Chapter 1370 - Untitled

Chapter 1370 Untitled

Yin Wuyao took off his earpiece and walked over slowly. It was easy to tell that he wasn’t in a good mood.Bo Jiu placed her toes on the ground and stood up on her long and slender legs. “When you’re free, we can find a time and have a duel again online.”

Her intention was very clear. If the time of this 1v1 competition had been slightly longer, if the rules of the competition had been different, the result of this duel might be different too.

Yin Wuyao smiled. “Don’t console me like this. I know that my hand speed was a little slow just now.”

“This is indeed related to age.” Bo Jiu smiled. “You’re using your slow hand speed to bully the newbies.”

Yin Wuyao paused for a moment. The smile on his face got brighter. “Fine, Little Leader, I’m comforted by your words.”

It was better to say some things out loud.

“After this, we’ll be having the double.” Yin Wuyao raised his head to look at the screen. “Why do you think Hoshino didn’t fight in the solo battle?”

Lin Feng came over when he heard this. “That’s right. I’m curious about this too. The Japanese team isn’t an arrogant team.”

“I’m just afraid that because I lost, we won’t be able to force them to show their true power anymore.” Yin Wuyao had a reason to worry.

Bo Jiu smiled lightly and opened her mouth. “That won’t happen.”

“What won’t happen?” Lin Feng was confused.

Bo Jiu looked at the Japanese team that seemed very calm and composed now. The corners of her thin lips lifted up and she replied, “They will still show their true power. Do you think that with the Almighty and me sitting her together, they will have the guts not to give it their all? We are the most powerful couple.”

Lin Feng said, “Are you trying to flaunt again? Little Spade, you’re really crazy now!”

Bo Jiu didn’t feel ashamed. Instead, she felt proud of herself. “If you have a boyfriend like the Almighty, you will want to flaunt too.”

Lin Feng: … For some reason, he couldn’t refute her at all!

“Fine, let’s talk about something serious.” Bo Jiu suddenly smiled. “Let’s talk about why Hoshino didn’t participate in the solo battle.”

Lin Feng asked, “Why?”

Bo Jiu smiled. “That’s because he wants to fight with me during the group battle.”

Lin Feng was speechless. “I’m asking you a question seriously!”

“I’m also replying to you seriously.” Bo Jiu placed her hands in the pockets of her pants and maintained the smile on her face.

The corners of Lin Feng’s lips twitched. “Who do you think will believe what you just said?”

“Masters are lonely. You just need to understand that.” Bo Jiu turned and took a bottle of mineral water. “I can only blame myself for keeping such a low profile normally.”

Lin Feng turned his head and looked at Coco, who was waiting for the answer too. “I really feel like beating her up.”

“Team Belle, keep calm. Don’t act rashly. Even if Little Spade is manlier than you and more handsome than you, she’s still a lady. Also, Captain has been looking in your direction ever since some time ago. If you really beat her up, you will not gain any advantage.”

Lin Feng’s back stiffened when he heard Coco’s last sentence. He turned his neck around stiffly. The person standing behind him was none other than their captain. Lin Feng took a deep breath. However, he didn’t have the chance to open his mouth before a voice floated over. “Spade Z, it looks like we need to spend some time talking about your relationship with Hoshino.”

No matter how smart Bo Jiu was, she didn’t expect to get implicated too. She coughed softly.

Lin Feng’s expression changed instantly when he saw this. “That’s right! You do need to have a good chat!”

Qin Mo glanced at the person who was adding oil to the flame. “Also, Lin Feng, don’t bully my girlfriend. You have been with me for a long time so you should know that I’m not a reasonable person.”

Lin Feng: … Who was the one getting bullied?! Even if you’re unreasonable, Captain, you should let other people say it. That was not a compliment. Why did you mention it so casually! What happened to no love in esports? What happened to only brotherhood? The Captain that used to only love them had changed! Old sayings were indeed always right. Men are fickle-minded!

However, why did the Japanese team end up like this?

The shoutcasters were trying to understand what happened too.

Actually, Bo Jiu had already told him the answer. However, Lin Feng didn’t take it to heart.

“Supreme Alliance’s situation is not optimistic. They didn’t win the solo battle. This will have a huge impact on the battles after this.” Normally, the shoutcasters would analyze the situation based on the current circumstances. “That situation might really exist.”

“What situation?”

“When your opponent is much stronger than you, humans will naturally want to escape. It’s hard to get rid of this feeling.”

“Now that you mentioned it, Supreme Alliance is taking a long time to decide the team members for the double.”

“They don’t know who’s the safest option.”

“Actually, there’s a team that will definitely win if they appear.”


“Qin Mo and Spade Z. However, it’s impossible for them to appear now. I understand what you mean. Since they lost the solo battle, they must win the double. I can imagine how much stress the two players playing doubles will be having.”

“Yes. To the Japanese team, this competition is very important too. That’s why they will give it their all too. Even if Hoshino and You Sixin don’t take part in the double, we can’t forget that there are other powerful players too. Their winning rate for doubles has always been more than 90%. If Supreme Alliance loses in the doubles, they will not have any more chances.”