Chapter 1371 - Untitled

Chapter 1371 Untitled

The double player match for Supreme Alliance.It wasn’t the doubles for any other teams.

Perhaps, they had been met with too many lonely nights, staring out the windows in silence, or perhaps, they were convinced how the world was like but at this moment, that wasn’t it.

No one else in this arena had seen the real darkness. Rao Rong had once believed he would never be able to climb out of the darkness. The extent of his love for the career was equivalent to how much he ended hating it. He hadn’t been respected but casually trampled upon because of his love.

What was he fighting for? He had been asking this himself repeatedly after his father had died. Now, he had found that reason. He clicked into the game and chose his hero. Both Supreme Alliance and the Japanese typed extremely quickly.

The shoutcaster didn’t have the chance to explain when both teams had already dashed out of the revival pool. Generally, a double player match consisted of either a far-ranged attacker and a tank or a middle lane team commander and a jungler.

“From their lineup, both teams are the same,” the shoutcaster remarked. “Both chose the juggler cooperation, seems like they are both after a speedy match.”

“The Japanese are trying to take advantage of the previous win. With this pairing, it will be perfect to continue on that tempo.”

“We’ll have to see which team’s jungling and assists are faster.”

“Yes, from the screens, both assassins are fighting beasts in their own jungle. From the looks of it, the Japanese are moving faster at the moment.”

The next second, the assassin from the Japanese circled the bottom lane jungles and sent out a signal to gather. He was prepared to take action! But what was he doing there?

The audience watched in bewilderment.

Over at the lounge, Bo Jiu suddenly tightened her grip on the mineral water. She started as an assassin and knew what they were thinking about: Attacking the red beasts and ambushing!

Through the map, they could see the approaching Lin Chentao.

The others only realized after ten seconds and watched with wide eyes.

Zhao Sanpang couldn’t help it and cursed, “F*ck, who’s going to be able to avoid that!”

“The shoutcasters weren’t wrong, it’s going to be a short match. From the looks of their lineup, it won’t drag to the later stage. This also means that whoever didn’t grow enough during the early stages of the game will end up becoming useless at the later stage. The Japanese already have a plan to finish off Supreme Alliance’s beasts, which is the reason they chose this tactic. Honestly, it would be hard for any of us to leave unscathed. It was accurate and deliberate yet no one detected it. At the start, they have been separated but now, they are together and this makes the double player match fearful.” Beauty Luo’s voice dimmed. “Lin Chentao is in danger.”

The audience watched with worry heavy in their heart. Lin Chentao glided through the jungles, unaware of the impending dangers. The audience watched as he leaped about, smashing the red beasts quickly, his orb walk done flawlessly. His right hand tapped the mouse and his left hand landed on the keyboard.

If it hadn’t been for the enemies lying in wait, his technique and playing style would have been perfect. But at this moment, every move was frightening.

The two members from the Japanese team were prepared. They were waiting for his HP to drop just enough for them to take action while Lin Chentao was completely unaware, focusing on the beasts…

“It’s coming!” Zhao Sanpang tightened his grip.

From the big screens, the two that had been in hiding flew into action. One of them struck with an ice control and froze Lin Chentao to the ground. The next second, the assassin leapt up and smashed a big move onto Lin Chentao.

In just a matter of seconds, Lin Chentao was severely wounded. The audience watched as the Japanese were about to take the first kill. Right at that moment, a figure appeared onto the screen!

It was Rao Rong!

He took advantage of the flash orb walk and used three consecutive confusion strikes. The middle lane team controller lost a third of his HP. Rao Rong turned and smashed down with a big move. The two Japanese players were trapped in the middle, paralyzed.

Just as everyone thought Lin Chentao had left, he turned and struck with a big move. In that moment, the music boomed through the speakers.


The first kill!

Of course, he wouldn’t be able to escape after killing their assassin but because he had finished off their assassin, Rao Rong was able to take away the Japanese’s sorcerer! He sacrificed himself for two!

No one expected such an outcome. The Japanese were predicted to take the first kill but instead, they were counter ambushed. How was that possible?!

The viewers found it unbelievable and even the two representatives from the Japanese were startled. They had a motto, which was to never use the same tactic. This led to their tactics always being spontaneous and thought out during the competition. Hence, even if Supreme Alliance managed to see through all their videos, it wasn’t possible to predict their tactics.

The double players from the Japanese team had never made a mistake. They narrowed their eyes.

Over at the lounge area, You Sixin laughed. “They were counter ambushed. What should we do?”

Hoshino glanced at the screens and replied with two words, “It’s normal.”

The person with a doll face was utterly confused. How was that normal?! The two senior players had never been an easy opponent! He had to make sense of the situation! “Vice-captain, how is it normal?”

Hoshino sneezed and adjusted his collar. “Because they neglected Rao Rong. It’s best not to use an ambush tactic in front of him. He was once named alongside Qin Mo. Did you really think he is just a middle lane sorcerer? Since he is considered one of the top team commanders in China, his judgement and predictions should be exceptional.”

“Vice-captain, you mean he had predicted senior’s positioning? Why didn’t he inform his partner?”

Hoshino laughed. “It’s an ambush.”

