Chapter 1369 - Untitled

Chapter 1369 Untitled

Fortunately, this was a competition because in professional esports competitions, the competitors wouldn’t be able to hear anything once they entered the competition grounds.Yin Wuyao was also wearing headphones. He wasn’t smoking as he usually did and there was a change in the way others were looking at him. He had one of the most aloof expressions but when he held the mouse, the audience couldn’t help but look at his fingers. Strangely, at his age, his fingers, which should be rough and coarse, were instead long and defined.

It reflected his passion towards the sport. He subconsciously protected his hands, dreaming of a comeback for which he still had to use the mouse and keyboard.

The starting music blast through the speakers along with the emcee’s excited introduction. The competition officially began! Both the audience and the members from Supreme Alliance were all looking at Yin Wuyao’s hands.

“Watanabe isn’t going to be an easy opponent,” the shoutcaster commented.

“Indeed, Watanabe has a flawless orb walk and tactic. He is fast and has an aggressive attack. Real ability is needed against him.” The shoutcaster paused slightly. “This may just be the start but high-leveled 1v1 games are usually quick and the victor determined in an instant. Judging from how things are playing out, North of the Yin Mountain is in danger.”

The shoutcaster’s words seemed to materialize. Watanabe struck with his second skill, smashing straight onto Yin Wuyao; retardation, dizziness, and assault. The series of events uncoiled so quickly the audience were stunned.

“Such speed is hard to imagine!” The shoutcaster’s voice was low and deep. “This is probably the strength of a world-class team. Every single player is a force to be reckoned with. There aren’t many in our country who could stop such operations.”

Some viewers questioned his remark, claiming it sounded like an exaggeration. Perhaps, Supreme Alliance had fallen, which affected the team member’s abilities. In reality, they didn’t understand how strong the opponents were.

The only ones who knew were probably Xiangnan, who was seated in a corner of the grandstand.



“Do you still remember Watanabe?”

“Of course, two of us couldn’t even stop his tower double kill. Even though the both of us killed him in a 2v1, in reality, we lost in terms of technique.”

“Mmh, there were troops which helped to push down the crystal city but now, Yin Wuyao is fending him alone, it would definitely be a feat.”

Indeed, the Japanese were strong and only those that had faced them would understand. It might just be a second skill but why did Yin Wuyao look so weak?

In reality, it wasn’t just a second skill, there were so many techniques and judgements behind the attack. The more fluid his movements, the easier it was for others to neglect the thoughts behind. In a high-level game, nothing was ever as simple as it looked.

“If this goes on, Uncle won’t be able to catch up at the later stage.” Beauty Luo might be a female but she specialized in match analysis. “Watanabe’s tactic is clearly testing the waters for the Japanese. Uncle has to force out his limits to have a chance at winning. Based on our previous exchange, you should know this isn’t his true strength…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Xiao Jing folded his arms around his chest, his eyes dark. “It’s here.”

What was here? Before anyone could process what happened, Watanabe sent out a second wave of attacks! There was a defense tower, which made his moves completely unexpected!

Another second skill attack! Everyone was certain Yin Wuyao hadn’t noticed anything and would end up being killed. But then, his right hand moved swiftly, leaving Watanabe’s circle of control!

The defense tower impact smashed onto Watanabe but that wasn’t even the end. Watanabe shook his mouse, using his orb walk to take the first kill. However, amidst the bright electric lights and fiery flames, Yin Wuyao’s fingers flew across the keyboard and struck Watanabe.

“Beautiful!” the shoutcasters exclaimed.

Watanabe moved instinctively. He wanted to counter but Yin Wuyao wasn’t weak. Yin Wuyao dodged with swift snakelike movements, leaving the audience startled. Watanabe wasn’t going to let go of this chance though, especially since he had managed to take a strike.

Amidst the fiery background came another sudden assault!

Yin Wuyao countered and their attacks struck at the same time.


The music started playing and the two letters splashed across the screens. North of the Yin Mountain was lying in a pool of blood.

The fans couldn’t bear to watch the scene.

But indeed, Yin Wuyao was the first death. According to the international regulations for single player battles, the player who took the first kill was declared the winner.

The fans never expected the end to come so quickly. Why was it over? The defense tower was still standing.

It was just the middle of the game, less than 20 mins since the start. How could it end in such a manner?

Some of the viewers watching the livestream were convinced that Supreme Alliance was lackluster and prepared to give up on the match.

Just then, another announcement boomed. It was Watanabe, who was also lying in a pool of blood.

As Watanabe hadn’t expected it, his hands stilled. He had made the calculations. After he made his kill, he would definitely have enough HP for a tower attack. Even if he was counter struck, it would be within an acceptable range.

Watanabe narrowed his eyes and turned towards the slow speed replay. That was when he realized Yin Wuyao hadn’t just counterattacked but had added a tactical orb walk. He had clearly predicted the second skill attack and had planned a counter kill!

If he hadn’t slowed at the corner, perhaps Yin Wuyao would have taken the first kill!

Watanabe’s lips curved. “Interesting.” Indeed, it had been a while since he had seen such an opponent. He had actually managed to pull him down with him!

The audience watched with wide eyes and the shoutcasters sighed as they spoke of the regrets. But this was a competition and there were rules they had to abide by.

Yin Wuyao was the first to fall. Hence, Watanabe took the first kill. Even though both sides died, the Japanese were the victors for this match.