Chapter 1368 - Untitled

Chapter 1368 Untitled

Qin Mo’s appearance was definitely an unexpected surprise.The comments in the livestream channel went off the roof! The fans weren’t the only ones caught off guard. Even the reporters were caught off guard, they hurriedly changed their plans and shifted the cameras towards Supreme Alliance.

Logically speaking, Feng Yi should have released the information to them in advance but this time, there had been absolutely no signs before.

The insiders had their speculations. They believed something must have happened to Qin Mo for him to have missed the previous match but they hadn’t expected him to appear now!

The main director was clearly in shock, he quickly signaled the backstage. They intensified the lighting. There were eight screens, all of them showing information about Supreme Alliance.

There were ten members behind Qin Mo and all of them were familiar to the audience. Feng Shang, Coco, Lin Chentao, Rao Rong, Yin Wuyao, Lin Chentao, Yin Wuyao, Xue Yaoyao, and the youngster with silver hair. It was just like the first time she graced the esports arena. She looked clean and warm, with a face that could send hearts racing.

Even though they knew her gender, seeing her dressed in the black and white uniform, with her hands stuffed into her pocket and the curve of her jaws, they couldn’t help their hearts melting. A smile toyed at her lips, the lights emphasizing her features. Even her pale lips seemed to glow.

With a swoosh, her name appeared on the screens: Spade Z!

She needed no introductions, everyone was crystal clear that she was the FC King of Zone C, battling by herself, leaving no grass unturned. They were the complete Supreme Alliance!

The host was momentarily startled. She only managed to continue once Supreme Alliance had sat down. “This is exhilarating! I never expected to see Almighty Qin at this moment. I believe this will be an exciting match! And I believe the audience can no longer wait. Teams, please choose the member for the single player battle!”

At that moment, the crowd broke into a frenzy. Everyone was cheering excitedly, their lights glowing.

You Sixin leaned back lazily, a smile on his face. “How is it? Invincible Vice-captain, have you thought of anything to defeat Qin Mo?”

“I have one.” Hoshino glanced over. “I can make him jealous by interacting with Z.”

You Sixin narrowed his eyes. “Good idea but I don’t like it, so why don’t we leave Qin Mo to me?”

“How long have you been waiting for this match?” Hoshino countered.

You Sixin chuckled. “I’ll wait for a match?”

“Haven’t you always been watching Qin Mo’s video from that year?” Hoshino asked. “I’d think you had other ideas in mind.”

You Sixin stilled before he straightened and his eyes darkened. “Who do you think has a more accurate prediction, me or him?”

“That’s the reason you’d been waiting for an exchange.” Hoshino wore his wrist guard. “We can take the team battle, you and me.”

You Sixin’s laughter thickened. “I agree.”

The Japanese felt a chill run through them. It seemed like their captain and vice-captain were unusually serious today. They were actually teaming up for the team battle.

Their vice-captain was best at single player battles. There was a belief in the esports industry – that any team against the Japanese could give up on the single player battle because no one could defeat Hoshino in a single player battle. Why were they moving him to the team battle?

The young doll-faced person was bewildered.

Watanabe caressed his chin. “Supreme Alliance would probably place their important players in the team battle, which means…” Before he could finish the analysis, the screens flashed the first player being sent out by the Japanese.

Watanabe’s face appeared on the screen and he raised a brow. The emcee hurriedly announced, “Alright, the Japanese have confirmed their decisions. Let us take a look at the player from Supreme Alliance… It’s North of the Yin Mountain!”

Both players stood up. Watanabe’s lips curved up. “Since that’s the case, let me task the waters.”

He took a step forward, sat in front of the computer and wore the black headphones hanging at the side. Once he was prepared, he turned to glance at his fans.

The shoutcasters were bewildered. “This is a rare sight.”

“Indeed.” The other shoutcaster chimed in. “Honestly, I’ve watched many of the Japanese’s competitions and under normal circumstances, for such large-scale competitions, they would assign Hoshino as the starter. That was the lineup for last year’s competition against Xiangnan. I wonder what caused the change.”

“They probably have a plan.”


The shoutcasters weren’t fully certain of their analysis. There were also viewers asking on the livestream. With questions, there would definitely be answers but that was from their individual point of view. “Logically speaking, Qin Mo lost his memory, which would affect his skills. The Japanese respect their opponents but if their skills aren’t the best, there honestly isn’t a need to send Almighty Hoshino. There are two considerations, first to test their skills and second to further develop the new players. It’s just a personal opinion from a former esports gamer that has participated in competitions.”

The comment garnered support since it made sense.

The viewers shook their heads. “Is that Supreme Alliance’s ability? It would have been better if Xiangnan had been sent out instead. Last year, Almighty Hoshino had been the first to start the competition.”

“We shouldn’t be speculating. Let’s just focus on the competition.”

“What do you think? I really don’t understand. Why is he still competing when he has amnesia? Why is he holding on so badly? Look at the way the Japanese are treating us. This is really an embarrassment to China.”

“Don’t ever mock the ones that are fighting at the forefront. I don’t understand this discussion at all. They are the ones competing for the country, not you guys.”

“I agree but if they aren’t even able to force out Hoshino, it really is the end for Supreme Alliance…”