“But that isn’t right, isn’t he afraid his partner would hesitate and…” Before he could finish his sentence, he seemed to have come to a realization. “Does he trust his partner that much?”

Hoshino’s eyes dimmed. “Rather than trust, perhaps you can call it familiarity. The positioning itself was enough to tell his next moves. Double player matches test the tacit understanding between the players. Rao Rong is a formidable team commander and likewise, the jungler from Supreme Alliance isn’t without merits. He appeared as bait and finished off the last move in order for the one for two exchange.”

The doll-faced person was still confused but when the slow-motion playback was flashed across the screens, his orb walk was clear. The second of hesitation had been deliberate. It was as though he was waiting for the right time!

Rao Rong had been an unbreakable wall standing firm. He seemed to be a stable presence because with him around, the Japanese didn’t dare to enter their jungles recklessly. It was as they had mentioned at the start of the match. They wanted to prove themselves as the double players of Supreme Alliance.

They could hold their ground even in front of the Japanese but of course, winning them wouldn’t be easy. After the one for two exchange, the Japanese gained an understanding of their tactics and were quick to even the scores.

The originally short battle was pulled long into the late stage of the game. The match went on for forty minutes.

Towards the end, the Japanese were hesitant and cautious, assuming Lin Chentao was acting as bait once more, causing them to miss the best chance to attack.

“We’re about to lose.” You Sixin tugged his jacket, exposing the team uniform and his long black hair. He stood up, his legs long and slender. His eyes were arched slightly.

Both the reporters and the audience noticed his actions. The event master noticed it immediately and directed the cameras towards him. There wasn’t a man like him in China. He had silky hair that made him look as though he walked out of an anime but was dark and black enough to keep others at distance.

He was perfect as a master. There were opponents that underestimated him because of his appearance. He had once been met with a kidnapping attempt but the kidnappers ended with their worst nightmares.

That was You Sixin, an enigma with overflowing potential. There were too many battles he didn’t need to compete in since Hoshino could easily deal with it.

He had engaged in a single player battle not too long ago and had finished off the opponent in five minutes. He didn’t jungle at all and finished off with just his orb walk.

He moved flawlessly, predicting their actions accurately. Anyone would be trashed in a single player match against You Sixin. In other words, a competition without You Sixin would be an inaccurate representation of the Japanese’s abilities.

Besides, there weren’t many who could bring him into the arena. Hence, his actions caused a commotion.

“My Almighty is going to compete? Oh gosh!”

“Which means the pair from the Japanese are going to lose? But it hasn’t ended.”

“Is Supreme Alliance that good? Can they really force out Almighty Xin?”

There were some who were doubtful, especially the reporters that had no intention of interviewing Supreme Alliance, coming solely to interview the Japanese.

The Japanese had always been the only reason they took the trip over to China. They hadn’t expected You Sixin’s actions. The match wasn’t over yet, it was all too soon but that didn’t stop their curiosity.

“Mei Lin, you have faced off the Japanese. What do you think You Sixin’s actions represent?”

Mei Lin was the reporter who had said there would be a lot to learn from this competition. She laughed lightly and shrugged. “Hey, girls, you shouldn’t be so surprised. Based on my understanding of You Sixin, he has always been unexpected. You should all know what a genius is like. He might have stood up from boredom or perhaps, he wants to compete. Supreme Alliance’s performance is startling and out of my expectation but it doesn’t seem possible for him to have stood up deliberately. Let’s continue to watch the competition and continue our conversation after the match.”


The comment garnered strong support as the shoutcasters couldn’t give an answer either.

The next second, the music boomed through the speakers!


Lin Chentao successfully killed one of them three times. The result was obvious! The troops started to come close and the Japanese’s crystal city shattered into silver sparks. Supreme Alliance won!

It was a beautiful win.

Lin Chentao stiffened, unable to believe the situation. The person beside him reached out and pulled off his earpiece, laughing lightly. “Did you go dumb?”

“Ah! We won! My Almighty! We really won!” Lin Chentao had always been child-like in nature and once the burden had been lifted off his shoulders, he seemed to have unleashed himself. He turned and pounced onto Rao Rong. “Did you see my big move just now? It was f*cking amazing! With that tempo, I’m going to trash Zhao Sanpang the next time we face off!”

Zhao Sanpang: … F*ck! What do you f*cking mean! Besides, was there a need for two men to celebrate in such a manner so publicly?!

Supreme Alliance didn’t think much of it. The manly Yin Wuyao also saw the victory. Everyone was ecstatic while the reporters were dumbfounded. They won?

The ordinary viewers were caught off guard as well. Winning had always been in waves.

Feng Shang stuttered, facing Lin Chentao, “T-that w-was amazing!”

“I’m sure it was! Hahahaha!”

Lin Chentao was overjoyed while Rao Rong glanced at him with a bright smile.

Bo Jiu looked over with a thick smile. It seemed as though she had discovered a humane little secret.

“Alright.” Qin Mo stood up, his handsome and defined features shone like diamond pieces reflecting the lights. He stood tall and firm, the wind blowing the uniform with the words Supreme Alliance emblazoned over. “We’re up next.”