes as gentle as the first snowfall and the morning sun.

The doll-faced person and the others stood behind them, falling into their entrance formation. The main team wasn’t competing but yet, the cheers for Hoshino and You Sixin were intense.

Some of the fans bolted upright in excitement. It was purely adoration. Information of the Japanese team flashed onto the massive screens. It was enough to send a shot of excitement through the audience.

Because of that, the fans started to anticipate Supreme Alliance’s entrance. The fans gripped the support sticks with more strength than they could imagine. Amongst them was a middle-aged woman that didn’t seem to understand esports at all.

She was dressed beautifully, just like the day she had gone to court for her daughter. Back then, however, there hadn’t been light in her eyes but only grievances and unfairness. Who could emphasize?

Back then, she had been in so much pain she thought about ending her life. It was the darkness period of her life. Rather than strength, it was light she saw from that child that helped her.

Today, she was seated here to watch them compete. Her heart was warm and so were her eyes. There were things she didn’t understand but the feelings reverberate within her strongly and clearly.

A young lady sat beside her. She tugged her hand and pointed out the details on stage. “Auntie, Big Spade and the others will be walking out from there. I wonder what she’ll wear today. Will it still be a dress? She wore a dress yesterday and controlled the entire match with her godly predictions. If she wears a dress again, the guys from the other team would definitely go crazy, me included. I specifically brought a polaroid to snap a shot for my roommates but regardless of what she wears, I’ll like it.”

The young lady broke into a grin. She was worried the auntie wouldn’t understand the match and had specifically sat beside her. When they entered, she pointed to her support team uniform. “I’m a Big Spade fan, we’re a family.”

Those that had experienced darkness were better equipped with warmth. In the past, she hadn’t been exposed to it but because they loved the same person, she was protected wherever she went.

“Auntie, Auntie, come sit here,” she called out. The young ladies had even kept the trash neatly in plastic bags. The tiniest details were enough to reflect their meticulous heart.

The young ladies that liked her all seemed to be such kind souls. The thought made her smile. It all seemed apt since they were that child’s fans…

“Alright, we have finished introducing the Almighties from the Japanese. Let us now take a look at our second team, Supreme Alliance!”

The instant Supreme Alliance was announced, a countless number of fans felt their hearts tightening! They turned in the same direction. All the lights concentrated onto one spot and a figure appeared from within. The team appeared against the light, their figures tall and svelte. The strong lights made it hard to see their faces.

When they came closer, standing in a straight line, the crowd froze! They stared with wide eyes, tears brimming in their eyes. Some of them were so overwhelmed they covered their mouths. It was all because of the centermost figure!

Their uniform flew gently with the wind. He lifted his lids and immediately, all the lights seemed to gather together, reflecting in his eyes.

“Boss! Almighty Qin! I know you’d be back! We have all been waiting!” A shout came from the grandstand and with a swoosh, a few guys opened the flags in their hands, their eyes red rimmed and filled with a fiery passion!

In reality, they hadn’t held much hope. Even though there were grievances, he hadn’t appeared in the previous match.

There were so many people who blamed him. As an Almighty, he couldn’t even take that pressure. But they seemed to have forgotten that they had been the ones who had forbidden him from participating.

After yesterday, they didn’t feel good. This was especially true for the official fan members who had been standing guard at his official Weibo, reading the past posts and the videos that had graced esports headlines a countless number of times.

They reposted silently, hoping for his return since a Supreme Alliance without Qin Mo simply wasn’t the real Supreme Alliance. They hadn’t forgotten who formed the team.

No one had the rights to determine Supreme Alliance’s direction – except him. Because of him, Supreme Alliance managed to be remembered. And because of him, Supreme Alliance continue to remain relevant

There were many teams that disbanded once the members were old and no longer lucrative but Supreme Alliance stayed strong because he had been there to balance everything. Perhaps, only the fans that had followed him through the experiences understood this.

For a natural born assassin to keep his sharpness in order to play a slower and gentler team commander. Could they imagine the sacrifice?

He wasn’t what they had claimed, unable to withstand pressure. What he carried was the glory and disgrace of the entire Supreme Alliance!