Chapter 137 - Young Master Treats Him Like a Friend

Chapter 137: Young Master Treats Him Like a Friend

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When Aunt Zhang brought up the bowl of congee and saw this scene, she almost dropped the bowl on the floor!

This young master in front of her eyes was nothing like the young master that she knew before.

The young master that she knew before was cold and emotionless, and he liked for everything to be under his control; nothing could ever intrigue him.

Maybe it was because Young Master had always been by himself even since he was little that he was acting like this now that he finally found a friend?

Aunt Zhang thought about it and decided to give Madam a call tomorrow. It was already too late tonight.

She was afraid that when she told Madam about this, she would be too excited to fall asleep.

Qin Mo saw Aunt Zhang standing at the door and took his hand back. His voice was still cold. “Okay, now you can go enjoy your congee.”

Hearing that, Fu Jiu became even happier. She raised her fluffy head and smiled at Aunt Zhang. “Aunt Zhang, thank you!”

Aunt Zhang hurriedly waved his thanks away and saw the young man taste her congee without fear of getting burned. She felt truly happy and put the whole pot in front of “him.”

Fu Jiu wasn’t worried at all about being unable to finish the whole thing.

The most beautiful thing in life was that she could have some meat congee hot pot at 11 p.m. at night after physics classes.

This was especially nice in Jiang City, where the late autumn could get pretty chilly. There were even layers of fog outside at the moment, so eating something made her belly warm.

Plus, she could still waste all that money in game while having delicious food.

Most importantly, she was very interested to see how much money this god had in his account.

According to the manner in which he gave her presents last time, he must be loaded.

Fu Jiu logged into this god’s account while eating her congee.

She excitedly opened the account’s file list.

One zero, two, three… eight, nine zeros!!!

In-game coins with nine zeros on the figure! Converting it to RMB, it was more than a million…

Fu Jiu turned to looked at that god logging into her account that only had a few thousand.

Was this the difference between an academic trash and a top student?

Fu Jiu lowered her head and bit on the spoon!

No fair!

She needed to make more money.

Having reached this conclusion, she remembered something.

Right, Baby Feng!

Fu Jiu opened the page and saw “Awarding You a Slap of Pleasure” flirting with girls.

According to his words, Fu Jiu locked onto the position of Feng Shang and sent a message over. “You there?”

Feng Shang sent his big brother away and sat back down. He saw Almighty Qin was talking to him in the game, and he choked on his own saliva, coughing severely.

A fake account?

This was Feng Shang’s first reaction.

Student Feng was still thinking that this fake account messed with him at the wrong time, so he had to fix him up… Wait, there was a rank on top of his character, and above it proudly hung the shocking Supreme Alliance logo!

He was very familiar with this logo; it was under Qin Corporation… Was it really Almighty Qin speaking?

Feng Shang felt haunted, and the first thing he did was not to reply to Qin God, but to click onto Spade Z’s name. He sent a lot of requests over in a row. “Idol! Idol! Almighty Qin actually talked to me?! How should I reply?”

Qin Mo logged into the young man’s account and saw those messages. His long, slim fingers moved on the mouse as he casually looked up at Fu Jiu sitting on the opposite side. His phoenix eyes gradually darkened…